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Background – Piracy – Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore have agreed to conduct joint naval patrols in the Strait of Malacca, one of the world’s busiest shipping routes, to combat piracy and the threat of terrorist attacks on cargo ships.

US Marines – A look at how the Marines prepared for operations in Kosovo

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Indian Navy – India starts to overhaul its Sea King helicopters in order to respond to Pakistan’s new submarine threat.

Background – Piracy – As leaders of the NATO military alliance head for a summit at which new measures against shipborne terrorism will be on the agenda, there are worries that world trade may be disrupted by new anti-terror rules for ports and ships that are about to come into force

Background – NATO – What is the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, or Nato, really for? It’s a question that has dogged the alliance ever since the ending of the Cold War.

Background – Iraq – John Keegan on what America must do in Iraq.

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US Navy – Should the number of US attack submarines be decreased?

Background – Iraq – A look at what Lt. General David Petraeus is currently doing in Iraq. Petraeus, the former commander of the 101st Airborne Division during Operation Iraqi Freedom, was featured in Rick Atkinson’s book entitled “In the Company of Soldiers.”

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Royal Marines – 40 Commando is returning to Iraq.

Royal Navy – HMS Exeter makes a port call in China.

US Navy – A key House committee sharply rebuked the Navyís shipbuilding program on Wednesday, complaining that ìcontinued shiftingî in the serviceís plans has created ìconfusion and frustrationî in the industry and among lawmakers.

US Marines – A look at what makes a good leader.

Background – Military Strength – James F. Dunnigan ranks the world’s armed services.

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Background – History – John Ericsson’s effect on the Royal Navy.

Background – Geopolitics – Ralph Peters writes that in the US military, the danger of accepting the traditional wisdom has become part of the traditional wisdom. Despite our lip service to creativity and innovation, we rarely pause to question fundamentals. Partly, of course, this is because officers in todayís Army or Marine Corps operate at a wartime tempo, with little leisure for reflection. Yet, even more fundamentally, deep prejudices have crept into our militaryóas well as into the civilian worldó that obscure elementary truths. There is no better example of our unthinking embrace of an error than our rejection of the term ìwar of attrition.î The belief that attrition, as an objective or a result, is inherently negative is simply wrong. A soldierís job is to kill the enemy. All else, however important it may appear at the moment, is secondary. And to kill the enemy is to attrit the enemy. All wars in which bulletsóor arrowsófly are wars of attrition.

Background – Leadership – A review of the book “The Modern Prince: What Leaders Need to Know Now.”

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Background – Diego Garcia – Former residents of Diego Garcia are again refused the right of return to their home.

US Marines – Training pays off as Marine artillery, aviation, and sister Service fire support assets silenced Iraqi indirect fires capability.

US Army – An overview of where the US Army is headed.

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US Navy – A look at the Seaglider Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.

Background – Piracy – The Strait of Malacca, through which a quarter of the world’s maritime trade passes, makes a tempting target for terrorists and pirates.

Malaysian Coast Guard – Malaysia will form its own Coast Guard.

US Navy – Naval aviation lessons learned from Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Background – Empire – Niall Ferguson, the author of Colossus, laments the emasculation of American imperialism.

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US Navy – The U.S. Navy has awarded a Boeing Co. subsidiary a $3.89 billion contract to develop a long-range patrol plane to replace Lockheed’s P-3 Orion submarine hunter.

US Navy – Naval news from around the fleet.

US Marines – This is the second article outlining the automatic rifle assessment conducted by 2d Battalion, 7th Marines (2/7).

Background – Iran – Is Iran developing a nuclear weapons program? Whose job is it to know? How can they know? And what’s to be done if the answer is yes?

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North Korean Navy – The navies of North and South Korea communicate for the first time since the Korean War.

International Navies – The latest naval news from New Zealand, Chile, Finland, Portugal, and Greece.

Background – Geopolitics – A review of Bernard Lewis’ writings on the Middle East.

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US Navy – The drive to develop pilotless aircraft that can replace manned planes on the most dangerous, or the tedious, combat missions has produced some important technological advances. However, while they may be unmanned, the authority for them to release weapons is likely to remain in human hands.

US Navy – In the 1930s, Joseph Stalin undertook to build one of the worldís largest navies, a Soviet fleet of battleships and battle cruisers. He did so in the face of well known impediments and shortfalls of geography, finances, and industrial capacity and capabilityóand in the absence of an obvious and compelling strategic rationale. Why?

Background – US Bases – America is reducing its troop levels in Germany and South Korea, two long-time allies, and is considering repositioning other forces too. Will improved strategic flexibility come at the cost of worsening already-strained relationships?

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US Navy – With its sophisticated guidance package, long range and ability to be fired from a variety of platforms, the Joint Common Missile (JCM) will give Army, Navy and Marine Corps aviation crews a powerful new weapon from the air.

Background – History – The Marines hit Saipan hard and found, for the first time in the Pacific, what combat in the cities was all about.

Background – Transformation – The purpose of the present article is to describe the consequences of overreliance on technologically advanced systems over the course of a single war.

Background – 4th Generation Warfare – William Lind reviews the 4 generations of warfare.

Background – Iraq – Thomas Ricks reflects on the casualties in Iraq.

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Swedish Navy – The Swedish Navy is testing out a new ship which is believed to be the most “invisible” yet. The Royal Navy and the US Navy both have plans of their own for similarly futuristic “stealth” ships.

Royal Navy – A large naval exercise is occuring in the Atlantic.

US Marines – William Lind says the Marines are dividing into two camps – the fighting troops and the Beltway Bandits, and it will eventually lead to the end of the Marines.

US Navy – The two top contenders for a novel Navy program to buy robotic planes for ocean surveillance are offering substantially different aircraft ó and operating philosophies ó to earn a larger stake in the militaryís market for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

US Marines – An interview with the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps.

Background – Empire – Niall Ferguson reviews Why Globalization Works by Martin Wolf.

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Israeli Navy – Israel acquires its first cruise missile.

Royal Navy – Royal Navy experts are preparing secret designs for a new generation of multi-purpose nuclear submarines to replace Britainís Trident fleet at the end of the next decade.

US Navy – Naval surveillance experts envision a future of broader, more persistent coverage of the oceans, faster search and localization of targets, and more lethal response, provided by a smaller force with less manpower and lower life-cycle operational and maintenance costs.

Background – Geopolitics – Thomas P.M. Barnett’s latest article on our strategy in Iraq.

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A Viewing List:Booknotes on C-SPAN1 and BookTV on C-SPAN2 every weekend have at least one interesting interview with or reading by an author / historian related to their recent books related to geopolitics, world history, or military history. An outstanding resource, check their weekly programming schedules!

US Navy – At a time when the Navy is making deep cuts in uniformed personnel, the ìbottom lineî is not a number but a ìrevolutionaryî concept in how the service matches its sailors to its needs, according to the chief of naval personnel.

Background – China – Interesting yearly look at the Chinese military, with a small amount of information about the Chinese Navy in it.

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US Navy – An interview with Rear Adm. John M. Kelly, head of the Navy Warfare Development Command.

US Marines – In Operation Iraqi Freedom, Marine Corps aviation was integrated into a joint force as never before.

Background – – William Arkin says the truth about this administration’s policies is obscured by a barrier of secrecy.

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Royal Navy – The UK is interested in the Littoral Combat Ship.

US Navy – With Maritime Prepositioning Force (MPF) ships at its heart, and protective strike groups at its perimeter, the sea base is envisioned as the operational corpus for U.S. tactical forces of the future. Its various parts will be bound together by the major arteries of the sea base; the logistics management systems that will make the difference between success and failure of the entire concept.

Background – Transformation – An excellent PBS documentary on transformation. It asks the question – can the US military’s high tech weaponry prevail against insurgents? Read the individual interviews (especially the ones for and against transformation) and the Program Transcript.

Background – History – John Keegan on D-Day.

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US Navy – More on the new “Fleet Response Plan.”

Russian Navy – An important, troubling, and unresolved legacy of the Cold War is the remaining stock of nonstrategic tactical nuclear weapons, many of them obsoleteóa complex matter beyond the reach of traditional arms control or cooperative threat reduction, and that Russia, with the predominance of such weapons, is particularly reluctant to address. The West can reduce the threat in a free market manner: by simply buying Russiaís excess weapons and disposing of them.

Background – Geopolitics – Thomas P.M Barnett interviewed on CSPAN this week. Watch the program or read the transcript.