China Girds for Undersea Battle in the South China Sea

National Interest – Beijing is setting up a new aircraft unit that will be crucial to its new southern bastion.

Book Excerpt – Red Star Over the Pacific: China’s Rise and the Challenge to U.S. Maritime Strategy

National Interest – Toshi Yoshihara and James Holmes present the second edition of their important work on this timely topic.

PLA Navy to have at least 5 carriers

Global Times – The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy will operate at least five aircraft carriers in the near future, including the country’s first two nuclear-powered ones that would likely be launched around 2025, Chinese military experts predicted on Wednesday.

China’s 3rd aircraft carrier under construction, to be equipped with new technologies

Global Times – China’s third aircraft carrier is now under construction, the Xinhua News Agency said via its WeChat public account on early Sunday, with Chinese military experts saying on Monday that the warship is expected to be launched in two and a half years.

China Has More Nuclear Subs Than the West Believed

Defense One – Western observers have likely underestimated the number of Chinese nuclear submarines in development, but overestimated how many are operational, a new analysis suggests.

Trump demands China remove missiles in the South China Sea

Washington Times – The Trump administration is demanding that China remove all advanced missiles deployed on disputed islands in the South China Sea, the first time such a demand has been made public.

Here Comes the Swarm: China Just Unveiled a Robot Missile Boat

National Interest – By itself, a Look Out II-type boat does not boast impressive firepower. But then, robot missile vessels won’t operate by themselves.

Assessing the Military Balance in the Western Pacific with Dr. Toshi Yoshihara

CIMSEC – CIMSEC was pleased to be joined by Dr. Toshi Yoshihara of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA). Professor Yoshihara is a long-time expert and well-published author on Asian security topics, Chinese naval capabilities, and Chinese maritime strategy.

China Reveals Short-Range Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile Designed To Dodge Enemy Defenses

War Zone – The Chinese have their own plans to use the missiles on land and at sea, but also hope to court foreign buyers.

China’s Biggest Airshow Offers More Evidence Of Beijing’s Stealth Drone Focus

War Zone – China is investing heavily in penetrating unmanned aircraft with a possible eye toward developing a drone that will fly from one its future carriers.

China Could Announce a ‘Total Exclusion Zone’ at Any Time

National Interest – Beijing has been studying how to implement a sudden “total exclusion zone.” Target: Taiwan.

China Reveals Plans for ‘Phantom’ Underwater Drone War Against U.S.

Washington Free Beacon – China’s military is preparing to wage autonomous underwater warfare against the United States, including the use of drone submarine attacks on American aircraft carriers, according to the official Chinese military newspaper.

Gray Zones in a Blue Arctic: Grappling with China’s Growing Influence

War on the Rocks – In this article, we examine two major gray-zone techniques employed by Chinese state-affiliated actors in the Arctic region: strategic investment in infrastructure and resources that may serve military or security as well as commercial purposes (but which often make little economic sense), and scientific research that advances both military and commercial interests.

Canada installs Chinese underwater monitoring devices next to US nuclear submarine base

South China Morning Post – Ocean Network Canada confirms addition of hi-tech sensors built by Chinese scientists to its marine observatories in Pacific Ocean.

China’s Navy Deploys New H-6J Anti-Ship Cruise Missile-Carrying Bombers

The Diplomat – Based on satellite imagery analysis, Chinese naval aviation has acquired its first four Xian H-6J bombers.

Robot War in the South China Sea?

National Interest – The December 2016 drone incident could well be a harbinger of coming attractions.

South China Sea Showdown: What Happens If a U.S. Navy and Chinese Vessel Collide?

National Interest – It might not end peacefully.

This Is China’s Way of Warmaking

National Interest – Beijing’s military wants to sow paralysis in an enemy system-of-systems for long enough to accomplish its goals—that way it will not need to bother trying to annihilate its adversary.

Collision Course in the South China Sea?

Royal United Services Institute – The United States and Chinese navies have just narrowly avoided a dangerous collision. This was not an accident but an escalation, a show of force on the part of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) to drive out the US Navy from what China considers its territorial waters in the South China Sea.

China’s Atypical Response To US Navy FONOPS May Be a Message to Trump Administration

USNI News – China ratcheted up its response to U.S. Navy freedom of navigation operation over the weekend, sending a Luyang-class destroyer on a near-collision-course with USS Decatur (DDG-73), but the reasoning behind the move is likely more nuanced than defending territory.

Could China Build Its Very Own F-35B with Russia’s Help?

National Interest – Recent Chinese writings point to some interesting signs.

China Sent Uninvited Spy Ship to Russian Vostok 2018 Exercise Alongside Troops, Tanks

USNI News – Russia recently concluded the 2018 edition of the massive Vostok exercise series that included Chinese forces for the first time. At Moscow’s invitation, Beijing sent People’s Liberation Army soldiers, helicopters, tanks – and one uninvited Chinese surveillance ship.

Fighting for Sea Control in the Next War

CIMSEC – Since the end of the Cold War, the West has been able to exercise Sea Control when so needed without having to fight for command of the sea. This comfortable situation is now going away – and it has already disappeared regarding a potential conflict with China.

China’s Navy Is Studying the Battle of Guadalcanal. Here’s Why It Matters

National Interest – In lieu of real wartime experience, the PLAN is drawing from history.