Ground Warfare – The Rise of the Body Bots

IEEE Spectrum – Science-fiction fans have long become accustomed to the idea of steely commandos clad in robotic exoskeletons taking on huge, vicious, extraterrestrial beasts, shadowy evil cyborgs, or even each other. Supersoldiers encased in sleek, self-powered armor figure memorably in such works as Robert A. Heinlein’s 1959 novel Starship Troopers, Joe W. Haldeman’s 1975 The Forever War, and many other books and movies???Today, in Japan and the United States, engineers are finally putting some practical exoskeletons through their paces outside of laboratories.

Ground Warfare – The Way We Went

Daily Telegraph – A superb recollection of what exactly infantry combat on the Western Front in World War II was really like. Sixty years ago W F Deedes led his British infantry company across Europe. Last month, aged 92, he retraced his steps, reviving memories and recalling old friends. This is his story, told for the first time. Lord Deedes later went on to become the Editor of the Daily Telegraph from 1974-1986 and continues to write for it.

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