US Coast Guard – Five Enduring Lessons from Arabian Gulf Patrol Craft Operations

- USNI News – The Arabian Gulf (AG) has evolved into a proving ground for expeditionary patrol boat operations. In the future, reduced high-end combatant availability, a truncated LCS fleet, and the growing importance of the kinds of littoral and irregular warfare operations that favor patrol craft capabilities will likely sustain or increase demand for patrol craft in overseas contingency operations. Both the Navy and Coast Guard should pause to reflect on some of the enduring lessons-learned from operating patrol craft in the AG for the last twelve years to ensure that future patrol craft crews are well-prepared for operating in politically-sensitive, high-threat environments.

US Navy – Crash report: Navy confident in safety of Sea Dragons

- Virginian Pilot – After tracing the cause of a helicopter crash that killed three sailors to a wiring bundle that had been rubbing against a worn-out fuel line, the Navy turned its attention to the remaining fleet of MH-53E Sea Dragons sitting on the flight line at Norfolk Naval Station. The findings: The chafing problem existed to some degree in every Sea Dragon helicopter, placing each at risk for a similar catastrophe. In the weeks that followed, maintenance crews replaced degraded fuel lines and any wires that showed signs of chafing. Soon the remaining 28 Sea Dragons were flying again over Hampton Roads and abroad. Although the Sea Dragon is the Navy’s oldest, most maintenance-intensive and most crash-prone helicopter, the service remains confident in the long-term safety of the aircraft.

US Navy – If America Could Rebuild the U.S. Navy from Scratch…

- National Interest – Here’s a thought experiment: would America build the U.S. Navy currently plying the seven seas if it were starting from scratch? Color me skeptical. If not, what kind of navy would it build, and how can we approximate that ideal in light of budgetary constraints, a slew of legacy platforms that can’t simply be scrapped and replaced, and an organizational culture and history that frown on revolutionary change?

Canadian Navy – NATO Ship in Black Sea Buzzed By Russian Planes, Russia Disputes Account

- USNI News – The Canadian Navy frigate HMCS Toronto (FFH-333) was overflown by three Russian planes — two fighters and a surveillance aircraft — on Sunday, according to a Monday statement from Canadian Defence Minister Rob Nicholson. “While the Russian military aircraft that circled the HMCS Toronto did not in any way pose a threat to the Canadian ship, their actions were unnecessarily provocative and risk escalating tensions even further,” Nicholson said in the statement.