US Marines – Exercise Bold Alligator Kicks Off With Marines Taking On The Unknown

- FoxtrotAlpha – The USMC’s biggest exercise of the year is underway off the coast of Virginia. Bold Alligator ’14 brings together a wide array of Marine and Naval capabilities, along with those of other services and international partners. But this year’s exercise is unlike 2012′s; instead of a traditional beach assault, players will be stepping into the unknown.

Norwegian Navy – The Russian Military Despises This Strange Wedge Shaped Spy Ship

- FoxtrotAlpha – When it was launched it looked like nothing else. Its pizza slice-like design made it one of the most stable ships for its size and it has since spawned a whole new class of crazy looking vessels. Yet this clandestine spy ship is most notorious in Russia, whose military absolutely detests its existence. Meet Norway’s Marjata, one of the most advanced spy ships in the world.