Should China Police the Strait of Hormuz?

National Interest – The Chinese are too clever to get stuck in the Middle East quicksand.

Forget the Movie: China Is Studying the Battle of Midway

National Interest – China hopes to get right what Imperial Japan got wrong.

China’s Communist Party promotes man who shaped the fighting future of PLA Navy’s aircraft carriers

South China Morning Post – Rear Admiral Ma Weiming is seen as pioneer of electromagnetic aircraft launch system. Experts say Ma’s full membership of Central Committee shows how important sea power is to China’s strategic planning.

Is China’s DF-100 Missile a Threat to the U.S. Navy?

National Interest – Anti-ship ballistic and cruise missiles—latter-day counterparts to cannon fired from land—replicate this dynamic from the age of close-range gunnery. James Holmes asks what should the Navy do about it?

Merger of China’s shipbuilding giants gets the green light

South China Morning Post – The merger would enable China to establish a shipbuilding giant with a combined revenue up to 1 trillion yuan (US$141.5 billion), capable of building vessels ranging from warships, like aircraft carriers, to civilian ships such as container ships and oil tankers.

China Is Building a “Undersea Great Wall” To Take on America in a War

National Interest – This edition of Dragon Eye seeks to sketch out the undersea warfare competition in the western Pacific in slightly greater detail, by discussing a new Chinese-language article about China’s new “undersea Great Wall” (水下长城) that appeared in a late 2015 edition of China Ocean News (中国海洋报).

Make China Great Again: Xi’s Truly Grand Strategy

War on the Rocks – Andrew Erickson writes that to the extent that any nation has a grand strategy, China surely does.

Satellite images show China is expanding shipyard ‘to build more aircraft carriers’

South China Morning Post – New satellite images show China is making fast progress on its third aircraft carrier and expanding the shipyard where it is being built – potentially for more huge ships, according to analysts.

America Smashed Imperial Japan’s Navy at Leyte Gulf: What Lessons Can China Learn?

National Interest – James Holmes provides some possible answers.

China’s Type 001A aircraft carrier sets off on latest sea trial as navy prepares to commission ship ‘within months’

South China Morning Post – Country’s first home-grown carrier may soon be ready for service but observers warn a few glitches may still need to be ironed out.

Here Is Our First Clear Look At China’s Z-20F Seahawk Helicopter Clone

War Zone – China’s navalized version of its Black Hawk clone breaks cover. Its capability is badly needed within the growing People’s Liberation Army Navy fleet.

Will ground-based hypersonic missiles replace aircraft carriers in the defense budget?

Defense News – A debate on the future of aircraft carriers is roiling the U.S. Department of Defense, and it is increasingly spilling out into the open.

How Worried Should the U.S. Navy Be About Chinese Sea Mines?

National Interest – Many threats can hide beneath the sea.

A U.S. Navy Nightmare: What If China Built a ‘Battleship’?

National Interest – S’pose China built a battleship. What would such a sea creature look like, and how would it fare in the bare-knuckles world of naval diplomacy and warfare? This is no mere flight of fancy.

China unveils new H-6N bomber with extended range, extra capabilities

Global Times – China’s latest bomber, the H-6N with refueling capability, made its debut at the National Day parade in Beijing on Tuesday, and Chinese military analysts said that the new bomber’s ability to take aerial refueling can give it a much longer operational range compared to its predecessor H-6K.

China Showcases Stealthier Sharp Sword Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle Configuration

War Zone – The rear of the design on display during a parade to mark the 70th founding of Communist China is completely different from an earlier prototype.

China’s High-Speed Drone Is Rocket-Powered And All About Doing What Satellites Can’t

War Zone – The aircraft is designed to rapidly gather intel in contested areas by surprise and especially when key satellites are no longer operational.

Four Of The Biggest Revelations From China’s Massive 70th Anniversary Military Parade

War Zone – The spectacle in Tiananmen Square was full of previously unseen advanced Chinese military developments.

Chinese Sea Mines Are Threatening the U.S. Navy

National Interest – Chinese naval strategists want to push the United States Navy as far away as possible.

China Just Launched Its Huge And Incredibly Quickly Built Amphibious Assault Ship

War Zone – China’s first flattop amphibious assault ship will give the PLAN powerful new capabilities and a second example is already under construction.

China’s Reported Plan To Deploy Weaponless Stealth Drones On Its Carriers Make Perfect Sense

War Zone – It’s not about the weapons such a drone can carry, it’s about the targeting data it can reliably supply to far more powerful and longer-range weapons.

China launches first amphibious assault ship

Global Times – Type 075 to be deployed in landing missions, sends warning to Taiwan secessionists.

New Photos Point To Chinese Bomber Being Able To Carry Huge Anti-Ship Ballistic Missiles

War Zone – Pictures have emerged confirming that the newest variant of China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force’s Xian H-6 bomber, the H-6N, does indeed have a semi-recessed area with a hard point for a very large big under its fuselage. This is reportedly meant to accommodate an air-launched derivative of the DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile giving the aircraft an impressive stand-off capability against large enemy warships, especially aircraft carriers.

What Does China Want with the Arctic?

National Interest – Hint: It isn’t just about defense and oil.

China Is Building Better ICBMs (And Hospital Ships)

National Interest – Beijing’s military is improving but so are its contributions to global problems like fighting Ebola or piracy.