Narco Submarines: A Problem That Will Not Sink

CIMSEC – In the past year a number of narco submarines have been seized in several Latin American states. Narco submarines continue to be a problem as hemispheric security forces combat drug trafficking. Unfortunately for every narco sub that is seized, another is under construction. While recent successful operations should be applauded, combating narco subs needs a regional strategy of its own.

Closing the Toy Store

traditional RIGHT – William Lind on what weapons the US should be procuring to fight the Fourth Generation adversaries we face.

How ISIS Spread in the Middle East. And how to stop it

The Atlantic – David Ignatius’ excellent analysis on ISIS.

Her Majesty’s Jihadists

New York Times Magazine – More British Muslims have joint Islamic militant groups than serve in the country’s armed forces. How to understand the pull of jihad.

Fourth Generation Warfare – Another Strategic Failure

Traditional Right – William Lind on why the US strategy to eliminate ISIS will fail.

Fourth Generation Warfare – Unwinnable Wars

C-SPAN – William Lind gives a 15 minute talk summarizing a defensive grand strategy for the U.S. against 4th Generation opponents.

Fourth Generation Warfare – An Officer Corps That Can’t Score

The American Conservative – William Lind writes that the most curious thing about our four defeats in Fourth Generation War—Lebanon, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan—is the utter silence in the American officer corps. Defeat in Vietnam bred a generation of military reformers, men such as Col. John Boyd USAF, Col. Mike Wyly USMC, and Col. Huba Wass de Czege USA, each of whom led a major effort to reorient his service. Today, the landscape is barren. Not a military voice is heard calling for thoughtful, substantive change. Just more money, please.

Fourth Generation Warfare – 4GW is Alive and Well

Slightly East of New – Bill Lind argues Fourth Generation Warfare is alive and well…

Fourth Generation Warfare – Two Intifadas and a Flawed Theory

American Conservative – William Lind writes that for at least a decade, Colonel Tom Hammes has been one of the Marine Corps’ leading intellectuals. His book The Sling and the Stone: On War in the 21st Century should be read by anyone who has an interest in Fourth Generation warfare (4GW).

Fourth Generation Warfare – America Goes Jousting

American Conservative – William S. Lind says our splendid military is all for show.

Fourth Generation Warfare – Synthetic Biology: And man made life

EconomistSynthetic Biology: And man made life

Artificial life, the stuff of dreams and nightmares, has arrived

Fourth Generation Warfare – Finis

On WarFinis

Bill Lind’s last column on Fourth Generation Warfare (for now…)

Fourth Generation Warfare – In Attics and Closets, 'Biohackers' Discover Their Inner Frankenstein

Wall Street JournalIn Attics and Closets, ‘Biohackers’ Discover Their Inner Frankenstein

Hobbyists are tinkering with the building blocks of life in the comfort of their own homes. But are these biohackers a threat to national security?

Fourth Generation Warfare – COIN lies we love

Armed Forces JournalCOIN lies we love

Ralph Peters dissects the myth that the military has only a supporting role to play in counterinsurgency.

Fourth Generation Warfare – Pentagon preps for economic warfare

PoliticoPentagon preps for economic warfare

The Pentagon sponsored a first-of-its-kind war game last month focused not on bullets and bombs — but on how hostile nations might seek to cripple the U.S. economy, a scenario made all the more real by the global financial crisis.

Fourth Generation Warfare – Short '06 Lebanon War Stokes Pentagon Debate

Washington PostShort ’06 Lebanon War Stokes Pentagon Debate

Greg Jaffe writes that a war that ended three years ago and involved not a single U.S. soldier has become the subject of an increasingly heated debate inside the Pentagon, one that could alter how the U.S. military fights in the future.

Fourth Generation Warfare – Terror at the border: A new terrorist threat is closer than you think

Armed Forces JournalTerror at the border: A new terrorist threat is closer than you think

Col. Robert Killibrew writes that with American attention diverted to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the economic crisis and a hard-fought national election, national security experts have largely overlooked the bitter countercartel war in Mexico. But that war, which is beginning to overlap the U.S. border, is only the forerunner of an even more serious threat. Sometime in the near future a lethal combination of transnational terrorism and criminal gangs is going to cross the U.S. border in force. According to some, it already has, and we haven’t even noticed.

Fourth Generation Warfare – A Battalion's Worth of Good Ideas

New York Times – John Nagl on the crucial importance of the small group of American military advisers who live and fight alongside foreign forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Fourth Generation Warfare – Expert on counterinsurgency leaves the military with battle plan for the future

Kansas City Star – An interview with LTC John Nagl.

Fourth Generation Warfare – High-Profile Officer Nagl to Leave Army, Join Think Tank

Washington Post – One of the Army’s most prominent younger officers, Lt. Col. John Nagl, whose writings have influenced the conduct of the U.S. troop buildup in Iraq, said he has decided to leave the service to study strategic issues full time at a new Washington think tank.


Fourth Generation Warfare – John Robb: Keeping up with Terrorists

Esquire – Thomas P.M. Barnett describes John Robb’s work on Global Guerillas.

Fourth Generation Warfare – Unheralded military successes

Los Angeles Times – Robert Kaplan on how low-cost, low-risk operations such as those in Colombia and the Philippines show what the U.S. can achieve.

Fourth Generation Warfare – Open-Source Warfare

IEEE Spectrum – Terrorists are leveraging information technology to organize, recruit, and learnóand the West is struggling to keep up.

Fourth Generation Warfare – 12 Myths of 21st-Century War

American Legion – Raph Peters writes that “Unaware of the cost of freedom and served by leaders without military expertise, Americans have started to believe whatever’s comfortable.”

Fourth Generation Warfare – After smart weapons, smart soldiers

Economist – Irregular warfare may keep Western armies busy for decades. They will have to adapt if they are to overcome the odds that history suggests they are up against.