The Fischer Model in the 21st Century

War on the Rocks – American strategists stand to gain a great deal by turning to the model offered by Fisher: seeking sea denial in core regions and maritime preponderance at the periphery. This is the optimal course of action for a maritime power facing a dual-track threat environment.

Rising seas threaten Norfolk Naval Shipyard, raising fears of ‘catastrophic damage’

NBC – Norfolk Naval Shipyard now faces its greatest existential threat: rising seas and extreme weather driven by climate change.

Why France’s Own ‘Tomahawk’ Missile Is In Serious Trouble

National Interest – A bad performance in Syria was just the start.

A Question of Time: Improving Taiwan’s Maritime Deterrence Posture

CIMSEC – A call for Taiwan’s navy to change its current acquisition priorities and embrace an unconventional-asymmetric doctrine of sea denial.

The Chinese vessel we encountered during a fuelling drill

Straits Times – What it is like for the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force to operate in the South China Sea.

China Has Built ‘Great Wall of SAMs’ In Pacific

Breaking Defense – From militarized atolls in the South China Sea to a growing Chinese navy looking increasingly aggressive, the head of the Indo-Pacom command lays out his needs and concerns.

European Navies: Stepping Back Into the Game At Euronaval

Breaking Defense – Two years have passed since Le Bourget hosted the last Euronaval show, two years during which the maritime world has become increasingly multipolar.

Trump demands China remove missiles in the South China Sea

Washington Times – The Trump administration is demanding that China remove all advanced missiles deployed on disputed islands in the South China Sea, the first time such a demand has been made public.

U.S. Needs to Develop New Counters to Future Hypersonic Missiles

USNI News – Existing radars don’t provide the almost-split-second warning needed to keep Guam, carrier strike groups in the Pacific and Kadena Air Base in Okinawa from being held hostage to a future hypersonic attack.

Argentina submarine: ARA San Juan found

BBC – The wreckage of a submarine which went missing with 44 crew on board a year ago has been found, the Argentine navy says.

US to join Australia in Papua New Guinea naval base plan

BBC – The US says it will join Australia in developing a naval base in Papua New Guinea (PNG), in an apparent move to curb China’s growing influence.

Russian Cruiser Fires Odd Torpedo Tube-Launched Anti-Sub Missile During Arctic Exercise

War Zone – The weapon gives any surface ship with torpedo tubes, as well as submarines, a stand-off anti-submarine capability.

Marines Riding On Cargo Ship To Pacific Exercises A Sign Of A More Flexible Deployment Strategy

War Zone – Using the cargo ship helps reduce demand on warships and puts more Marines in more places at any given time.

Will looming budget cuts bust up the Navy’s plans for an enormous fleet?

Defense News – After several years of increasing spending and virtually unprecedented shipbuilding budgets, the U.S. Navy’s party could be coming to a screeching halt in the 2020 budget

One Year Later, Search For Missing Argentine Submarine Continues

USNI News – A year has passed since the last communication was received from Argentinian submarine ARA San Juan (S-42), but the search for the missing boat continues with the help of a Texas-based undersea mapping firm.

Navy Wants to Use Virginia Payload Module to Deploy New Missiles, UUVs

USNI News – The undersea warfare community wants to boost attack sub lethality by providing new payloads for the Virginia-class SSNs, especially ones that can be leveraged through the Virginia Payload Module missile tubes that will be added to new-construction boats beginning this year.

How the Fleet Forgot To Fight Part 6 – Strategy and Operations

CIMSEC – The Navy is not the only branch of the military facing significant challenges born from a long focus on the low-end fight. The United States, as a maritime nation, and the world, as dependent on maritime order, now find themselves at greater risk by an American fleet deficient in sea control.

Navy Pitching Amphibious Warship Overhaul to Boost Lethality, Survivability

USNI News – The amphibious force may get a massive capability overhaul, if a plan by the Expeditionary Warfare Directorate to increase lethality and survivability of amphibious ships is accepted by Navy and Marine Corps leadership.

China is a Funny Sort of Revisionist Power – A Conversation With Dean Cheng

War on the Rocks – What is the future of U.S.-Chinese relations? Will a rising China seek to overturn the U.S.-led international order? What is China doing inside the first island chain? In cyberspace? Orbital space? Is China more like Imperial Germany or is it more like France in the late 19th century? Dean Cheng and Brad Carson explore these questions and many more.

Here Comes the Swarm: China Just Unveiled a Robot Missile Boat

National Interest – By itself, a Look Out II-type boat does not boast impressive firepower. But then, robot missile vessels won’t operate by themselves.

First Nuclear Deterrence Patrol Marks Major Step for Indian Submarine Force

USNI News – When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced earlier this month that the Indian Navy had completed its first sea-based nuclear deterrent patrol it was more of a statement of intent than a demonstration of a new capability.

US Army warns of crippling sealift shortfalls during wartime

Defense News – The U.S. Army is pushing Congress to act on a looming sealift shortfall that will create “unacceptable risk in force projection” within the next five years if the Navy doesn’t act quickly.

Time for the U.S. Navy to think Beyond ‘Ships’: The Case for a Hybrid Fleet

National Interest – Ship types have displaced one another other from the cores of fleets across the decades and centuries. Maybe it’s time to unseat the ship itself.

Warnings and confusion preceded Norwegian frigate disaster: here’s what we know

Defense News – The Royal Norwegian Navy was dealt a devastating blow in the early morning hours of November 10 when one of its five capital Nansen-class frigates collided with a fully loaded oil tanker more than 10 times its size while returning NATO’s Trident Juncture exercise.

After 1.3 billion euro makeover, French aircraft carrier returns to sea

Reuters – Europe’s only nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the 260-metre-long (850-ft) vessel, which carries 1,700 personnel and whose tonnage is equal to four Eiffel Towers, is due to be deployed in early February in the Indian Ocean