U.S. Navy Unmanned Undersea Teams Now Underway as Part of Argentine Submarine Search

USNI News – The U.S. Navy’s undersea search and rescue teams left port on Wednesday to assist the ongoing international effort searching for a missing Argentine Navy submarine.

How a French firm beat out Japanese companies in Australia’s submarine tender

Defense News – A lack of Australian confidence in Japan’s defense industry sank an offer from Tokyo in the AUD$50 billion (U.S. $38 billion) tender for attack submarines, while greater stealth and advanced propulsion technology buoyed a rival French bid, said Sam Bateman, a research fellow at the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security.

U.S. Plans to Expand Naval Engagements in Southeast Asia Using Littoral Combat Ships, EPFs.

USNI News – The U.S. Navy is planning to enhance naval engagement with nations across South and Southeast Asia next year.

Search for Missing Argentine Submarine Continues

USNI News – The Navy deployed unmanned underwater vehicles Tuesday in the search for the missing Argentine submarine as officials worry about the crew’s remaining oxygen.

Air Force, Navy send more equipment to search for missing Argentine submarine

Defense News – The United States has deployed aircraft to Argentina to help search for ARA San Juan, an Argentine navy submarine that went missing in the South Atlantic Ocean almost a week ago.

Clock Ticks As Argentine Submariners Run Out Of Air; US, Allies Race To Rescue

Breaking Defense – In an extraordinary international response, a dozen nations have poured assets into the stormy South Atlantic to help find and save 44 Argentine submariners from the missing sub San Juan. It’s a stark contrast to the last great submarine disaster, when Russia was slow to accept international help for the stricken Kursk in 2000 and lost all 118 souls aboard.

U.S. Undersea Rescue Command Tapped to Assist Argentine Submarine Rescue Efforts

USNI News – The Navy’s Undersea Rescue Command received the call and for the first time in a dozen years members were quickly loading equipment onto planes readying for a real-life rescue mission in Argentina.

Argentina missing submarine: Specialist equipment deployed

BBC – Specialist underwater rescue equipment has arrived in Argentina from the United States to help hunt for an Argentine submarine which vanished last Wednesday with 44 crew on board.

Images show North Korea’s ‘submarine ballistic missile programme’

BBC – North Korea is on “an aggressive schedule to build and deploy its first operational ballistic missile submarine”, according to an analysis of new satellite images by the expert website 38 North.

U.S. Submarine Rescue Equipment, Crews Set to Arrive in Argentina on Sunday; U.K. Ice Patrol Ship Joins in Search for Missing Submarine

USNI News – The U.S. Navy’s Undersea Rescue Command is deploying to Argentina as part of the American response to a missing submarine and its 44 sailors. The command is sending two rescue systems from San Diego, Calif. to Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina via military airlift in support of efforts around the missing ARA San Juan (S-42).

Argentina missing submarine: Satellite signals detected

BBC – Signals have been detected that are thought to have come from an Argentine submarine that went missing with 44 crew on board, officials say.

Giant Dragons Puffing Smoke: Understanding Japan’s Pacific War Strategy

CIMSEC – Contrary to their representation in war-era and post-war-era film and media, Japan was not hell-bent on conquest simply because they were evil. Japan was seeking to build an empire in Asia because that is what the United States had encouraged and trained them to do.

The Navy Says “Fly Before Buy” When It Comes To Its New MQ-25 Drone Tanker

War Zone – Amid recent concurrency blunders, the service will purchase just four of the unmanned aircraft up front.

NASA, U.S. Navy Aircraft Join in Search for Missing Argentine Submarine, 44 Sailors; U.S. Submarine Rescue Crews, Equipment Mobilizing

USNI News – A NASA research aircraft has joined in the search for a missing Argentine submarine and its crew of 44 and a U.S. Navy sub-hunting aircraft is on the way.

Argentina missing navy submarine: Search stepped up

BBC – The Argentine navy is stepping up its search in the South Atlantic for a 44-crew submarine that has been out of radio contact for three days.

Recapturing the Interwar Navy’s Strategic Magic

Naval History – To maximize the growth of strategic thought in the present-day Navy, the service should turn to practices that proved successful between the two world wars.

Industry Can Build 355 Ships, But Which Ones?

Breaking Defense – Sure, American industry can build the 355-ship fleet both Trump and the admirals want, three former Navy Secretaries said today.

The Indo-Pacific Concept: Retrospect and Prospect

CIMSEC – Since 2010, the concept of ‘Indo-Pacific’ has gained increasing prevalence in the geopolitical and strategic discourse, and is now being used increasingly by policy-makers, analysts and academics in Asia and beyond.

Singapore Navy takes ‘quantum jump’ in adding 2 more ships to service

Defense News – Singapore has commissioned the second and third locally built littoral mission vessels into its Navy, as the lead ship of the class deploys overseas for the first time.

Balancing China: How the United States and its Partners Can Check Chinese Naval Expansion

War on the Rocks – How should the U.S. military respond to China’s A2/AD capabilities? A new strategy proposes the United States would abandon efforts to command maritime East Asia outright and, instead, focus on helping the countries around the East and South China Seas deny China sea and air control in the region.

Marines Seek Anti-Ship HIMARS: High Cost, Hard Mission

Breaking Defense – For the time since December 1941, when Wake Island’s shore gunners sank the invading destroyer Hayate, Marine Corps artillery wants to kill ships. That could be a big boost for the Navy, which confronts ever more powerful Russian and Chinese fleets.

Security Breach and Spilled Secrets Have Shaken the N.S.A. to Its Core

New York Times – A serial leak of the agency’s cyberweapons has damaged
morale, slowed intelligence operations and resulted in
hacking attacks on businesses and civilians worldwide.

HMS Vigilant: Nine sailors fired after failing drugs tests

BBC – Nine sailors from a nuclear missile submarine have been dismissed from the Royal Navy after failing drug tests, the Ministry of Defence has said.

Don’t reactivate the old frigates, internal US Navy memo recommends

Defense News – A move gaining traction in the upper echelons of the Navy to bring back mothballed Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates would cost billions, cut into modernization accounts for other ships and add little to the Navy’s capabilities.

Why the Navy Needs a Fighting Connector: Distributed Maritime Operations and the Modern Littoral Environment

War on the Rocks – Maritime operations, especially in coastal regions, will thus be contested and dangerous, compelling American forces to operate in an increasingly dispersed fashion. The modern operating environment raises the question of whether the Navy and the Marine Corps are properly equipped to protect and project force.