Iranian Navy – Iran naval task force 'docks in Sudan'

BBC – An Iranian naval task force has docked in Sudan, carrying with it a “message of peace and security to neighbouring countries.”

Afghanistan – Afghan security force’s rapid expansion comes at a cost as readiness lags

Washington Post – Top Pentagon leaders, White House advisers and members of Congress from both parties have long regarded the rapid expansion of Afghanistan’s army and police as a crucial element of the U.S. exit strategy. For years, they reasoned that generating a force of 352,000 soldiers and policemen would enable the Afghan government to keep fighting Taliban insurgents after U.S. and NATO troops end their combat mission. The U.S. military has nearly met its growth target for the Afghan forces, but they are nowhere near ready to assume control of the country. No Afghan army battalion is capable of operating without U.S. advisers. Many policemen spend more time shaking down people for bribes than patrolling. Front-line units often do not receive the fuel, food and spare parts they need to function. Intelligence, aviation and medical services remain embryonic. And perhaps most alarming, an increasing number of Afghan soldiers and policemen are turning their weapons on their U.S. and NATO partners. As a consequence, several U.S. officers and civilian specialists who have worked with those forces have started to question the wisdom of the 352,000 goal. To them, the obsession with size has been at the root of much that has gone wrong with the Afghan security services.

US Navy – Sailors learn the art of multi-tasking on LCS

San Diego Union Tribune – Hey, sailor, what’s your job on the ship? If the vessel is the Fort Worth, the U.S. Navy’s third and newest littoral combat ship, the answer may be: Which job?

Dutch Navy – Rotterdam vs. Dhow, 1:0

Aviation Week – Yesterday’s engagement between a suspect dhow and the Royal Netherlands Navy landing ship dock Hr.Ms. Rotterdam was an uneven fight, despite sustained fire by suspected pirates.

US Navy – Pressure on for Navy’s futuristic warship

San Diego Union Tribune – Third in littoral combat line represents lessons learned from 2 prototypes.

US Navy – 8,000 Miles, 96 Hours, 3 Dead Pirates: Inside a Navy SEAL Rescue

Wired – The precision killing of the three pirates by six members of SEAL Team Six, the same unit that would later kill Osama bin Laden in his Pakistan hideout, has rarely been described in detail. Retired Rear Adm. Terry McKnight, who commanded U.S. naval forces off Somalia during the Maersk Alabama standoff, devotes 45 pages of his new book Pirate Alley to the people, methods, equipment and even politics behind Phillips’ daring rescue.

US Coast Guard – In a warming Arctic, U.S. faces new security and safety concerns

Los Angeles Times – Formerly ice-clogged Arctic waters are now navigable, opening a rush for oil and mineral resources — and raising heretofore unknown security concerns in the U.S. Far North.

Terrorism – Five myths about the bin Laden raid

Washington Post – Mark Bowden debunks 5 myths about the raid on Osama bin Laden.

US Navy – Back to the Future: The U.S. Navy Returns to The Philippines

The Diplomat – A return to a familiar port of call serves as another reminder of the United States continued “rebalance” towards Asia.

US Navy – Navy Fears Pentagon Neglects New Missile Sub; SSBN(X) Must Survive Almost 80 Years

AOL Defense – Right now, the Navy is designing the ballistic missile submarine that will provide 70 percent of the nation’s nuclear deterrent until 2080. Yet even as the service prepares to award research and development contracts this December, the submarine community is deeply worried that the rest of the military is neglecting the program — which has already had to make some painful trade-offs on schedule, numbers, and capability. And the service has not even started work on whatever nuclear missile the new sub will end up carrying for the latter half of its life.

US Navy – George Washington cruises disputed Asian seas

Associated Press – A U.S. aircraft carrier group cruised through the disputed South China Sea on Saturday in a show of American power in waters that are fast becoming a focal point of Washington’s strategic rivalry with Beijing.

Miscellaneous – Autonomous Sea Platforms Emerge At Euronaval

Aviation Week – Unmanned systems at sea offer advantages and face challenges that are often different from those associated with airborne and ground-based systems. For example, in a patrol mission that calls for long endurance at low speed, the size of a manned ship is largely driven by the need to provide tolerable accommodation and stability for the crew—a limit that does not apply to an unmanned surface vessel (USV).

Chinese Navy – East China Sea tension: China conducts naval exercises

BBC – China is conducting naval exercises in the East China Sea, state media report, amid heightened tensions with Japan over islands both claim.

Chinese Navy – Delicate Touch: Flight Operations Begin on China’s First Aircraft Carrier

Wall Street Journal – Less than a month after China officially commissioned the Liaoning, its first aircraft carrier, photos appearing to show aircraft operating over the carrier have raised a host of questions, including how long it might take for China to make the carrier fully operational.

US Navy – U.S. Navy, Allies Find Less Than Half the Sea Mines Planted in Key Exercise

PBS NewsHour – A major international naval exercise last month in and around the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea, led by the U.S. Navy with more than 30 other nations participating, located fewer than half of the practice mines laid at sea.

Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force – Japan monitoring Chinese warships near southern island

Associated Press – Japanese military officials said they were keeping a close eye on seven Chinese warships spotted in waters off a southern island Tuesday. It was unclear whether the ship movements were related to a territorial dispute that has prompted both countries to show off their maritime muscles.

Terrorism – The Hunt For “Geronimo”

Vanity Fair – President Obama saw it as a “50–50” proposition. Admiral Bill McRaven, mission commander, knew something would go wrong. So how did the raid that killed bin Laden get green-lighted? In an adaptation from his new book, Mark Bowden weaves together accounts from Obama and top decision-makers for the full story behind the daring operation.

US Navy – Return Fire on the Navy's Littoral Combat Ship

Time – A US Navy Admiral tries to set the record straight on the Littoral Combat Ship.

Russian Navy – New Stealth Frigate Ready For Arctic

Barents Observer – Russia’s first stealth technology frigate «Admiral Gorshkov» is ready for sea trials in the Barents Sea before entering service in the Northern Fleet.

US Navy – Navy Laser's First Target: Enemy Drones

Wired – One of the first tasks the Navy expects to assign its forthcoming arsenal of laser guns: shooting down drones that menace its ships.

Chinese Navy – The Nightmare Scenario: A U.S.-China War

The Diplomat – An excellent overview of the forms such a conflict could take. This is Part 5 of a 5 part series. Use the links at the top of the page to read all 5 parts.

History – Judging the Good from the Bad

Naval History – Norman Friedman writes that when it comes to warships, bigger is usually better, and the most successful vessels are often those that are adaptable to changing times and technologies.

US Navy – Philippines Sees Naval Port As Vital To U.S. Presence in Pacific

Defense News – The Philippines on Oct. 8 said a former U.S. naval base facing the South China Sea could play a key role as a hub for American ships as Washington moves to strengthen its presence in the Asia-Pacific.

US Navy – The Navy's New Class of Warship: Big Bucks Little Bang

Time – The Navy’s new Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) is not only staggeringly overpriced and chronically unreliable but — even if it were to work perfectly — cannot match the combat power of similar sized foreign warships costing only a fraction as much.

US Navy – Navy's Newest, LHA-6, A Dead End For Amphibious Ships?

AOL Defense – The Navy will christen its newest amphibious warfare ship in Pascagoula, Miss. on Oct. 20th. The boldly-named, $3 billion America is a major departure from past designs — and, quietly, the Navy has decided not to build many more like it in the future.