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A Viewing List:Booknotes on C-SPAN1 and BookTV on C-SPAN2 every weekend have at least one interesting interview with or reading by an author / historian related to their recent books related to geopolitics, world history, or military history. An outstanding resource, check their weekly programming schedules!

US Navy – At a time when the Navy is making deep cuts in uniformed personnel, the ìbottom lineî is not a number but a ìrevolutionaryî concept in how the service matches its sailors to its needs, according to the chief of naval personnel.

Background – China – Interesting yearly look at the Chinese military, with a small amount of information about the Chinese Navy in it.

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US Navy – An interview with Rear Adm. John M. Kelly, head of the Navy Warfare Development Command.

US Marines – In Operation Iraqi Freedom, Marine Corps aviation was integrated into a joint force as never before.

Background – – William Arkin says the truth about this administration’s policies is obscured by a barrier of secrecy.

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Royal Navy – The UK is interested in the Littoral Combat Ship.

US Navy – With Maritime Prepositioning Force (MPF) ships at its heart, and protective strike groups at its perimeter, the sea base is envisioned as the operational corpus for U.S. tactical forces of the future. Its various parts will be bound together by the major arteries of the sea base; the logistics management systems that will make the difference between success and failure of the entire concept.

Background – Transformation – An excellent PBS documentary on transformation. It asks the question – can the US military’s high tech weaponry prevail against insurgents? Read the individual interviews (especially the ones for and against transformation) and the Program Transcript.

Background – History – John Keegan on D-Day.

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US Navy – More on the new “Fleet Response Plan.”

Russian Navy – An important, troubling, and unresolved legacy of the Cold War is the remaining stock of nonstrategic tactical nuclear weapons, many of them obsoleteóa complex matter beyond the reach of traditional arms control or cooperative threat reduction, and that Russia, with the predominance of such weapons, is particularly reluctant to address. The West can reduce the threat in a free market manner: by simply buying Russiaís excess weapons and disposing of them.

Background – Geopolitics – Thomas P.M Barnett interviewed on CSPAN this week. Watch the program or read the transcript.

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Israeli Navy – Israel wants to procure an amphibious assault vessel.

US Navy – The US navy is planning an unusual task force deployment off the West African coast.

US Marines – The Marines prepare to pull out of Haiti.

Background – Geopolitics – Thomas P.M. Barnett feels that we should encourage Russia, China, and India to join us as allies in Iraq???

Background – History – “The title of my paper is a ‘Trinityí of sortsó”John Ericsson”, “the Monitors”, and “Union Naval Strategy”óand each element is part of, a consequence of, the other. It is inappropriate to discuss Ericsson in any symposium without addressing his most notable, if not crucial invention (arguably), the ironclad U.S.S. Monitor; impossible to make note of that particular warship and her follow-ons without acknowledging Ericssonís central role in their construction; and altogether bad history to explore the naval strategy of the Union during the great American Civil War of 1861-1865 without stressing the utter reliance of the United States and its Navy upon both the monitors and Ericssonóupon its front-line fleet of ironclads, and one man.”

Background – History – A look at the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot.

Background – Foreign Policy – Sandy Berger says that by stressing unilateralism over cooperation, preemption over prevention, and firepower over staying power, the Bush administration has alienated the United States’ natural allies and disengaged from many of the world’s most pressing problems. To restore U.S. global standing–which is essential in checking the spread of lethal weapons and winning the war on terrorism–the next Democratic president must recognize the obvious: that means are as important as ends.

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US Navy – The lack of “connectors” ó aircraft and ships ó to ferry troops and supplies from the sea base to tactical units ashore is one of the biggest gaps in the Navyís sea basing concept.

Background – 4th Generation Warfare – William Lind looks at Psychological Operations and 4th Generation Warfare.

Background – Geopolitics – Another interview with Thomas P.M. Barnett.

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US Navy – The carrier Harry S. Truman sailed Wednesday in a test of the Navy’s ability to have seven of its 12 carriers away from port simultaneously, a major shift from the way carriers have traditionally been used.
A second Norfolk-based carrier, the Enterprise, was expected to leave Thursday to participate in the exercise, dubbed “Summer Pulse 04.”

US Navy – Sea basing is built upon jointness.

US Marines – Sometimes logic dictates that we change the way weíre conducting day-to-day business. Here the author recommends that the Marine Corps hire civilians to manage on-base businesses.

Background – Intelligence – An interesting look at how to apply John Boyd’s OODA loop to intelligence.

Background – Geopolitics – More on Thomas P.M. Barnett and his theories.

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Singaporean Navy – What role will the US play in assisting in patroling the Strait of Malacca?

US Navy – Our adversaries in the global war on terrorism will not fight us at sea or in the air or on traditional naval terms. They will intermingle with innocent civilians and continue to choose symbolic soft targets. ìSea Power 21î is the wrong strategy for the times.

US Navy – Ten days to the next world hot spot. That goal sums up a vision of the future shared by Navy and Marine Corps officials who intend to revolutionize the way the United States manages its forces, plans its operations and projects power ashore.

Background – History – John Keegan on how modern media excel at ignoring the lessons of history.

Background – Geopolitics – Thomas P.M. Barnett’s first article, describing his strategy for fighting the war on terror. A landmark article, in my estimation, that attempts to replace the Cold War global strategy of containment with a War on Terror global strategy of connectivity and globalization.

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US Navy – At look at the latest gadgets from the Office of Naval Research.

Background – Geopolitics – An introductory look at Thomas P.M. Barnett, who has developed an interesting strategy on how to fight and win the war on terror. We will be looking at his work in depth this week.

Background – Iraq – Thomas Ricks compares the war in Iraq to other US wars.

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Background – Intelligence – An interesting look at how hard it is to report on intelligence matters, in this case the intelligence of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. Gives perspective to the difficulty of reporting intelligence issues in the press.

Background – History – The big-gun battleships softened the German defenses and made for dramatic newsreel footage 60 years ago. But the spunky destroyers in the Normandy Invasion came within less than 1,000 yards from the shore, providing direct gunfire support for troops on the beach.

Background – History – The Navy had an obvious role in the June 6, 1944, D-Day landings 60 years ago in Normandy, France, by performing the pre-invasion shore bombardment, follow-on gunfire support, plus transporting and landing many of the Army troops who stormed ashore. Less known are the heroics of Navy Combat Demolition Units (NCDUs) that preceded the invasion force to disable obstacles planted along the French coastline.

US Navy – Newly available Russian sources suggest that the superpower naval confrontation during and immediately after the 1973 Arab-Israeli War was more dangerous than has been generally appreciated, and that the Soviet Navy had made remarkable progress in correcting the deficiencies revealed in the Cuban missile crisis only a decade before. The episode is a cautionary case study for the U.S. Navy, which today has another ìupstartî navy to consider.

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US Navy – The USS Ronald Reagan sails for its new homeport in San Diego.

US Navy – Naval news from around the fleet.

Background – Iraq – Fascinating analysis of the current situation in Iraq.

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US Navy – An interview with Vice Adm. Gary Roughead who commands U.S. Second Fleet and NATO Striking Fleet Atlantic, and is responsible for executing the fleet readiness program (FRP), a major restructuring of the Navyís maintenance, training, scheduling and deployment processes to create a fleet that can more quickly surge to world trouble spots and is employable for more sea days each year.

US Marines – The relationship between the lethality of weapons and the dispersion of the troops found on the same battlefield has been a consideration for commanders since man first engaged in combat. From the Spartan phalanx to German stormtroop operations, combat leaders have been forced to adjust their tactics to the technology of the day. The dispersion of the troops has always been a critical aspect of the tactics employed. As the lethality of weapons has increased so has the dispersion necessary to preserve combat power.

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International Navies – The latest naval news from Australia, Bulgaria, China, Yemen, Ecuador, Malta and the Phillipines.

Background – Iraq – William Lind says the US military needs to start planning an orderly withdrawal from Iraq.

Background – Iraq – Niall Ferguson on why America is such an inept empire.

Background – Iraq – Transcript of yesterday’s 60 Minutes interview with General Zinni.

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Indian Navy – India makes a port of call visit to Israel.

US Navy – What is entailed in guarding US cargo ships at the Kuwaiti port of Port Ash Shuayba.

US Navy – The USS John C. Stennis battlegroup heads to the Persian Gulf.

US Navy – The USS Belleau Wood expeditionary strike group is about to head to the Gulf.

US Navy – On May 29, a powerful new surface combatant will be commissioned and join the U.S. Pacific Fleet. It is outfitted with new radar designed to detect and track deadly sea-skimming missiles in cluttered, near-shore environments. It also will carry the first integrated unmanned surface vehicle of its kind in the surface Navy. And its cutting-edge combat system will harness the horsepower of commercial computer processors.

US Marines – Since we live in a less than perfect world, sometimes it pays to learn from othersí admitted mistakes.

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US Coast Guard – The Coast Guard is four years away from fielding its first unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), one that promises to revolutionize the way it patrols the seas. The swift new UAV will enable a Coast Guard cutter to exponentially increase the ocean area it can search.

US Coast Guard – The year 2003 was a watershed for todayís Coast Guard. The Coast Guardís roles as a military service, as a federal law-enforcement agency, as a regulatory authority, and as a member of the new Department of Homeland Security place it squarely at the center of national initiatives to reduce security risks to our nation.

Background – Iraq – Following up on remarks given to the board and staff of Center for Defense Information, Gen. Zinni candidly went on the record in a question and answer session. He discussed the current state of affairs in Iraq and potential solutions to the ever-growing quagmire.

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US Navy – In late September and early October, two experimental vehicles will come together ó probably at the Navyís test ranges off Southern California ó for a series of demonstrations that will comprise a snapshot of the fast, highly automated platforms indicative of what Navy senior officials envision for the 21st century.

Background – History – “As far as I know, the guns at Filipstad are the only ones of their kind left in the world today. And what guns they are. Two 15-inch, cast-iron, muzzle-loaded smoothboresó”Dahlgrens”óeach weighing some 42,000 pounds (21 tons) and capable of firing a 450-pound solid shot. They were the terror of the American Civil War. So what are these mammoth specimens doing in Filipstad, V‰rmland, in rural Sweden?”

Background – Afghanistan – An analysis of some of the possible policies for the US to pursue in Afghanistan.

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French Navy – France rescues a stricken ferry off the Ivory Coast.

US Navy – Now that the Shadow, Dragon Eye and Global Hawk have proved in Iraq how much unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can contribute to the fight, the question for the Navy is how the different services can use them to contribute to each other.

US Marines – Joint Close Air Support training should be transformed to correct procedural deficiencies.

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US Navy – The USS Kitty Hawk is patroling off of Taiwan.

US Coast Guard – The Coast Guardís intelligence branch is undergoing an unprecedented expansion as it aims to solidify its role in the national intelligence arena.

US Marines – The Joint National Training Capability will provide new training venues.

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Pakistani Navy – Pakistan will buy 4 frigates from China.

German Navy – The European shipbuilding industry begins to consolidate.

US Marines – The violence at al Fallujah, Iraq, which in April drew the 1st Marine Division into a deadly street fight, highlighted weaknesses in the U.S. and coalition forcesí intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities for supporting urban operations.

US Navy – An address by former Secretary of the Navy John Lehman at the U.S. Naval Institute 130th Annual Meeting and Annapolis Naval History Symposium in 2004.

Background – Iraq – An excellent article on a possible exit strategy for Iraq by Peter W. Galbraith, the current US Ambassador to Croatia. According to Thomas Ricks, this is being widely circulated in the US military.

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US Navy – With the pilots aboard the USS George Washington, in the Persian Gulf.

US Navy – When the U.S. Navyís first integrated power system (IPS)/electric drive warship arrives in 2011 as the DD(X), the service will mark a technological breakthrough that not only signals a new era for naval engineering, but provides huge amounts of electrical power for uses once considered fanciful, such as free electron lasers, high-powered microwaves and electromagnetic rail guns.

Background – Intelligence – A brief course that is based on Naval Doctrine Publication 2 – Naval Intelligence. It addresses the broad scope of Naval Intelligence, the definition, purpose, fundamentals, intelligence cycle, coordination, training, and readiness to meet future challenges and support to operating forces. It describes the ways Naval Intelligence supports military planning for routine peacetime operations, operations other than war and combat, and identifies specific challenges for Naval Intelligence in the future.