Time to Put China’s Rocketeers on Notice

National Interest – A Sea-Based Pershing II missile can blunt China’s A2/AD threat and help restore regional strategic balance.

Iranian Naval Forces: A Tale of Two Navies

US Navy Office of Naval Intelligence – The 2017 Office of Naval Intelligence report, Iranian Naval Forces: A Tale of Two Navies.

Distributed Lethality: The Future of the Helicopter Sea Combat Community

CIMSEC – The future of the Helicopter Sea Combat Community (HSC) community is at risk. HSC, which is made up of both carrier air wing (CVW) and expeditionary (EXP)squadrons that employ MH60S helicopters, struggles with its purpose to the fleet. Platform capabilities fail to keep pace with technological advancements and HSC warfighting relevancy is diminishing. A focused vision, careful risk mitigation, rebalanced mission priorities, and thoughtful platform acquisitions are needed in order to strengthen the fleet and secure the future of the HSC community.