Turkish submarines surrounded by Greek military blared with ear piercing frequencies & Beatles song

Greek City Times – In previous days, the episode between the Greek Limnos frigate and the Turkish Kemal Reis frigate were broadcast to the world, as were the air confrontations between Greek and Turkish jets, but lesser known is what has been happening underwater with Turkish submarines in Greek maritime space.

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After collision, Athens plans next steps

Ekathimarini – Greek Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos on Tuesday congratulated the captain of the Greek frigate Limnos that accidentally collided with a Turkish ship during a standoff in the Eastern Mediterranean last week and indicated that Greece is prepared to hold talks with Turkey on the condition that it withdraws its warships and seismic research vessels from the area of the Greek continental shelf. 

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Greek Navy – France to Sell Frigates to Greece in Controversial Deal

Der Spiegel – Berlin is unhappy about a weapons deal in which France plans to supply warships to highly indebted Greece free of charge for the first five years, and at a big discount when payment comes due. Firms and politicians in Germany say taxpayers may end up paying for part of the deal, and they want Chancellor Angela Merkel to intervene.

Greek Navy – German and Greek Tiff Over Submarines

Defense Technology InternationalGerman and Greek Tiff Over Submarines

Germany and Greece are having words over the decision early this week by Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft (HDW) GmbH, the ThyssenKrupp (TKMS) unit that makes Germany’s non-nuclear submarines, to cancel two submarine contracts with the Greek Defense Ministry because it has not been paid €524 million euros ($765 million dollars) … even though the submarines are ready for delivery.