Argentina is on the brink of buying a £40m warship from America ideal for invading the Falklands – as Royal Navy withdraws similar vessel from service

Daily Mail – The United States is on the brink of selling Argentina a £40 million ship ideal for invading the Falklands – just as the cash-stretched Royal Navy is withdrawing a similar class of vessel from active service.

How the Falklands War (Thanks to a Stealthy Submarine) Could Have Gone Very Differently

National Interest – The brief but bloody naval war that occurred in 1982 over the Falkland Islands, known as the Malvinas in Argentina, is typically viewed as a triumph of British naval power. A Royal Navy task force managed to beat off heavy air attacks to take back the South Atlantic archipelago from Argentine troops. For most of the war, a lone Argentine diesel submarine, the San Luis, opposed the Royal Navy at sea. Not only did the San Luis return home unscratched by the more than two hundred antisubmarine munitions fired by British warships and helicopter, but it twice ambushed antisubmarine frigates. Had the weapons functioned as intended, the British victory might have been bought at a much higher cost.

Whence the Threat? Lessons From Argentina’s Air-Naval Arsenal in 2015

CIMSEC – Even thirty-three years after the end of hostilities there, the Falklands Islands still enjoy close attention. Diplomatic skirmishes and oil exploration at the islands merit recurring interest. But perhaps above all, the positioning of the Argentine military draws attention which few of its other Latin American counterparts receive.

Argentinian Navy – Argentina Wants a Third TR-1700 Submarine

Defense Technology International – Argentina is planning to build, or rather finish building, its own submarine based on a design it bought from Thyssen in Germany in 1977.

Argentinean Navy – Argentina toughens shipping rules in Falklands oil row

BBCArgentina toughens shipping rules in Falklands oil row

Argentina has announced new controls on shipping through its waters to the Falkland Islands in a growing dispute over British oil drilling plans.

Argentinian Navy – Argentina's military threat raises fears over Falklands

Daily Telegraph – Argentina raised the prospect of posting military forces in the Antarctic region yesterday, with the announcement of plans to use troops to defend its interests.