How Submarine Sonarmen Tirelessly Hunt For Enemies They Can’t Even See

War Zone – The ability to fight and win in the high-stakes game of undersea warfare is all about the art of listening. Here’s how it’s done.

China Deployed Bombers To One Of Its South China Sea Islands For The First Time

War Zone – The H-6J’s visit to Woody Island would be yet more evidence of China’s expanding military activities in a disputed and strategically vital region.

Taiwan Retooling Defenses to Counter a ‘Belligerent’ China

USNI News – Taiwan is emphasizing asymmetric defenses from mines to anti-ship missiles, overhauling its reserve forces and professionalizing its military structure to better defend itself from “a more belligerent and aggressive” China, the island’s president said Wednesday.

USSOCOM’s Mini-Subs Progress Into The 2020s

Naval News – The United States Special Forces Command’s (USSOCOM) miniature wet and dry submersibles are progressing as planned despite some program delays related to the Coronavirus pandemic.

China counters its fighter jet pilot shortage by recruiting extra cadets

South China Morning Post – China’s military has made efforts to cover its shortage of naval pilots by recruiting more cadets than expected this year.

PLA Rocket Force launches DF-26 ‘aircraft carrier killer’ missile in fast-reaction drills

Global Times – The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Rocket Force recently launched a DF-26 intermediate-range anti-ship ballistic missile in an ongoing months-long exercise, after the US provocatively sent two aircraft carriers to the South China Sea for exercises and held joint naval drills with India, Japan and Australia in the Indian Ocean and Philippine Sea respectively in an attempt to contain China.

PTDI Lifts Veil On Senegal’s First CN-235 Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Naval News – PT Dirgantara Indonesia lifted the veil on the Senegalese Air Force (Armée de l’Air Sénégalaise) second CN-235 aircraft. The maritime patrol aircraft was officially shown in its final livery during its roll out.

How Good Order at Sea is Central to Winning Strategic Competition

CIMSEC – Do the regular functions of the sea services figure in U.S. national strategy, and if not, what must they do to adapt to competition? In so answering that question, we can gain a deeper insight into what it means to compete more fundamentally in the modern era.

Greek military put on high alert as tensions with Turkey rise

Guardian – Greece has placed its military forces on high alert, recalling its naval and air force offers from holiday, as tensions with Turkey over exploration of potentially lucrative offshore energy reserves escalate in the eastern Mediterranean.

The ship of the Northern Fleet will go to Algeria

RG – The large anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet “Vice-Admiral Kulakov,” which is now in the Mediterranean, will call in the port city of Algeria.

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Defense Ministry plans to build enhanced ballistic missile submarines

Korea Herald – The Defense Ministry said Monday it plans to roll out enhanced submarines in the next five years that will be capable of carrying more ballistic missiles, as part of a long-term initiative to beef up South Korea’s military capabilities.

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Unusually Large Narco Submarine May Be New Challenge For Coast Guard

Forbes – The U.S. Coast Guard and Navy have faced an array of so-called narco submarines, purpose built for smuggling cocaine, for the last fifteen years. These are constantly evolving. Now a super-sized narco submarine has been discovered in the Colombian jungle. It represents another evolution of the threat facing U.S. Southern Command’s (SOUTHCOM) Enhanced Counter-Narcotics Operations. The U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, partner navies and law enforcement are determined to stop these vessels, but it is very challenging because they are designed to get through.

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20 years after Kursk, Russia moves from tragedy to redefined underwater warfare capability

Barents Observer – Russia’s two newest special-purpose submarines, the Belgorod and the Khabarovsk, could redefine underwater warfare when they within some years sail out from the shipyard in Severodvinsk.

China Maritime Report No. 7: Gwadar: China’s Potential Strategic Strongpoint in Pakistan

China Maritime Studies Institute – This China Maritime Report on Gwadar is the second in a series of case studies on China’s Indian Ocean “strategic strongpoints” (战略支点). People’s Republic of China (PRC) officials, military officers, and civilian analysts use the strategic strongpoint concept to describe certain strategically valuable foreign ports with terminals and commercial zones owned and operated by Chinese firms.

Watch Chinese Frogmen Fire Their Special Underwater Guns

War Zone – Not many countries field specialist underwater firearms. Now we have a chance to see these exotic weapons in the hands of China’s naval commandos.

ROK Navy’s LPX-II Will Be An F-35B Light Aircraft Carrier – Not An LHD

Naval News – South Korea’s 2021-2025 defense blueprint which was revealed yesterday provides some fresh details on the plans to develop an aircraft carrier capability for the Republic of Korea (RoK) Navy: The LPX-II project will be a dedicated light aircraft carrier for F-35B, it will not be an amphibious assault ship.

US Navy commissions another Littoral Combat Ship amid renewed push to fix the program

Defense News – The U.S. Navy Saturday commissioned its latest littoral combat ship amid a top-level push to fix the ship’s nagging reliability issues and forge a path to make the small surface combatants useful in the years ahead.

European Navies Providing Disaster Relief To Beirut

Naval News – Several European navies have deployed vessels to provide disaster relief and humanitarian assistance following the catastrophic explosion at the port of Beirut.

TikTok Is Inane. China’s Imperial Ambition Is Not.

Bloomberg – Niall Ferguson writes that the U.S. won the Cold War by exporting its values, and China has a similar plan for Cold War II.

French Navy Vessel ‘Champlain’ To Assist With MV Wakashio Oil Spill In Mauritius

Naval News – The French Navy D’Entrecasteaux-class multi-purpose vessel “Champlain” has been deployed to assist with pollution control efforts in Mauritius linked with the ongoing oil spill of MV Wakashio.

The Law of Military Operations and Self-Defense in the U.S.-Japan Alliance

US Navy War College Review – While the United States and Japan share many values, their legal systems take distinct approaches to authorizing military operations. But the two approaches converge within the alliance structure—especially important with regard to implementing the international law of self-defense.

Versatility Matters: How Iowa-Class Battleships Waged War from World War II to Desert Storm

National Interest – James Holmes asks what should naval architects incorporate into a design to guarantee its longevity amid change? Versatility should be their watchword. It’s possible to experiment with versatile hulls—subtracting, adding, or recombining sensors, weapons, and embarked aircraft to keep the ship combat-relevant in a variety of circumstances.