Modern War Institute – This FICINT short story by August Cole explores what war in Europe against an increasingly aggressive Russia might look like with a dramatically reduced US commitment to NATO.

Sink ‘Em All: Envisioning Marine Corps Maritime Interdiction

CIMSEC – A fictional vignette which expands on some of the concepts described in Commandant Berger’s Planning Guidance to the US Marine Corps.

At the Commissioning of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Aircraft Carrier Baekdusan

CIMSEC – Bringing a new light carrier into service would be an impressive feat for any naval enterprise, let alone the Korean People’s Navy….a new FICINT story…

To Prepare For a Crisis, Read Fiction

War on the Rocks – …As policymakers make hurried judgments with vast, life-altering consequences, they draw on a stock of intellectual capital assembled over decades. Every discipline — psychology, economics, biology, history — examines the world through a particular prism. Yet only fiction invites us inside the minds of others, transports us across time and place, and produces in us a kind of experience we could otherwise never attain. By enmeshing us in its characters and stories, reading fiction helps policymakers better understand the human condition, and more ably fashion responses to it.

Short Story Fiction Week Concludes on CIMSEC

CIMSEC – Last week CIMSEC featured a dozen short stories submitted in response to our call for articles. Authors used fiction to explore national security topics and share engrossing narratives. From expansive Pacific conflicts to individuals making a decisive difference, these stories explored the technological, exhibited the unconventional, and envisioned the unthinkable.