US Navy – Riders Of The Storm

- Aviation Week – As U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Richard Simcock acknowledges, when anyone mentions the number-one-country of concern in the Asia Pacific, everyone knows which one it is. But, China syndrome aside, there’s a much greater and immediate worry in the region. “The number-one threat in the Pacific is Mother Nature,” Simcock says.

US Navy – The Navy’s EA-6B Prowler Completes Its Final Carrier Cruise

- Foxtrot Alpha – Yesterday, four EA-6B Prowlers belonging to Electronic Attack Squadron VAQ-134 ‘Garudas’ made a triumphant but bittersweet return to NAS Whidbey Island in upstate Washington. The squadron had been deployed aboard the USS George H.W. Bush for the last nine and a half months, and their arrival marked the end of the last EA-6B carrier deployment.

US Marines – Corps fills key role in Ebola mission

- Marine Corps Times – Marines with a Spain-based task force were some of the first U.S. troops dispatched to West Africa to help combat the spread of Ebola, and since arriving in early October they’ve been kept busy laying the foundation for what’s expected to become a large-scale, long-term humanitarian mission. The Marine Corps force in Liberia numbers about 100 personnel and includes four MV-22B Ospreys and two KC-130J Super Hercules cargo airplanes. They’re being used primarily for aerial site surveys, reconnaissance and to transport senior U.S and African officials.

US Navy – How The U.S. Navy Turned An Oil Tanker Into A Helicopter Sea Base

- Foxtrot Alpha – The Navy and Marines’ sea basing dreams are quickly becoming a tangible reality, with two of their giant Mobile Landing Platforms already in the water. Now, the next variation of the sea basing concept has been floated, the Afloat Forward Staging Base USNS Willam P Fuller, which has more in common with the world’s first aircraft carriers than anything else.

Indian Navy – The Indian Navy Has a Big Problem: The Subsurface Dilemma

- National Interest – While much commentary has been made on the drivers and motivations behind China’s growing submarine fleet, the Indian Navy’s perception of the undersea domain has only infrequently been discussed. How do security managers in New Delhi view issues such as undersea warfare or the future of subsurface competition in the Indian Ocean? What are the Indian Navy’s priorities in terms of subsurface force structure and anti-submarine warfare (ASW)? How close is it to realizing its stated objectives? And what kind of acquisitions could best help the Indian Navy shield its fleet and maritime environs from unwelcome submarine activity?