Here’s what the Corps’ new School of Infantry training looks like

Marine Times – In preparation for a future war where Marine infantry platoons take on the responsibilities currently at the company level, the Corps is launching a new experimental School of Infantry curriculum that will teach aspiring grunts 21 new lessons, or “behaviors.”

Marine Corps Ready to Conduct EABO Experiments with Allies in Indo-Pacific

USNI News – After honing naval integration and then exercising in the Indo-Pacific with the joint force, the Marine Corps is ready to take its new island-hopping campaign concept to the next level by drilling with international allies and partners.

A new deal with Norway allows the US to keep an eye on Russian subs closer to Russia’s home turf

Business Insider – A recent deal between the US and Norway will expand the two countries’ defense cooperation, allowing the US to build facilities on Norwegian bases to support operations in a region where Russia’s military is increasingly active.

Navy Destroyers Sport Large Satcom Domes On Their Flight Decks For Big Drone Exercise

War Zone – The stealth destroyer USS Michael Monsoor will act as a command and control hub for manned and unmanned assets during the experiment off California.

French Navy And Royal Australian Navy Ships Patrol The South China Sea Together

Naval News – From 16 to 19 April, French Navy ships of the JEANNE D’ARC mission sailed together with the Royal Australian Navy’s frigate Anzac and supply ship Sirius. During this coordinated navigation, the four ships patrolled together.

The First S-80-Plus Class Submarine Will Launch New Era For Spanish Navy

Naval News – S-81 Isaac Peral is one of the largest non-nuclear submarines in the world. The long-range 2,965 ton boat will bring new capabilities to the Spanish Navy and is being offered on the export market. Uniquely for a Western non-nuclear submarine it is equipped to launch Tomahawk missiles.

Conventional Deterrence and the U.S. Navy: Why The Future Needs to Happen Now, Part II

CIMSEC – The challenges posed by China’s offensive deterrence paradigm require a new and innovative future force design for the US Navy. 

Missing Indonesian submarine has 72 hours of oxygen left, navy says

BBC – Indonesia has about 72 hours left to rescue 53 crew members of a missing navy submarine before they run out of oxygen, the navy said.

Historic Marine Plan to Reinvent The Corps

Breaking Defense – The document outlines an evolving effort to stand up a series of small, agile units tasked with air defense, anti-ship and submarine warfare, and seizing, holding and resupplying ad hoc bases to support an island-hopping campaign in the Pacific.

Turkey Plans To Deploy Indigenous Aircraft ‘Hürjet’ On LHD Anadolu

Naval News – After Turkey was taken out of the F-35 aircraft program because of CAATSA sanctions imposed by the United States, it has been trying to develop new solutions to deploy fixed-winged air assets on Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) Anadolu.

Fleet Exercise Includes Live Missile Shoot as Navy Pairs Crews With Unmanned Systems

USNI News – Off the southern California coast this week, the Navy has amassed a small fleet to help figure how its operational forces can use aerial drones, autonomous surface and subsurface vehicles in an integrated fight at sea and in the air to support the manned fleet.

Chinese Naval Base in Africa Set to Support Aircraft Carriers

USNI News – A recently completed pier at the Chinese naval base near the entrance to the Red Sea is large enough to support an aircraft carrier.

The Incredible Rise of North Korea’s Hacking Army

New Yorker – The country’s cyber forces have raked in billions of dollars for the regime by pulling off schemes ranging from A.T.M. heists to cryptocurrency thefts. Can they be stopped?

Northern Fleet kicks off major exercise

Barents Observer – NATO aircraft are in the skies over the Barents Sea watching as nuclear- and diesel submarines, surface warships, support vessels on Monday sailed out from the Kola Peninsula.

Update The Small Wars Manual For The 21st Century

1945 – James Holmes writes that the U.S. should compile a Small Wars Manual for the twenty-first century—and avoid having to improvise a brilliant new strategy from scratch the next time America embroils itself in another country’s internal affairs. 

Time For Strategic Triage In Afghanistan

1945 – James Holmes writes that at last Washington is calling a halt to the Twenty Years’ War in Afghanistan—and performing what Naval Diplomat colleague and pal Marc Genest took to calling “strategic triage” some years ago.

Watch A Russian Navy Il-38N “Dolphin” Load A Superlarge Sea Bottom Mine For Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise

The Aviationist – For the first time, five Russian Navy Il-38 and Il-38N aircraft have taken part together in an Anti-Submarine Warfare exercise laying sea bottom mines.

U.S. Navy will build airport infrastructure in northern Norway to meet upped Russian submarine presence

Barents Observer – Norway’ Minister of Defense, Frank Bakke-Jensen, on Friday signed an agreement with the United States allowing for, among other things, construction of hangar and fuel supply infrastructure for U.S. Navy P-8A maritime patrol aircraft at Evenes airport and the nearby Ramsund naval station.

Senegal Took Delivery Of First CN-235 Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Naval News – A CN-235 Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) ordered by the Senegalese Defense Ministry landed on April 6 at Dakar’s airport.

Navy, Marines Push Plans To Transform How They Fight

Breaking Defense –  The Navy and Marine Corps are testing radically new ways of operating in the Pacific by sending experimental unmanned ships into an ambitious exercise next week. Underpinning that exercise is an ambitious new plan for island-hopping that demands a fast implementation timeline. 

Adversary Drones Are Spying On The U.S. And The Pentagon Acts Like They’re UFOs

War Zone – The U.S. military seems aloof to the fact that it’s being toyed with by a terrestrial adversary and key capabilities may be compromised as a result.