India Set To Hand Over Submarine To Myanmar To Counter China

International Business Times – India will soon turn over a Russian-made submarine to Myanmar making it the first-ever commissioned submarine for the country formerly known as Burma. The impending transfer is seen as a boost to the bilateral defense cooperation between the two countries and it supports India’s policy to countermeasure any action China may take with Myanmar.

(Thanks to Alain)

Tradewinds 2018 and the Caribbean’s Maritime Security Challenges

CIMSEC – The first two phases of the multinational, Caribbean-focused military exercise Tradewinds 2018 took place between 4-21 June. Said maneuvers, sponsored by U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), brought together an estimated 1,700 troops from almost two dozen nations. Given the ongoing maritime security challenges that the Greater Caribbean continues to face, these confidence and interoperability-building exercises continue to be very important.

Into the Abyss?: European Naval Power in the Post–Cold War Era

US Naval War College Review – A survey of how Europe’s naval forces have evolved since the end of the Cold War amid a complex and threatening security environment. More than two decades of fiscal austerity have jeopardized Europe’s ability both to ensure good order at sea and to provide credible deterrence, and have limited its ability to promote common interests and shape events abroad.