Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force – Japan’s New Destroyers Are Intentional Missile-Magnets

- Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force – apan’s New Destroyers Are Intentional Missile-Magnets – On March 12 and 13, the Japanese navy will receive the new Akizuki-class destroyers Suzutsuki and Fuyuzuki. The 6,800-ton warships bristle with weaponry—and for a reason. The two new destroyers are meant to draw enemy fire away from the larger Kongo-class vessels, Tokyo’s most sophisticated naval combatants. If they’re going to have any chance of surviving, the Akizukis need to be able to fight.

Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force – Japan’s Amphibious Buildup

- USNI News – Japan recently has been in the news as a result of several high-profile territorial incidents with its neighbor China. The incidents involve what Japanese call the Senkaku islands—the Diaoyu islands to the Chinese. Japan has legal ownership of the islands, which China disputes. The incidents have involved non-government activists and the coast guards of both nations, with many fearing an escalation could lead to some form of armed conflict. Spurred on by those developments, Japan has accelerated what have been until now quiet plans to develop a specialized unit of marine infantry.

Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force – The Consequent Interest of Japan's Southwestern Islands: A Mahanian Appraisal of the Ryukyu Archipelago

- US Naval War College Review – A century later, as we observe the relative balance of economic and military powers shifting to Asia and the Pacific and Indian Oceans, Mahan’s teachings on geography are again instructive, as once seemingly insignificant bodies of water and island chains take on a new importance in regional security matters.

Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force – Japan Plans Military Shift to Focus More on China

- New York Times – In what would be a sweeping overhaul of its cold war-era defense strategy, Japan is about to release new military guidelines that would reduce its heavy armored and artillery forces pointed north toward Russia in favor of creating more mobile units that could respond to China’s growing presence near its southernmost islands.

Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force – Japan's Deep Game in Okinawa

Defense Technology InternationalJapan’s Deep Game in Okinawa

Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama is taking a beating from opponents of U.S. bases in Japan for reversing his decision on keeping a Marine Corps airbase on Okinawa. But his reward will be a substantially reinforced, air-launched, tactical ballistic and cruise missile defense for his island nation whose area of responsibility extends to within about 30 mi. of China’s coast.