PLA commissions hospital ship at Nansha Islands, showcases regional presence

Global Times – The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy recently commissioned a newly developed hospital ship, which will serve as a mobile medical force in the Nansha Islands in the South China Sea in missions including military and civilian medical support, international humanitarian aid and emergency rescue.

Air Force To Build Alternate Airbase On Tinian Island In Case Guam Gets Knocked Out

War Zone – With the threat of China rising, the Pentagon is looking for new airfields and to expand existing ones for distributed operations in the Pacific.

USMC Receives First ACVs For Service As BAE Systems Designs More Variants

Naval News – BAE Systems has delivered the first 8×8 wheeled Amphibious Combat Vehicles (ACV) to the United States Marine Corps’ 1st Marine Division at Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California in early November.

German Sachsen Frigate to Test a New Naval Laser Weapon

Defense Update – The German procurement authorities have awarded Rheinmetall a contract to develop a key future laser weapon system component.

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The patrol ship “Pavel Derzhavin” of project 22160 was put into operation

BMPD – Novorossiysk naval base hosted celebrations on the rise of St. Andrew’s flag and reception in the ship of the Black Sea fleet of new patrol ship “Pavel Derzhavin” – the third in a series of ship project 22160.

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French Navy Chief In Japan As Rubis-Class SSN Pays Rare Visit To Guam

Naval News – The Chief of Staff of the French Navy Admiral Vandier met with his Japanese counterpart Admiral Hiroshi Yamamura in Tokyo yesterday. Meanwhile, the Rubis-class nuclear-powered attack submarine Emeraude made a rare port of call in Guam. The two events are connected and fit right in line with France’ strategy in the Indo-Pacific region.

USS Bonhomme Richard Heads For Scrapyard After Devastating Fire

Breaking Defense – The Navy will scrap one of the world’s most advanced amphibious ships ravaged by a a six-day fire that caused so much damage that repairing it was deemed unwise.

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What the Great Pacific War Can Teach the U.S. Military Today

National Interest – James Holmes writes that it’s hard to amass combat power when it’s needed, where it’s needed, without robust auxiliaries. It’s also hard to regenerate combat power after taking a blow in action. Such a contestant is brittle.

Why the Quad Should Focus on a Strategy to Contain China

National Interest – James Holmes writes that as a military strategy, containment presents several powerful options for the loose grouping of Quad countries to push back on Chinese aggression.

First AH-64E Apaches Arrive In UK, Will Serve As New Carriers’ Other Strike Capability

War Zone – Version 6 offers notable advantages over the initial blocks of AH-64Es and its emphasis on over-water combat is something that the British Army will likely have paid particular attention to. Among official plans for the future air wings of the Royal Navy’s two Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers is a so-called Littoral Manoeuvre setup that combines Apaches with a variety of assault transport and support helicopters. Since it’s also planned for the air wings to be tailored for combinations of Carrier Strike and Littoral Manoeuvre capabilities if required, it’s also possible that the new Apaches will eventually go to sea alongside the F-35B Lightning jet fighter, to provide a two-pronged offensive-oriented air complement. 

This Is Our First Look At The Navy’s New CMV-22B Osprey Flying From An Aircraft Carrier

War Zone – The aircraft’s choice as a replacement for the venerable C-2 Greyhound has been controversial, but its development has been amazingly fast.

Navy Testing Battle Management Aid on Aircraft Carrier

USNI News – The Navy’s plans to test a Battle Management Aid on one of its aircraft carriers, as the service pursues a tactical data network to link up its sensors and weapons.

How The Once Elusive Dream Of Laser Weapons Suddenly Became A Reality

War Zone – One of Lockheed Martin’s top directed energy minds explains how breakthroughs in communications and industrial tech made laser weapons possible. 

Oil Tanker In Red Sea Struck In Mine Attack With Similarities To Past Iranian Strikes

War Zone – The ship was damaged above the waterline, which might indicate the use of a limpet mine, which Iran and its proxies have used in past tanker attacks.

The Commandant of the Marine Corps is charging into the future, but some aren’t ready for change

Task and Purpose – One thing that’s constant through most military organizations is reverence for tradition. The flip side of that, though, is a fear of change

Australia’s New Icebreaker RSV Nuyina Starts Sea Trials

Naval News – After her arrival in the Netherlands at the end of August, Australia’s icebreaker RSV Nuyina is commencing her seatrials in the North Sea.

Submarine Force Changing Training, Acquisition to Focus on Warfare Against Sophisticated Adversary

USNI News – The submarine fleet has shifted its focus from operational readiness to warfighting readiness, and with that new mindset has come changes in how the fleet conducts training, acquisition and maintenance, several officials said last week.