Carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt Leaves San Diego for Indo-Pacific Deployment

USNI News – Family and friends said goodbye on Friday to more than 6,000 sailors with the Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group, which is leaving for a scheduled deployment to the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command region.

War In The Taiwan Strait Is Not Unthinkable: Some Will Lose More Than Others

Journal of Political Risk – Whether anyone actually ‘wins’ a war is a philosophical debate. The Germans and Japanese in 1945 might have thought wars do indeed have winners. But perhaps it’s better said that in most conflicts some parties ‘lose more than others.’ Such would be the case if Beijing attempted to militarily subjugate Taiwan.

Expeditionary Hogs and Blue Water Bones

USNI Blog – While the composition of the surface combatant force is frequently discussed, the composition of Marine air wings and land-based Navy platforms remains relatively unexamined. This is partly due to the success of the P-8A and the tri-service initial operating capability of F-35s. However, both Marine Corps air wings and Navy Tactical Air have glaring capability holes, which could be filled by repurposing Air Force platforms. The U.S. Navy should acquire B-1s and Marine Corps A-10s. This acquisition is both tactically and operationally advantageous, is fiscally sound, and logistically achievable in the near term.

Australian defense leaders defend submarine buy with France’s Naval Group

Defense News – Australian defense leaders this week denied claims that their department was urged to consider alternatives to the navy’s plans of buying 12 large conventionally-powered submarines from France’s Naval Group.

Test of Ready Reserve Force Exposes Need For Newer Ships, More People

USNI News – When U.S. Transportation Command tested the ability of the nation’s maritime Ready Reserve Force to set sail on short notice, only about 40 percent of the vessels deemed ready were able to leave port.

Northern Fleet aviation to get new sub hunters

Barents Observer – The rebuilt version of the passenger aircraft Tu-204/214 will be Russia’s equivalent to the U.S. built Boeing P-8 Poseidon that Norway, among others, will deploy for surveillance flights over the Barents- and Norwegian Seas.

Marine Commandant: ‘The Farther You Back Away From China, They Will Move Toward You’

Breaking Defense – The Marine Corps is moving out on a new land-based missile designed to hold Chinese warships at bay.

Navy may arm new destroyer with conventional missile able to hit anywhere on Earth in an hour

Fox News – The Navy’s newest destroyer may fire a not-yet-to-be fielded Conventional Prompt Strike conventionally-armed missile engineered to hit anywhere on earth within an hour.

Rep. Gallagher: U.S. Needs More Agile Forces in the Pacific

USNI News – The U.S. should absorb lessons from the recent ballistic missile strikes against troops in Iraq and Kenya and put a new emphasis on fielding mobile and dispersed forces, a member of the House Armed Services Committee and former Marine said on Wednesday.

Read the speech here

The Marine Corps could soon take out enemy ships with Navy missiles

Defense News – The Marine Corps could soon get the Navy’s new Naval Strike Missile for use as a shore battery.

To combat new missile threats, the US Navy prepares to move forward with destroyer upgrades

Defense News – The U.S. Navy is preparing to give its Flight IIA Arleigh Burke-class destroyers a major radar upgrade, trading in the AN/SPY-1D for a scaled-down version of the SPY-6 radar destined for the Flight III destroyers.

With US Marines seeking unmanned logistics to fight China, Textron sees opportunity

Defense News – The U.S. Marine Corps is looking for long-range unmanned surface vessels to resupply Marines on islands scattered around the Pacific, and Textron Systems thinks it has a solution.

Why are Chinese fishermen finding so many ‘submarine spies’?

BBC – At first it seems like a quirky, what-are-the-chances-of-that headline: “China rewards fishers who netted foreign spy devices.”

The two US Navy littoral combat ships will soon share a brain

Defense News – The U.S. Navy’s littoral combat ship is less one ship as it is two completely different ships with a common mission set. The Navy is trying to walk some of that back.

The Navy is ready to acquire the new U-212 submarines

Inside Over – It seems that an important first step has been taken towards the renewal and enlargement of the underwater component of the Italian Navy. (In Italian)

(Thanks to Alain)

Here’s 5 things you should know about the US Navy’s plans for big autonomous missile boats

Defense News – The U.S. Navy’s yearlong fight to convince lawmakers it needed a significant investment in unmanned ships the size of offshore patrol vessels resulted in a kind of half-victory.

Littoral Combat Ship Will Field Laser Weapon as Part of Lockheed Martin, Navy Test

USNI News – The Navy will put a laser weapon on a Littoral Combat Ship for the first time this year, amid efforts to boost the LCS’s lethality and to develop and field a family of laser systems.

Bataan ARG, 26 MEU Now Operating in the Middle East

USNI News – Amphib USS Bataan (LHD-5) is operating in the Red Sea as tensions between the U.S. and Iran continue to simmer.

In a quest for 355 ships, US Navy leaders are unwilling to accept a hollow force

Defense News – The push to grow the U.S. Navy by about 20 percent was given a new lease on life, politically speaking, with a renewed push from the White House and acting secretary of the Navy. But the fundamental issue applies: The Navy can’t tack on a significant number of extra ships without more funding.

Finland to bolster Navy’s surface fleet with new ships, more missiles

Defense News – Finland plans to increase its naval modernization budget in 2020 as part of a broad and ambitious effort to deepen its overall presence and surface capability in the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia.

Is the U.S. Navy Going to Fight ‘World War I’ Against China?

National Interest – James Holmes writes that the German Army of 1918 offers a cautionary tale about the perils of being too slow to develop new hardware to put new concepts into effect. Let’s not risk a German fate.

Suggestion For Warship Recommendation Guide For a Beginner?

Can anyone recommend a modern warship recognition guide for a beginner?

Weyer’s Flottentaschenbuch is a bit too much at this stage.

This Jane’s guide would be perfect but it is 14 years old. Does anyone know of anything newer?

Please let me know through the Contact Form – Thanks!

China starts work on US$97 million, 10,700 tonne civilian patrol vessel – its biggest ever

South China Morning Post – With tensions between Beijing and its neighbours riding high over territorial claims in the South China Sea, a Chinese shipyard has begun work on what will be the largest offshore patrol vessel in the nation’s civilian fleet.

Indian Navy hits a major milestone with a home-grown experimental jet

Defense News – The Indian Navy hit a major milestone in its quest for a home-grown carrier-based fighter aircraft. A prototype of a naval version of India’s Tejas light combat aircraft performed an arrested landing on board the carrier Vikramaditya in the Arabian Sea.

China nuclear missile development steps up a gear with test of weapon capable of hitting US mainland

South China Morning Post – China has moved to speed up development of its most advanced submarine-launched nuclear missile, a weapon capable of striking the US mainland.