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US Navy – The story of what happened when a SEAL team insertion went wrong during the early phases of Operation Anaconda. The pitched ground battle that ensued is similar to “Blackhawk Down” – call it “Chinook Down.”

Canadian Navy – What Canada’s CP-140 Aurora maritime patrol aircraft have been up to in the Gulf.

Royal Navy – The Royal Navy’s new carriers will be too large to dock at its main base at Portsmouth.

Background – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – James F. Dunnigan with a nice history of UAVs.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Royal Navy – The Royal Navy has been tasked with helping to prevent the flow of illegal immigrants into England.

US Marines – Personal Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are being developed by the Marines.

US Navy – Aboard the USS Shoup, a new Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer.

US Navy – The USS Dolphin has been towed back to port.

US Navy – The information technology involved in building the Joint Strike Fighter.

US Navy – A more detailed explanation of the SEALs restructuring.

Background – William Arkin – A nice description of analyst William Arkin, whose writings I link to regularly. Meet the person behind the opinions.

Background – Iraq – Thomas Ricks on how the Pentagon is lobbying to push back or cancel the invasion of Iraq.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

US Navy – Submarine rescue exercise Sorbet Royal 2002 is taking place off of Denmark.

US Navy – More on the fire aboard the USS Dolphin

Royal Marines – The Royal Marines have engaged in their first firefight in Afghanistan.

French Navy – The aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle is exercising with the Saudi Navy.

US Navy – An essay on how the US Navy is transforming itself.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Indian Navy – India is preparing for war with Pakistan over Kashmir, part of the preparation involves shifting 5 naval vessels to its west coast.

US Navy – The research submarine USS Dolphin has caught fire at sea. The crew have been safely evacuated, the sub’s fate is uncertain.

Royal Navy – Spare parts for Royal Navy Sea King helicopters are in short supply.

US Navy – The Pentagon wants to make future robots more like biological systems.

Indonesian Navy – Indonesia is stepping up naval patrols to cut down on piracy and clashing amongst fisherman.

Nigerian Navy – ???while the Nigerian Navy is also interceding to break up hostilities amongst fisherman.

Thai Navy – Thailand has fired its first Harpoon surface-to-surface missile.

Royal Marines – Simon Jenkins with a reasonable overview of the Royal Marines’ trials and tribulations in Afghanistan.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

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US Navy – Is Fleet Week in New York City a terrorist target?

Singaporean Navy – Singapore and Thailand are holding a joint naval exercise in the South China Sea.

Canadian Navy – Canada is likely to loose its indigineous warship construction capability.

Canadian Navy – Canada’s Sea King helicopters have no useful self-defense capability.

Royal Australian Navy – ???while Australia is unhappy with the 40 year-old SH-2 Seasprite helicopters that it is acquiring.

US Navy – A fascinating behind-the-scenes look by James Fallows at the Joint Strike Fighter competition that explains how Lockheed won the contract from Boeing.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Canadian Navy – Aboard Canada’s CP-140 Aurora maritime patrol aircraft, on fisheries patrol.

Royal Marines – John Keegan on the sad fate of the Royal Marine’s commander in Afghanistan – he is being savaged by New Labour’s spin doctors.

US Navy – Project Minuteman, an attempt by the Office of Naval Research to deploy intelligent, networked sensing agents in battlefield conditions to gather intelligence and carry out attacks.

Background – Transformation – William Arkin on the poor job the US Secretary of Defense has done on explaining what makes a weapon system transformational and worth funding, and what makes a weapons system non-transformational and not worth funding.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Canadian Navy – A navy, like an army, fights on its stomach???

Indonesian Navy – Why Indonesia sent 6 warships to East Timor this week.

Royal Marines – The continued trials and tribulations of the Royal Marines.

US Marines – A review of the MV-22 Osprey program.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Editorial Note – It is not my practice to cover army or air force open source intelligence. However, I will from time to time link to articles that give insight into army or air force operations and the lessons learned from them that may have applicability to future navy or marine operations. Hence, the article about the 101st Airborne’s patroling in Afghanistan on Friday, and the article below on Bosnia.

US Army – A long and well-written essay on peacekeeping in Bosnia with the US Army 3rd Infantry Division. The essay makes two interesting points. First, it illustrates how difficult it is to do peacekeeping well, and how the US could do it better. Second, it shows how the US Army is not an expeditionary force, and how much the US Army could learn from the US Marines about expeditionary forces. It is going to be very difficult to get buy-in from the US Army for the Medium Combat Brigades. (note that this article was written just before 9/11)

Indonesian Navy – Indonesia has sent its navy in a tactless show of force to the East Timor Independence celebrations.

Taiwanese Navy – Taiwanese legislators do not want to purchase Kidd-class destroyers from the US.

Indian Navy – The Indian Navy is on high alert against terrorist threats.

US Coast Guard – The US Navy and US Coast Guard are engaged in Operation Noble Eagle, the coastal patrol and maritime homeland security operation around the United States.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

RAF – RAF helicopters are standing by to the evacuate passengers from a ferry in the North Sea that has had 2 fires on board.

Royal Marines – The Royal Marines are operating again in the field, in Operation Condor

Iranian Navy – Iran has purchased high-speed catamaran missile patrol boats from China.

Royal Navy – How the UK may build its new aircraft carriers – in modules.

Chinese Navy – China’s first naval port of call on their around the world cruise – Singapore.

Chinese Navy – China will start another large exercise across the straits from Taiwan.

Taiwanese Navy – Taiwan successfully tested a Hsiungfeng II surface to surface missile.

Merchant Shipping – How the war on terrorism could change the shape of shipping by changing the concept of “flags of convenience” for merchant ships.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Chinese Navy – The Chinese Navy has embarked on its first global circumnavigation.

US Navy – The US is considering opening a naval gunnery and bombing range in Eritrea.

US Navy – The US Navy is developing ways to make submarine propellers more quickly.

Canadian Navy – The Canadian Navy is short of personnel, it will therefore be able to maintain 3 ships in the Arabian Gulf indefinitely.

US Marines – The current state of Marine aviation.

Royal Marines – Royal Marine operations in Afghanistan are on hold, after the SAS who serve as their recon troops are quarantined after the outbreak of a mystery illness at their base.

US Army – An excellent essay in which the reporter goes on a several-day long patrol with a company of the 101st Airborne Division in Afghanistan. It gives excellent insight into what the “war” on the ground is like — more and more like Vietnam every day.

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Russian Navy – The salvage of the bow of the Kursk is about to get underway.

Indonesian Navy – Indonesia tries to do more to fight terrorism???

Thai Navy – ???but the pirates keep scoring victories???

Royal Australian Navy – Australia beefs up its defenses.

Royal Marines – More from being on patrol in Operation Snipe.

US Navy – Will the Growler replace the EA-6B Prowler?

US Navy – What the US Pacific Fleet and its allies are doing for the war on terrorism.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Royal Marines – Now that it’s over, the debate begins: Operation Snipe, boon or bust?

German Navy – Will the purchase of the German submarine maker HDW by a US firm lead to the transfer of its technology to Taiwan for use in the submarines promised to it by the US?

US Navy – How the Navy Marine Corps Intranet will help the US military carry out its missions.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Royal Marines – Operation Snipe is over, with no contact being made with the enemy.

US Navy – Plans for making CVN-77 a radically new type of aircraft carrier have been scaled back.

Israeli Navy – Israel sank an arms ship delivering arms to the Gaza Strip.

South African Navy – South Africa has acquired 6 ex-German Navy mine sweepers.

US Navy – CINCPAC on how the US Navy must fix its acquisition system to allow it to more rapidly field needed new technologies and get more bang for the buck for its procurement dollars.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Canadian Navy – Canada’s second Upholder-class submarine may not enter service until 2005.

Canadian Navy – What it is like to fly in a 40 year old Sea King helicopter.

Royal Navy – Why England should not return Gibraltar to Spain.

Indonesian Navy – Indonesia claims its navy is not battle ready.

Chinese Navy – Looks like the ex-Soviet aircraft carrier Varyag will not be converted into a floating casino after all???

Indian Navy – The Light Combat Aircraft will be adapted for naval use.

Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force – Japan will order the EH-101 helicopter.

US Marines – How wearable computing will provide an augmented reality that may help Marines on the battlefield of the future.

US Coast Guard – The role that project Deepwater can play in homeland security.

History – US Navy – America’s first nuclear-armed guided missile submarines – the submarines carring the Regulus I missile.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

US Marines – Non-lethal weapons currently being worked on in the labs include???

Royal Marines – Two excellent accounts of being on patrol with 45 Commando in Afghanistan.

US Navy – An overview of the cooperative engagement capability.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Indian Navy – The Indian and French navies, including the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, will exercise next week.

US Navy – The home ports of several Trident ballistic missile submarines will be shifted around as some of the submarines are converted to carry cruise missiles.

US Coast Guard – The USCG cutter HarriettLane has rescued a large number of Haitians from a sinking sailboat near the Bahamas.

US Navy – The role the Military Sealift Command is playing on the war on terror.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Israeli Navy – Israeli has launched INS Herev, the first of two Nirit-class missile boats.

Pakistani Navy – Pakistan’s project to produce French Agosta-class submarines has suffered a blow after a terrorist attack in Karachi kills a number of the French engineers working on the project.

US Marines – SECNAV says all the MV-22 Osprey’s problems have been fixed.

Royal Navy – Britain says it would keep its military bases on Gibraltar if it turns Gibraltar’s sovereignty over to Spain.

RAF – 100 people were evacuated by RAF Rescue from an oil rig that had been hit by a fishing boat.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Royal Marines – On patrol with 45 Commando in Operation Snipe, showing what an unusual conflict it is on the ground.

Chinese Navy – Chinese ships have made their first port call in South Korea.

US Marines – Lessons learned from the Marine’s operations in Afghanistan.

Background – Indonesia – Thomas Friedman on why Indonesia needs to be treated as a friend by the US, and not as an enemy.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Royal Navy – More on the consequences of the scrapping of the Royal Navy’s Sea Harrier fleet.

Taiwanese Navy – A spy ship has been spotted off Taiwan.

Bangladesh Navy – The Bangladesh Navy will be asked to patrol its rivers and enforce shipping regulations in order to prevent shipping disasters.

US Marines – The challenges facing helicopter operations at high altitudes.