Veneer of China’s Charm Offensive Cracked By Vietnamese Fishing Boat Incident

USNI News – Last week’s collision between a Chinese Coast Guard vessel and a Vietnamese fishing boat near the Paracel Islands exposes Beijing’s “charm” and “coercion” strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic, regional experts say.

Indonesia Is Reconsidering Contract With South Korea for 3 Diesel-Electric Submarines

The Diplomat – The Indonesian government is considering cancelling a contract with South Korea for three Nagapasa-class diesel-electric attack subs.

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China develops fighter jet for training new generation of aircraft carrier pilots

South China Morning Post – Chinese engineers have modified an old fighter jet to create a training aircraft for pilots who will serve on the country’s newest aircraft carrier – the Type 002 – which is currently in development.

Sea test this year for China’s new ‘skiing’ plane after coronavirus delay

South China Morning Post – China is making up for time lost during the coronavirus outbreak by resuming preparations to test its largest amphibious aeroplane, which will be able to cover all of the South China Sea.

German sub about to be delivered to Egyptian Navy

Jerusalem Post – The S43 submarine is the third out of four new submarines ThyssenKrupp sold to Egypt, after getting Netanyahu’s approval.

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French Carrier Charles De Gaulle Heading Home Amid Suspicion Of Covid-19

Naval News – The French Navy aircraft carrier and flag ship Charles de Gaulle is heading home early following suspicion of several Covid-19 cases among its crew members.

Cooperative Deployments: An Indispensable Tool For Preparing for the High-End Fight

CIMSEC – Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Admiral Gilday’s December 2019 Fragmentary Order (FRAGO), “Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority,” emphasizes the importance of building alliances and partnerships to enhance U.S. warfighting capability, with a particular focus on “full interoperability at the high end of naval warfare.”…The U.S. Navy’s Cooperative Deployment Program (CDP), a framework for integrating partner nation (PN) navy units into deploying U.S. Navy strike groups, offers a particularly valuable instrument for advancing this goal.

India to hand over Soviet-built Kilo-class submarine to Myanmar Navy, says source

Tass – India has prepared the INS Sindhuvir, a Soviet-built Project 877 (Kilo-class) submarine for handover to the Myanmar Navy.

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The first test of the Ukrainian Neptune missile with the homing head installed

BMPD – Ukrainian sources reported that on April 2, 2020, the Alibey State Testing Ground of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Odessa region tested the R-360 anti-ship missile of the developed Ukrainian anti-ship missile complex RK-360MTs Neptune with an active homing radar mounted on the rocket for the first time.

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Acting secretary of the Navy has submitted his resignation after calling ousted aircraft carrier captain ‘stupid’

CNN – Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly has submitted his resignation a day after leaked audio revealed he called the ousted commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt “stupid” in an address to the ship’s crew.

Cooperative Maritime Law Enforcement and Overfishing in the South China Sea

CIMSEC – Fish are the primary source of animal protein for populations bordering the South China Sea and overfishing in the region has emerged as a major threat to food security. Over the past 30 years fish stocks have declined by one-third and are expected to decrease an additional 59 percent by 2045 if current practices persist.

Get Ready for the Next RMA at Sea

USNI Proceedings – Long-range strike coupled with battlefield transparency will make ships targetable anywhere, any time. As some of these capabilities already are being fielded, the window for developing counterstrategies is closing fast.

The Navy moved at light speed to fire a captain who did not ram his ship into another vessel

Task and Purpose – The Navy has hit a new low by firing an aircraft carrier captain who was trying to save his crew from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Chinese Spring Offensives of 2020

National Interest – Regaining every inch of ground once ruled by imperial China is central to the dream President Xi Jinping exhorts Chinese to embrace. Miss an opportunity and China’s dream might never come true. And where would that leave Chinese Communist rulers, who already face a sullen populace? Is now the time Beijing may decide to strike—thanks to COVID-19?

USS Bataan Enters Persian Gulf; Carrier Truman Now in the Mediterranean

USNI News – The Bataan Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) and embarked 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) are now in the Persian Gulf as USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) crossed the Suez Canal and is now operating in the Mediterranean Sea after spending several weeks in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations.

Naval Gazing as the World Economy Goes Up in Flames

National Interest – An annual Russian naval estimate reveals Moscow’s continuing shipbuilding dilemmas, as well as a contrast to China’s naval development prowess.

Inside US Indo-Pacific Command’s $20 billion wish list to deter China — and why Congress may approve it

Defense News – A $1.6 billion defensive ring around Guam. Millions in new military funding for partner nations. A billion dollars for increased stockpiles of long-range weapons. These are just some of the investments on a $20 billion wish list quietly submitted to Congress in recent weeks by U.S. Indo-Pacific Command head Adm. Phil Davidson. The wish list was specifically requested by members of Congress who are eyeing it as the basis for a new Pacific-focused pot of money to deter Chinese military action in the region.

Marines’ Force Design 2030 May Allow MEUs Tailored for Different Geographies, Adversaries

USNI News – The Marine Corps’ new force design may allow East Coast expeditionary units to look much different than West Coast or Japan-based units, a nod to the complex but different environments they’ll operate in and threats they’ll face in the future.

Japan’s Type 12 SSM Deployed To Keep Watch On Miyako Strait

Naval News – Japan continues to reinforce its Southern Islands. A new Type 12 Surface-to-Ship Missile (12式地対艦誘導弾) unit has recently been deployed at the garrison on Miyakojima island.

Carrier Roosevelt CO Relieved Over ‘Extremely Poor Judgment’ in Creating ‘Firestorm’ Over COVID-19 Outbreak

USNI News – The carrier commander who warned that his crew didn’t have enough resources to fight an accelerating COVID-19 infection aboard his ship, has been relieved of command.

British Casualty Ship RFA Argus Dispatched To Support The Caribbean Region

Naval News – RFA Argus has set sail for the Caribbean in preparation to support the British Overseas Territories during the upcoming hurricane season and will be able to assist with the response to the Covid-19 pandemic if required.