Iranian Navy – Iranians up to ‘no good’ with U.S. aircraft carrier mock-up

- USA Today – The senior Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee says Iran’s construction of a mock-up U.S. aircraft carrier demonstrates Iran’s continued lack of good faith. “We don’t really know what it means, but I for sure don’t trust the Iranians,” Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., said Saturday. “It’s some kind of a ruse and whatever they are up to, it’s no good.”

US Navy – The Navy’s New Cruiser Is … the Navy’s Old Cruiser

- War is Boring – The U.S. Navy’s 22 Ticonderoga-class cruisers have been its biggest and most heavily-armed surface combatant warships since the mid-1980s. For years, the sailing branch tried and failed to design an even more powerful ship to replace the Ticos, but the high cost proved prohibitive. Now the Navy has finally identified its next cruisers. They’re the same cruisers as today, upgraded for a quarter-billion dollars apiece as part of a complicated plan that sees the last Tico finally leaving the fleet in 2045—at which point the vessel will have been in commission for a staggering 51 years.

US Navy – Tomahawk Re-routes Faster to Hit Moving Targets

- DefenseTech – A Navy destroyer recently test-fired a Block IV Tomahawk missile that quickly received updated target information in-flight, changed course rapidly and destroyed a moving target, Raytheon officials said. While the net-enabled Tomahawk Block IV missiles already have an ability to be re-targeted in flight, this Feb. 19 missile test aboard the USS Sterett demonstrated that the weapon can perform this function much faster, more frequently and with greater radio throughput, Raytheon officials explained.

Piracy – Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea: Oil Soaked Pirates

- USNI News – Off Nigeria—the epicenter of western Africa piracy—there have been at least 12 attacks against various types of vessels this year, resulting in multiple kidnappings. Within the swampy maze of the Niger Delta, militants-cum-pirates have robbed passenger vessels, kidnapped oil workers and ambushed security-force patrols. This level of organized piracy—as distinguished from opportunistic robberies against berthed and anchored vessels—can be sorted into two different categories: tanker hijackings for product theft and maritime kidnapping for ransom.

US Navy – Top Gun’ school for ships coming

- San Diego Union Tribune – The Navy is launching a San Diego-based “Top Gun” school for young ship officers, modeling it on the aviator version that Hollywood made famous. The point is to create a generation of Navy “ship drivers” who are experts at tactics the United States hasn’t used in pitched battle since World War II — the guns, missiles, torpedoes and aircraft intended to defend their ship and fight others.