Time For Strategic Triage In Afghanistan

1945 – James Holmes writes that at last Washington is calling a halt to the Twenty Years’ War in Afghanistan—and performing what Naval Diplomat colleague and pal Marc Genest took to calling “strategic triage” some years ago.

Watch A Russian Navy Il-38N “Dolphin” Load A Superlarge Sea Bottom Mine For Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise

The Aviationist – For the first time, five Russian Navy Il-38 and Il-38N aircraft have taken part together in an Anti-Submarine Warfare exercise laying sea bottom mines.

U.S. Navy will build airport infrastructure in northern Norway to meet upped Russian submarine presence

Barents Observer – Norway’ Minister of Defense, Frank Bakke-Jensen, on Friday signed an agreement with the United States allowing for, among other things, construction of hangar and fuel supply infrastructure for U.S. Navy P-8A maritime patrol aircraft at Evenes airport and the nearby Ramsund naval station.

Senegal Took Delivery Of First CN-235 Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Naval News – A CN-235 Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) ordered by the Senegalese Defense Ministry landed on April 6 at Dakar’s airport.

Navy, Marines Push Plans To Transform How They Fight

Breaking Defense –  The Navy and Marine Corps are testing radically new ways of operating in the Pacific by sending experimental unmanned ships into an ambitious exercise next week. Underpinning that exercise is an ambitious new plan for island-hopping that demands a fast implementation timeline. 

Adversary Drones Are Spying On The U.S. And The Pentagon Acts Like They’re UFOs

War Zone – The U.S. military seems aloof to the fact that it’s being toyed with by a terrestrial adversary and key capabilities may be compromised as a result.

Russia’s Bal missile system will cover entire Northern Sea Route

Barents Observer – A Bal missile can take out ships up to 5,000 tons and is aimed at protecting the territorial waters now becoming more accessible for shipping as the Arctic sea ice retreats.

French, US Carrier Strike Groups’ Ballet For Persian Gulf Stability

Breaking Defense – The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group (CSG) and the French Charles de Gaulle CSG are cooperating at levels of integration rarely achieved in the past.

Marines Begin Experimentation to Refine Manual for Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations

USNI News – The Marine Corps has released the first version of its Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations manual and is kicking off a two-year process of near-constant experimentation and analysis to help refine the document before it becomes formal doctrine.

Service Squadron Ten and The Great Western Base

CIMSEC – The Service Squadrons played a pivotal role in sustaining the Fleet as it fought across the Central Pacific. It is a largely unknown history, but one worth relearning with the reemerging possibility of war between major powers. That experience highlights the need to make forward deployed logistics and repair capabilities both robust and mobile to better support the Fleet.

A US Air Force war game shows what the service needs to hold off — or win against — China in 2030

Defense News – The U.S. Air Force repelled a Chinese invasion of Taiwan during a massive war game last fall by relying on drones acting as a sensing grid, an advanced sixth-generation fighter jet able to penetrate the most contested environments, cargo planes dropping pallets of guided munitions and other novel technologies yet unseen on the modern battlefield.

China’s New Aircraft Carrier Is In Same League As US Navy’s Ford Class

Naval News – The Chinese Navy is radically modernizing its capabilities. Chief among these are a fleet of aircraft carriers. A new satellite image clearly shows the Type-003 aircraft carrier taking shape in Shanghai, and it is the largest so far.

The Philippines Expanding South China Sea Patrols Near Disputed Reef

USNI News – The Philippines has sent additional ships on Tuesday to its maritime territory that is subject to China’s expansive claims in the South China Sea.

Russian tech firm develops world’s first ‘diving’ patrol ship

Tass – The Rubin Central Design Bureau (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) has developed the first Russian patrol ship with a diving capability for foreign customers.

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Belgian Frigate’s Movements Lend Credence To Reports Of Another Attack On An Israeli Ship

War Zone – The reported attack on an Israeli commercial vessel in the Gulf of Oman follows attacks on an Iranian nuclear site and covert mothership.

High operating costs cloud the future of littoral combat ships, budget data reveals

Defense News – As the U.S. Navy’s littoral combat ship program battles reliability problems, it is also wrestling another and potentially just as fearsome bear: operating costs. The service’s top officer said the original concept for a minimal crewing model — where as few as 32 sailors and eight officers manned the ship, and much of the maintenance burden fell to contractors — has driven up costs.

As the US Navy scrambles to field more missiles in Asia, a tough decision looms for aging cruisers

Defense News – As it gears up for its 2022 budget battle, the Navy has signaled it is time to move on and phase out the cruisers to make room for the next-generation Flight III Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, even if it means shrinking the fleet in the near term. The Flight III doesn’t solve the Navy’s missile problem, but it does have enough space onboard (it’s about 400 tons heavier than its Flight IIA counterparts) to house the air warfare command role that currently belongs to the cruisers.

Persistent Chinese Maritime Militia Presence off Philippines Raises Concerns in Manila

USNI News – Chinese maritime militia vessels remained berthed at the Whitsun Reef, which is located within the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone, lending credence to what Philippine Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana described as China’s plot to permanently occupy the feature.

Navy Software Factory, The Forge, Wants to Reshape How Ships Get Upgraded

USNI News – The sea service envisions a new way of doing business where it can field software fixes and entirely new software-based capabilities piecemeal, as soon as they’re developed by a small business or research team, instead of waiting for a large package of updates to all be ready to go in a more traditional update approach.

Worldwide Ocean Governance: Protecting the Most Vulnerable Assets – Ports and Harbors

CIMSEC – Worldwide “Ocean Governance” asks the important question: “How can navies and coast guards better coordinate with local governments and international agencies in countering violence at sea? What lessons can be learned from instances of good onshore/offshore collaboration? How are governments working together across jurisdictions and in international waters to counter this threat?”

Beijing has a navy it doesn’t even admit exists, experts say. And it’s swarming parts of the South China Sea

CNN – They’ve been dubbed China’s “Little Blue Men,” an allegedly Beijing-controlled maritime militia that analysts say could be hundreds of boats and thousands of crew members strong. China doesn’t acknowledge their existence and when questioned, refers to them as a “so-called maritime militia.”

The United States Considers Reinforcing Its ‘Pacific Sanctuary’

War on the Rocks – Could Japan see an increase in the presence of U.S. military capabilities and personnel in the years ahead? It’s looking possible.