Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Navy’s Ever-Evolving Aegis Combat System

War Zone – We go in-depth with Lockheed’s point man on Aegis about the combat system’s revolutionary past, evolving present, and universal future.

Aegis Ashore on Guam Would ‘Free Up’ 3 Navy Destroyers

USNI News – Building an Aegis Ashore facility on Guam would relieve three guided-missile destroyers from missile defense work and make them available for Navy tasking, the head of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command said Thursday.

Advantage at Sea Requires Rethinking Influence

War on the Rocks – The U.S. Navy handicaps itself in great-power competition. “Though we are not exchanging fire with our competitors,” according to the chief of naval operations, “we are battling for influence and positional advantage.” Much of this battle is waged in information environments, and the new tri-service maritime strategy includes influence within the information domain in the very definition of “naval power.” Yet the U.S. Navy neglects part of its arsenal for influence, namely military information support operations.

Meet Singapore’s New Maritime Security Unmanned Surface Vessels

Naval News – The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) will soon deploy new Maritime Security Unmanned Surface Vessels (MARSEC USVs) to complement manned vessels in patrolling and securing Singapore’s waters.

U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Wants $4.68B for New Pacific Deterrence Initiative

USNI News – U.S. Indo-Pacific Command is seeking $4.68 billion in the upcoming fiscal year for the year-old Pacific Deterrence Initiative.

Sea Blind: Pacing Cybersecurity’s Evolving Impact on Maritime Operations

CIMSEC – Just as the sextant enabled celestial navigation of ships far from shore, and signal flags and lights allowed ships to communicate with one another more effectively, the adoption of digital technology has allowed sailors to shoot, move, and communicate even more rapidly. While this technology allows seafarers to navigate more precisely and communicate and coordinate with others more easily, it introduces new vulnerabilities to modern warships.

Perils of a New Dimension: Socially Engineered Attacks in Maritime Cybersecurity

CIMSEC – Maritime security, through cybersecurity, will become a much more complex endeavor. It will require a considered combination of the human element, technical innovation, management procedures, security protocols, and classical maritime know-how. 

In Indo-Pacific, US eyes ‘agile’ posture to dodge Chinese missiles

Nikkei Asia – The U.S. will deploy its Indo-Pacific military presence far and wide rather than keep it concentrated at a handful of bases as it seeks to protect itself from China’s advanced missile capabilities.

PLA commissions upgraded destroyer, naval drills show

Global Times – A newly commissioned, upgraded variation of the Type 052D destroyer recently made its public debut in a series of maritime exercises by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy, and analysts said more warships of this class are expected to join the service soon.

Surface ship readiness continues to struggle, US Navy inspections show

Defense News – The U.S. Navy’s surface fleet continues to struggle to keep its ships adequately maintained, according to the Board of Inspection and Survey, an entity responsible for monitoring the condition of the service’s ships.

South China Sea: why France is flexing its muscles in the contested waters

South China Morning Post – France has territories, and therefore exclusive economic zones around them, in the Indian Ocean and the southern Pacific. It attaches great importance to its interests in the region and has forged close security ties with countries there.

USS Gabrielle Giffords Deployment Showcased LCS’s Flexibility, Naval Strike Missile

USNI News – USS Gabrielle Giffords’ (LCS-10) recently completed 17-month deployment to the Pacific will refine how the Navy thinks about operating and maintaining the Littoral Combat Ship forward.

Time for a Fully Integrated Dual-Fleet Force Model

War on the Rocks – Why are so many countries opting to invest as much — if not more — in their coast guards compared to conventional naval forces? Perhaps the more pressing question for naval planners, strategists, and statesmen alike is why the United States is not following suit.

Examination of Israeli-owned ship indicates Gulf blast was caused by mines

Times of Israel – An examination of damage to an Israeli-owned cargo ship currently docked in Dubai indicates an explosion that hit it in the Gulf of Oman was caused by mines covertly attached to the ship.

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Replacing Trident could take the UK-US ‘special relationship’ to “new heights”

BBC – UK cooperation with the United States on nuclear weapons has reached “new heights”, with the new warhead for the Trident missile, BBC Newsnight has learned.

The Navy Plans To Launch Swarms Of Aerial Drones From Unmanned Submarines And Ships

War Zone – Unmanned surface and underwater vehicles capable of deploying drone swarms in contested territory could be game-changing for the Navy.

Sieges, Containerships, and Ecosystems: Rethinking Maritime Cybersecurity

CIMSEC – The underpinnings of the global economy rely not on centralized control of a benevolent organization, but on the collective efforts of the global maritime ecosystem to take the necessary actions to ensure that the maritime commons remain credible and viable to transport the world’s goods. But the maritime industry must acknowledge that they are already under siege and act accordingly. 

Russia’s New Deep-Diving Drone Submarine with AIP

Covert Shores – Russia’s FPI (Advanced Research Foundation) recently revealed some details of a new uncrewed underwater vehicle (UUV) called Sarma. Although few details have emerged the associated graphic indicates a craft approximately in the Large-Displacement UUV category (LDUUV). This makes it roughly the same size as the existing Klavesin (Harpsichord) family.

Turkish Navy Kicked Off BLUE HOMELAND-2021 Large Scale Exercise

Naval News – The Turkish Navy kicked off a large-scale naval exercise named Blue Homeland-2021 in the Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterranean on 25th February.

Krivak Forever

StrategyPage – India has completed the complex process of purchasing M90FR maritime gas turbine engines from Ukraine and delivery of these engines to a Russian shipyard that is building two of the four advanced P-17 “stealth” Talwar class frigates for India.