Finland to bolster Navy’s surface fleet with new ships, more missiles

Defense News – Finland plans to increase its naval modernization budget in 2020 as part of a broad and ambitious effort to deepen its overall presence and surface capability in the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia.

Rumors of Covert Russian Ops Swirl After Finland’s Police Raid Bond-Esque Private Island

War Zone – Finnish authorities said it was all about money laundering, but the island’s strategic location, multiple docks, helipad, and more suggest otherwise.

Finland moves to boost its naval power in the Baltic Sea hotspot

Defense News – The increasingly strategic value of the Baltic Sea as a potential theater of military conflict between Russia and NATO is triggering fresh steps by Finland to modernize its naval forces.

Finland’s Getting Ice-Breaking Missile Corvettes With Serious Air Defense Abilities

War Zone – The four all-new ships will be uniquely suited to Finnish requirements in the confines of Baltic Sea amid growing threats from Russia.

Finland seeks $730 million in naval weapons from US

Defense News – The U.S. State Department has cleared a pair of first-time missile sales for Finland’s navy that could top $730 million in total.

Finnish military fires depth charges at suspected submarine

Reuters – The Finnish military fired on Tuesday handheld underwater depth charges as a warning against a suspected submarine in waters near Helsinki, an incident that comes amid growing military tensions with neighboring Russia.