Disarmament – Seven Reasons Why Obama's Nuke-Free Utopia Won't Work

EsquireSeven Reasons Why Obama’s Nuke-Free Utopia Won’t Work

Thomas P.M Barnett writes that the president wants to rid the world of nuclear weapons. Sounds like he’s fighting the good fight, but Esquire.com’s global-strategy expert argues that it’s absolutely the wrong one — a fight that might open globalization’s door to World War III.

Disarmament – U.S. Policy on Small Arms and Light Weapons

Naval War College Review – The United States has for over a decade pursued a cautious and incremental approach to limiting the proliferation of small arms and light weapons. It has led, supported, and devised valuable initiatives and procedures, but it has characteristically refusedólargely for reasons of domestic politicsóto participate in formal, legally binding international arrangements. This approach could harm both unstable regions and perceptions of American commitments among allies and partners.


Disarmament – The Wrong Deterrence

Washington Post – Bruce Blair states the the threat of loose nuclear weapons is one of our own making???and that the current deterrent practices of the two nuclear superpowers are not only anachronistic, they are thwarting our ability to protect ourselves against the real threats.

He also relates how the US Navy’s communication system with its Trident-class ballistic missile submarines was found to be vulnerable to terrorist hackers???