‘Ulcer’ Strategy: How Iran Can Wage War Against America On the Cheap

National Interest – How Iran could channel an old British strategy against Napoleon to fight U.S. forces in the Middle East.

Here’s What We Know About The Missing Tanker Iran Now Says It Has Seized

War Zone – The Iranians initially said the ship had broken down and had asked for assistance, but now claim it was involved in smuggling fuel.

Gulf of Oman tanker attacks: US says video shows Iran removing mine

BBC – The US military has released a video which it says shows Iranian special forces removing an unexploded mine from the side of an oil tanker damaged in an attack in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday.

US refutes Iranian claim, says missiles put on small boats were for covert attacks

ABC – Following claims by Iran about why it deployed missiles in early May that led the U.S. to deploy an aircraft carrier strike group and B-52 bombers to the region, a U.S. defense official has provided ABC News with new details about the intelligence that drove the Trump administration’s strong response.

Iran’s elite naval forces said to pass skills to proxy fighters

Reuters – U.S. officials are now concerned that Iran has passed its naval combat expertise on to proxy forces in the region, whom Washington blames for attacks against four oil tankers off the coast of the United Arab Emirates on Sunday.

US ‘blames Iran’ for damage to tankers in Gulf of Oman

BBC – US investigators believe Iran or groups it supports used explosives to damage four ships off the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Sunday.

The U.S.-Iran Naval War of 2019: What It Could Look Like

National Interest – Would Iran close the Strait of Hormuz, could it, and would the United States reply by force of arms if Tehran made the attempt?

U.S. Navy Not Changing Rules of Engagement with Iran’s IRGC Navy

USNI News – The Navy isn’t anticipating changes in how it deals with the naval branch of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) as it operates in the Persian Gulf. The rules of engagement haven’t changed following the White House’s designation this week of the IRGC as a terrorist organization.

Iran Claims It Tested A Submarine Launched Anti-Ship Missile Capable Of Standoff Strikes

War Zone – Combined with larger, domestically-produced subs, the weapons could present new challenges for the country’s opponents.

Iranian Drone Overflights of U.S. Warships in Persian Gulf Now Common

USNI News – U.S. warships operating in the Persian Gulf are now regularly overflown by Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles, adding a new wrinkle to operations in the region.

Iran To Practice Blockading Strait Of Hormuz As Saudis Say Mandeb Strait Is No Longer Safe

War Zone – Any serious Iranian attempt to shut down both passages simultaneously could be a nightmare scenario for international commerce, or worse.

Iranian Drone Missions on the Rise in the Persian Gulf as Small Boat Harassment Drops

USNI News – Iranian drones have become increasingly active in the Persian Gulf and other critical waterways around the Middle East, regularly conducting surveillance flights close to U.S. warships crossing the Strait of Hormuz and operating around the region.

U.S. Navy Denies Iranian Drones Chased Away Destroyer Near Gulf of Oman

USNI News – Navy officials are pushing back against claims that a U.S. destroyer was chased away from an Iranian military combined exercise in the Gulf of Oman by naval forces.

Waters of Black Gold: The Straits of Hormuz Part 2

CIMSEC – This article will focus on Iran’s actual maritime capabilities and discusses whether their threats to close down oil shipment in the Strait of Hormuz are credible or not.

Iranian Navy Missile Boat Harasses Three U.S. Navy Ships, Marine Helo in Strait of Hormuz

USNI News – Three U.S. Navy ships and a Marine helicopter were harassed during a night transit of the Strait of Hormuz on Tuesday, including the shining of a laser at a CH-53 helicopter.

Naval Mines Are A Growing Threat Near The Mandeb Strait

The Drive – The potential threat to international commerce posed by naval mines remains palpable. This is especially true when it comes to their deployment around known geographical bottlenecks. When those bottlenecks convey a large portion of the world’s daily oil supply, destabilizing any one of them could have massive economic and even life-safety repercussions around the globe. This is why the growing threat of naval mines in the Strait of Mandeb, the narrow body of water that ties the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden, is so concerning.

Waters of Black Gold: The Straits of Hormuz Part 1

CIMSEC – This article deals with the strategic importance of the Strait of Hormuz for global energy markets and political stability in the Arab Gulf region, as well as understanding Iran’s maritime strategy of using asymmetrical warfare to disrupt vital energy shipping transiting the Strait.

This Presence Will Continue Forever: An Assessment of Iranian Naval Capabilities in the Red Sea

CIMSEC – International attention has focused on the possibilities of an Iranian closure of the Straits of Hormuz, and the catastrophic effect a blockade would likely have on global energy supplies. Even a temporary closure or military disruption in the waterway would cause energy prices to soar and could politically destabilize the Persian Gulf region. Far less attention has been paid to Iranian activity in the Red Sea, however, despite the crucial importance of the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait to world oil shipments.