Argentina studies the purchase of two ‘Ula’ Norwegian class submarines

El Snorkel – The arrival of Type 210 would serve to resume the formation of Argentine divers and strengthen the defense capacity of the marina on its coast. (In Spanish)

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Navy Brass, Low Budget Blamed For Argentina Sub Tragedy

AP – An Argentine legislative commission has concluded that the sinking of a submarine with all 44 crewmembers was caused by the inefficiency of naval commanders and budget limitations, discarding theories the vessel was attacked or hit by a ship.

Asian Fishing Fleets Commit Yet Another Illegal Fishing Incident in Argentine Waters

CIMSEC – The Argentine Coast Guard stopped a South Korean trawler that was allegedly operating without authorization in its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in early February. The non-violent operation highlights how Asian fleets are willing to travel long distances in order to make a profit, and how Latin American navies and coast guards need to be more focused than ever before on combating unauthorized fishing.

One Year Later, Search For Missing Argentine Submarine Continues

USNI News – A year has passed since the last communication was received from Argentinian submarine ARA San Juan (S-42), but the search for the missing boat continues with the help of a Texas-based undersea mapping firm.

Woods Hole Research Vessel Searching Atlantic for Lost Argentine Sub

USNI News – The international effort searching for ARA San Juan – the Argentine submarine missing for more than three weeks – is focused on a region where the continental shelf below the sea surface rapidly slopes down to the deep South Atlantic. A trio of internationally-run remotely operated undersea vehicles – including one from the United States – are regularly being sent to the sea floor to investigate possible final resting locations of the submarine.

What the Loss of the ARA San Juan Reveals About South America’s Submarines

CIMSEC – This tragic accident has prompted a discussion in Argentina regarding whether the country’s armed forces are being allocated sufficient budgets to repair or replace aging equipment. Additionally, the San Juan incident must be placed in a wider discussion about civil-military relations, defense budgets, and the present and future of South American submarines.

U.S. Navy Sends Deep-Dive Unmanned Recovery Vehicle to Search for Argentine Sub

USNI News – Argentine officials believe San Juan’s last known location was right at the edge of the continental shelf. Anticipating the sub could have entered a deep uncontrolled dive, the U.S. Navy sent to Argentina a Cable operated Unmanned Recovery Vehicle (CURV) 21 which can dive to 20,000 feet below the sea surface, according to a Navy spokesperson.

Water got in missing sub’s snorkel, caused short circuit, Argentine navy says

AP – Water entered the snorkel of an Argentine submarine and caused one of its batteries to short circuit before the vessel went missing 12 days ago, a navy spokesman said Monday.

Search for Argentine Sub Focuses on Suspected Explosion Site

USNI News – U.S. Navy teams are focusing their search efforts for a missing Argentine Armada submarines in an area off the Argentina coast where an underwater explosion was detected a week ago.

What happened to the missing Argentine submarine? An unusual signal may provide clues

Washington Post – As search teams were continuing to search for the missing ARA San Juan submarine Thursday, a Vienna-based organization announced that its scientists had detected an “unusual signal” underwater in the proximity of the area where it had gone missing days earlier.

Argentina missing submarine: Russia joins search

BBC – Russia has joined the search for Argentina’s missing submarine and is expected to deploy a remote-controlled device to trawl the sea on Saturday.

San Juan submarine: ‘Explosion’ dashes crew survival hopes

BBC – Hopes that the 44 crew of a missing Argentine submarine might still be alive have been dashed after the navy said an event consistent with an explosion had been detected.

U.S. Navy Unmanned Undersea Teams Now Underway as Part of Argentine Submarine Search

USNI News – The U.S. Navy’s undersea search and rescue teams left port on Wednesday to assist the ongoing international effort searching for a missing Argentine Navy submarine.

Search for Missing Argentine Submarine Continues

USNI News – The Navy deployed unmanned underwater vehicles Tuesday in the search for the missing Argentine submarine as officials worry about the crew’s remaining oxygen.

Air Force, Navy send more equipment to search for missing Argentine submarine

Defense News – The United States has deployed aircraft to Argentina to help search for ARA San Juan, an Argentine navy submarine that went missing in the South Atlantic Ocean almost a week ago.

Clock Ticks As Argentine Submariners Run Out Of Air; US, Allies Race To Rescue

Breaking Defense – In an extraordinary international response, a dozen nations have poured assets into the stormy South Atlantic to help find and save 44 Argentine submariners from the missing sub San Juan. It’s a stark contrast to the last great submarine disaster, when Russia was slow to accept international help for the stricken Kursk in 2000 and lost all 118 souls aboard.

Argentina missing submarine: Specialist equipment deployed

BBC – Specialist underwater rescue equipment has arrived in Argentina from the United States to help hunt for an Argentine submarine which vanished last Wednesday with 44 crew on board.

U.S. Submarine Rescue Equipment, Crews Set to Arrive in Argentina on Sunday; U.K. Ice Patrol Ship Joins in Search for Missing Submarine

USNI News – The U.S. Navy’s Undersea Rescue Command is deploying to Argentina as part of the American response to a missing submarine and its 44 sailors. The command is sending two rescue systems from San Diego, Calif. to Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina via military airlift in support of efforts around the missing ARA San Juan (S-42).

Argentina missing submarine: Satellite signals detected

BBC – Signals have been detected that are thought to have come from an Argentine submarine that went missing with 44 crew on board, officials say.

NASA, U.S. Navy Aircraft Join in Search for Missing Argentine Submarine, 44 Sailors; U.S. Submarine Rescue Crews, Equipment Mobilizing

USNI News – A NASA research aircraft has joined in the search for a missing Argentine submarine and its crew of 44 and a U.S. Navy sub-hunting aircraft is on the way.

Argentina missing navy submarine: Search stepped up

BBC – The Argentine navy is stepping up its search in the South Atlantic for a 44-crew submarine that has been out of radio contact for three days.