Editorial – War Studies Primer 2012 Now Available

We invite you to try the newly updated War Studies Primer 2012 (http://www.warstudiesprimer.org) – an introductory course on the study of war and military history. Its purpose is to provide an introduction, or primer, to the study of war.

War Studies Primer is presented as a lecture curriculum at the university level. It is a free, non-credit, self-study course that consists of 28 lectures and over 1,500 slides and is updated on a yearly basis.

The War Studies Primer 2012 edition has over 100 new slides. This new version has also been extensively revised, based on my experience teaching the course as a First Year Seminar to an excellent class of University of Iowa freshman in the Fall Semester of 2011.

You may get started by looking at slides 2 and 3 in the War Studies Primer for its Table of Contents, and then choose a lecture to read and enjoy.

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