Russia’s New Deep-Diving Drone Submarine with AIP

Covert Shores – Russia’s FPI (Advanced Research Foundation) recently revealed some details of a new uncrewed underwater vehicle (UUV) called Sarma. Although few details have emerged the associated graphic indicates a craft approximately in the Large-Displacement UUV category (LDUUV). This makes it roughly the same size as the existing Klavesin (Harpsichord) family.

Turkish Navy Kicked Off BLUE HOMELAND-2021 Large Scale Exercise

Naval News – The Turkish Navy kicked off a large-scale naval exercise named Blue Homeland-2021 in the Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterranean on 25th February.

Krivak Forever

StrategyPage – India has completed the complex process of purchasing M90FR maritime gas turbine engines from Ukraine and delivery of these engines to a Russian shipyard that is building two of the four advanced P-17 “stealth” Talwar class frigates for India. 

Strategic Tradeoffs in U.S. Naval Force Structure – Rule the Waves or Wave the Flag?

War on the Rocks – What kind of navy should the United States build with its defense dollars? Does America want one that will win wars? Of course. How about one that deters other nations from starting a war in the first place? No doubt. Perhaps it is also useful to have a navy that can “show the flag” to generate diplomatic and economic influence, or to bolster the liberal international order? And wouldn’t it be nice if Americans could have more guns, and more butter, while also lowering their taxes?

Can the United States Prevent a War Over Taiwan?

War on the Rocks – Taiwan is becoming the most dangerous flashpoint in the world. Events in and involving the small democracy could spark a war that draws in the United States, China, Japan, and possibly others. The administration of President Joe Biden should develop a more credible U.S. strategy to deter such a war.

War Studies Primer

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Israeli Cargo Ship Struck In Oman Gulf After US Air Strike

Breaking Defense – The MV Helios Ray sails under the Bahamas flag and belongs to the Israeli company Helios Ray Ltd, owned by Rami Unger, one of the largest car importers in Israel. First indications point to sea mines or missiles. The ship was hit during a cruise out of Oman Bay.

DISTRIBUTED MANUFACTURING FOR DISTRIBUTED LETHALITY Distributed Manufacturing for Distributed Lethality

CIMSEC – Budget justifications portray Medium Unmanned Surface Vehicles (MUSV) as both “attritable assets if used in a peer or near-peer conflict” and “key enablers of the Navy’s Distributed Maritime Operations concept.” American industry must build these and other key enablers even faster than the enemy can attrite them, but where? To overcome the limited capacity of American shipyards in pursuit of this requirement, Congress should develop a distributed shipbuilding industrial base through a variety of structured incentives.

France’s New Submarine Will Be Even Quieter Than The Ocean

Naval News – The French Navy’s new strategic submarine, SNLE-3G is one of a new breed of Western ballistic missile submarines. Together with the U.S. Navy’s Columbia-class and the Royal Navy’s Dreadnought it will be particularly stealthy. Its noise levels will be lower than the surrounding ocean making it very hard to detect. Combined with a host of new technologies this should ensure its survivability against future threats.

F/A-18 Legacy Hornets Have Left The Navy’s Carrier Decks For The Last Time

War Zone – F/A-18C/D Hornets have ended their almost four-decade tenure aboard the aircraft carriers of the U.S. Navy. The final carrier deployment by the “Legacy Hornet” has officially concluded after the return of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 323, or VMFA-323, the “Death Rattlers,” from its final cruise aboard the supercarrier USS Nimitz.

“Arctic Bone”: U.S. B-1 Bombers Fly First Mission From Norway Over Eastern Barents Sea, “Russia’s Naval Backyard”

The Aviationist – The U.S. Air Force B-1 Lancer bombers have launched the first deterrence patrol from Orland Air Station to the eastern Barents Sea, where they integrated with RNoAF F-35A.

Eying China, CNO Plans Hypersonics & Lasers On Zumwalt Destroyers

Breaking Defense – While the Navy’s modernization efforts lead the list of concerns Pentagon leadership is looking to tackle, the service’s top admiral is mapping a plan to get hypersonic missiles and lasers on ships as quickly as he can. 

Canada’s new frigate is getting heavier, more expensive

Canadian Navy – Canada’s next-generation frigate is putting on weight and will cost more money than originally projected, according to a new cost analysis.

Russia Designs A New Class Of Ship: Universal Sea Complex ‘Varan’

TASS – Russian shipbuilders consider a possibility to create a universal sea complex (UMK) and a line of projects on a unified platform. The Nevsky Design Bureau told TASS about the project and its significance for the Russian Navy.

The Future is Unmanned: Why the Navy’s Next Generation Fighter Shouldn’t Have a Pilot

CIMSEC – The future of aviation is unmanned aircraft – whether remotely piloted, autonomously piloted, or a combination. There is simply no reason that a human needs to be in the cockpit of a modern, let alone next-generation aircraft. AI technology is progressing rapidly and consistently ahead of estimates. If the Navy waits to integrate AI into combat aircraft until it is mature, it will put naval aviation a decade or more behind.

Adjusting Course

USNI Blog – The U.S. Coast Guard, the world’s ocean-beat cop, is well-suited for the diplomatic-military role required to curtail China’s bullying in the South China Sea, while still retaining its reputational goodwill in disputed regions. The Coast Guard can act as diplomatic warfighters, offering a gloved hand (that can hold brass knuckles.) With a series of minor course adjustments, the Coast Guard can remain relevant in ocean governance and security, and may yet thwart the demise of its cuttermen and its fleet.

New Details of Russian Belgorod ‘Doomsday’ Submarine Revealed

USNI News – Russia’s latest super-sized submarine, Belgorod, has been a conundrum for interested observers. While its existence is far from secret, Moscow has gone to great pains to keep certain key details out of the public domain. While navies traditionally hide the screw, or propeller, from the cameras, in Belgorod’s case the reverse was true: the screws were on display at the 2019 launch ceremony, but no photographs of the forward section were ever published.

Navigating the Shoals of Renewed American Naval Power: Imperatives For The Next Secretary of the Navy

War on the Rocks – This is a hell of a way to run a Navy. The Department of the Navy’s revolving door of senior civilian leadership over the past four years, including two secretaries and three acting secretaries, has done a disservice to U.S. national security. New leadership will soon arrive, but the department should not squander precious time on restarting strategic studies, force assessments, and process improvement programs. Instead, steady and strategic civilian leadership is required to make progress in the marathon implementation of integrated force redesign.

Stinger SAM-Armed Marines Riding In Rubber Rafts Were Featured In Recent Pacific Exercise

War Zone – A recent exercise on and around the Japanese island of Okinawa featured U.S. Marines armed with FIM-92 Stinger shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles riding in rubber rafts. This offers a look into how the Marine Corps might incorporate short-range air defense capabilities into their new distributed and expeditionary warfighting plans.

Japan warned not to provoke China as media hypes up possibility of conflict in Diaoyu Islands after Galwan Valley clash

Global Times – While Chinese people mourn the four martyrs killed in the June 2020 border conflict with Indian troops at Galwan Valley, Japanese media made a “wild and groundless” guess that a similar conflict is very likely to be provoked in the sea with Japan next time, referring to China’s Diaoyu Islands, where the two countries have had a long sovereignty dispute. 

Chinese surveillance plane test flight hints at advanced aircraft carrier design

South China Morning Post – There are stronger signs that China’s next aircraft carrier will be fitted with an advanced type of aircraft launch system, with official confirmation of a test flight of a carrier-based early warning plane.