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Royal Navy – The UK announces the purchase of 150 Joint Strike Fighters. These will be the STOVL version and will operate from the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers which will not be equipped initially with catapults or arresting wires, although they may be retrofitted for these if needed.

US Navy – Aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, in the Gulf.

Chinese Navy – Putting the Chinese Navy’s around the world cruise in perspective, several analysts give their insights into what China is up to, navally.

Royal Australian Navy – Fishing pirates raid Australia’s fishing zones, Australia is helpless to stop them.

Omani Navy – Oman and Pakistan are exercising together.

Singaporean Navy – Singapore and Malaysia are exercising together.

US Navy – The American military presence in Djibouti grows.

Canadian Navy – Canada is considering leasing its future support and transport ships.

US Coast Guard – New Integrated Coast Guard Systems venture team wins largest Coast Guard procurement program ever.

Background – Iraq – An excellent overview, by Robert Kaplan, of what would await the US in a post-Saddam Iraq. Call this the optimist’s view???

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Canadian Navy – A Canadian submarine crew – mutinies?

US Navy – The USS Abraham Lincoln and USS George Washington are the two carrier battlegroups currently in the Gulf, the USS George Washington will be replaced (or suplemented) by the USS Harry Truman battlegroup in November. Meanwhile, rumors have begun that the attack will begin in November???

History – Did the British Admiralty play a role in undermining British seapower after World War I?

Background – Iraq – An excellent overview, by James Fallows, of what would await the US in a post-Saddam Iraq. Call this the pessimist’s view???Recommended video rental: The Three Kings

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Taiwanese Navy – The US is said to be reconsidering its decision to not sell Aegis-equipped destroyers to Taiwan.

US Navy – An essay that reviews why the doctrine of forward presence is a drag upon the US Navy.

Background – US Strategy – Is the new US National Security Strategy such a radical change afterall?

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Canadian Navy – How Canada is patroling in the Gulf of Oman for terrorists.

US Navy – More on how the Chinese are upset with the mission of the Bowditch, which has returned to its port upon completion of its survey.

US Navy – A NATO exercise is being blamed for another incident of whale beachings, in the Canary Islands.

US Navy – The US is experimenting with UAVs launched from submarines.

Taiwanese Navy – Still no decision over what the design of the new diesel-powered submarines will be. US and Spanish designs are now being proposed.

US Coast Guard – Deepwater could be the model for DOD acquisition programs.

Background – War on Terror – An interesting look at the case against the “20th hijacker” – would the war on terror be better served with a plea bargin with him?

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Taiwanese Navy – Taiwan launches its first stealth patrol boat.

Indian Navy – The Indian – US naval exercise, Exercise Malabar, has commenced.

Canadian Navy – The editor of Jane’s Fighting Ships still thinks Canada got a deal on the Upholder-class submarines.

US Navy – More on the travails of the oceanographic survey ship USNS Bowditch, with the Chinese in the Yellow Sea.

US Navy – The Ready Reserve Force cargo ships are being checked to ensure they are ready if needed for use against Iraq.

US Navy – Ward Carroll on the disgraceful way Commander Bob Stumpf was treated by his country, and why justice still needs to be done.

Background – Iraq – John Keegan on why the “light option” may not be the best way to attack Iraq.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Canadian Navy – Life aboard the frigate HMCS St. John’s, in the Gulf of Oman.

Taiwanese Navy – Taiwan is still reluctant to buy the Kidd-class destroyers from the US.

US Marines – US Marines are exercising in Kuwait in Exercise Eager Mace.

Royal Navy – The Royal Fleet Auxiliary is augmenting its strategic sealift fleet.

US Navy – More bulking-up of US strategic sealift capabilities.

US Navy – Interview with Real Adm. Donald P. Loren, Deputy Director for Surface Ships, Surface Warfare Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations.

Background – Private Submarines – A market is developing for privately owned submarines, for recreational purposes???

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

US Marines – Why the MV-22 program needs to succeed.

US Navy – The US is preparing the Nimitz, Constellation, and Vinson carrier battlegroups so they can be ready to deploy early if necessary.

US Navy – The US Navy needs to substantially increase its budget for aircraft maintainence.

US Navy – The US Navy is accused by the Department of Defense of deploying weapon systems that have not passed operational tests, including the JSOW and some subsystems of the Super Hornet.

US Marine Corps – Is seabasing a viable concept for the Marine Corps?

Background – Iraq – The state of Iraq’s biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons programs, according to an official British Government statement issued yesterday.

Background – Iraq – James F. Dunnigan on what it will take in terms of personnel and money to occupy Iraq.

Background – Caspian Sea – Russia and Azerbaijan agree on borders in the Caspian Sea.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

US Marines – The fight to save the MV-22 Osprey continues???

Russian Navy – More about the depth of the environmental disaster that Russia’s nuclear submarine fleet poses???

US Navy – How the loss of the Vieques training range is spurring the US to create innovative replacements.

Chinese Navy – A Chinese task force completes its circumnavigation of the globe.

US Navy – The US is exploring ways to send the USS John Stennis battlegroup back to the Gulf much sooner than would be expected.

NAVINT – Anthony Preston’s summary of naval news from abroad including news on the navies of France, United Kingdom, Russia, and Thailand.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

US Navy – The USS Bowditch, a Navy ocean survey ship that is currently conducting research work off the coast of northern China in the Yellow Sea, is being harrassed by Chinese forces. It’s mission is to assert the US Navy’s right to freedom of navigation in international waters.

US Navy – A description of the types of mission being performed by US Navy SEALS in Afghanistan, and how the SOF-centric nature of the war on terror is changing the command and control structure for special forces.

US Navy – The US is decommisioning all of its Sprunance-class destroyers.

Canadian Navy – Canada’s commando unit JTF2 is being trained to handle maritime missions.

Royal Australian Navy – A new way to protect against magnetic mines.

Background – Iraq – Thomas Ricks describes the current war plan against Iraq and how it will target Saddam Hussein’s leadership.

Background – War Gaming – Another look at how Millenium Challenge robbed US forces of useful lessons.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

NOSI will not be updated again until next Monday. So, I’ve added some additional reading material today to tide you over the weekend.

US Navy – The USS Nimitz is taking a port call in Victoria, Canada.

Background – Iraq – William Arkin describes the important role that JDAM will play in a war with Iraq???and how the current shortage of JDAMs will affect war planning.

Background – Iraq – James F. Dunnigan on what an attack on Iraq may look like???and what tricks the US may try.

History – Two interesting essays that debate: is America the new Roman Empire or the new British Empire — and what role does the US Navy play in this empire?

US Marines – A fascinating series of 4 articles by a US Army officer that uses military science fiction novels to try to discern what the army of the future should look like, in an organizational sense. Substitute “Marine Corps” for army, and you’ll enjoy the articles even more. Seems that the author feels the US Army should be organized more along the lines of the British army’s regimental system???how could the Marines be organized along this system as well?

Background – Army Transformation – A detailed look at the organization and firepower of the new US Army Interim Brigade Combat Teams (IBCTs) – what their flaws are and how they can be improved. The lessons learned here are certainly applicable to US Marine infantry units, which like the IBCTs can be seen to be a form of motorized infantry.

???see you on Monday with more naval news???

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Military Sealift Command – More shipping is being sought to carry supplies to the Gulf.

US Navy – The amphibious assault ship USS Belleau Wood is stationed off the Horn of Africa, ready to assist special operations forces operations in Yemen and Somalia — in effect reprising the role that the USS Kitty Hawk played last year.

Royal Navy – The British base at Diego Garcia will be modified to allow the permanent basing of B-2 aircraft.

Background – Wargaming – The US says Millenium Challenge showed the power of effects-based operations.

US Navy – How the US Navy’s submarine force is a transformational force.

Background – Iraq – Victor Davis Hanson on how the US must be patient but resolute about taking care of Saddam.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Russian Navy – Decommissioned and decaying Russian submarines pose a severe environmental hazard.

US Navy – Fleet Battle Experiment-Juliet was the US Navy’s part of Millenium Challenge 02. One of the key focus areas was to assess and evaluate the potential for very fast, small platforms to undertake a variety of missions using modular sensor and weapon suites.

Background – Satellite Reconaissane – A nice concise summary of US overhead imagery and signals intelligence assets.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Background – Iraq – More on battlefield preparation, including increased naval traffic through Gibraltar.

Canadian Navy – The frigate HMCS Winnipeg deploys for the Gulf.

South Korean Navy – South Korea is constructing two amphibious landing ships.

US Navy – A design for a new unmanned underwater vehicle.

Background – Iraq – William Arkin on why war with Iraq is inevitable.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Royal Marines – The SBS is being placed on the same level as the SAS.

US Marines – US Marines are exercising with the Peruvian Navy.

French Navy – The French claim they will build a second aircraft carrier.

US Marine Corps – The short takeoff and vertical landing F-35B would be the perfect Marine Corps aircraft.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

US Navy – The US tries to develop a unified plan for US Navy and US Marine aviation.

Background – Logistics Support – Boeing considers constructing a “wing in ground” vehicle, for use as a high speed cargo carrier.

  • BBC: <a href="Boeing’s ‘big bird’ unveiled

US Coast Guard – An interview with Rear Adm. Patrick M. Stillman, PEO for the Integrated Deepwater System.

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US Coast Guard – A Liberian-flagged ship is being closely inspected after being found to have low traces of radiation on it.

Royal Marines and Royal Navy – More details on how the UK will contribute to the invasion of Iraq.

Russian Navy – Russia was unsuccessful in its attempt to destroy the Kursk’s bow section on the seabed.

US Marines – How can US Marines be used to aid Special Operations Command?

Background – Spratly Islands – China may sign a code of conduct for behavior in the Spratley Islands.

Background – Iraq – More on how the battlefield is being prepped in Iraq.

Background – Transformation – A look back at an essay from 10 years ago by then Lt. Col Andrew Krepinevich, and how it laid the road map for military transformation???.

???and an essay by Andrew Krepinevich from yesterday in which he delineates how far we have to go on that road???

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Royal Navy and Royal Marines – The UK begins to mobilize its forces for action against Iraq. HMS Ark Royal and HMS Ocean are involved.

US Navy – USS George Washington hands off to the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Gulf.

Background- Wargaming – James F. Dunnigan’s take on Millenium Challenge 02 – The US military hasn’t a clue on how to effectively use wargames.

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Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force – Japan has raised the suspected North Korean spy ship from the sea bed to learn more about it.

US Navy – Miscellaneous US Navy news, including updates on the Seabee reorganization and Super Hornet basing options.

Background – Intelligence – James Bamford on how signals intelligence is failing us in the war on terror.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

US Navy – On the anniversary of 9/11, the US service chiefs talk candidly about the lessons their services have learned from the war on terror.

Russian Navy – Russia blows up the remaining bow portions of the Kursk left on the seabed.

US Navy – How the US will be able to attack Iraq with a shorter buildup than in 1991.

French Navy – France will be conducting naval exercises with Angola.

Background – Iraq – James F. Dunnigan analyses the reasons why Arab countries have such poorly performing armed forces.

Navy – NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence ¦ Navy News

Canadian Navy – The frigate HMCS Montreal sails for the Gulf.

Phillipine Marines – Phillipine Marines are operating against guerillas in the Phillipines.

US Navy – A detailed description of the conversion of 4 Trident-class ballistic missile submarines to guided missile submarines (SSGNs).