Amid tensions with US, Iran builds fake aircraft carrier to attack

Navy Times – As tensions remain high between Iran and the U.S., the Islamic Republic appears to have constructed a new mock-up of an aircraft carrier off its southern coast for potential live-fire drills.

US Navy issues new distance guidelines for vessels after close encounters with Iranian ships

Navy Times – The U.S. Navy warned Tuesday it will take “lawful defensive measures” against vessels in the Mideast that come within 100 meters (yards) of its warships, offering specific guidelines after a recent close encounter with Iranian vessels in the Persian Gulf.

Pentagon Leaders Say Trump Tweet on Iranian Attack Boats Was ‘Important Warning’

USNI News – The Navy’s existing policy for dealing with the small Iranian vessels prevalent in the Persian Gulf matches the sentiment of a Wednesday morning Tweet from President Donald Trump.

Iran views the pandemic as prime time for antics at sea — at its peril

The Hill – James Holmes writes that America’s coronavirus agony is Iran’s opportunity. Or at least the mullahs who rule the Islamic Republic may see it that way — rightly or wrongly.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard says it has higher-range anti-warship missiles

Defense News – Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard announced Monday that it has significantly upgraded the range of its anti-warship missiles.

US Navy accuses Iranian vessels of harassing warships in Gulf

BBC – The US Navy has accused Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) of “dangerous and provocative actions” in international waters in the Gulf.

‘Ulcer’ Strategy: How Iran Can Wage War Against America On the Cheap

National Interest – How Iran could channel an old British strategy against Napoleon to fight U.S. forces in the Middle East.

Here’s What We Know About The Missing Tanker Iran Now Says It Has Seized

War Zone – The Iranians initially said the ship had broken down and had asked for assistance, but now claim it was involved in smuggling fuel.

Gulf of Oman tanker attacks: US says video shows Iran removing mine

BBC – The US military has released a video which it says shows Iranian special forces removing an unexploded mine from the side of an oil tanker damaged in an attack in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday.

US refutes Iranian claim, says missiles put on small boats were for covert attacks

ABC – Following claims by Iran about why it deployed missiles in early May that led the U.S. to deploy an aircraft carrier strike group and B-52 bombers to the region, a U.S. defense official has provided ABC News with new details about the intelligence that drove the Trump administration’s strong response.

Iran’s elite naval forces said to pass skills to proxy fighters

Reuters – U.S. officials are now concerned that Iran has passed its naval combat expertise on to proxy forces in the region, whom Washington blames for attacks against four oil tankers off the coast of the United Arab Emirates on Sunday.

US ‘blames Iran’ for damage to tankers in Gulf of Oman

BBC – US investigators believe Iran or groups it supports used explosives to damage four ships off the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Sunday.

The U.S.-Iran Naval War of 2019: What It Could Look Like

National Interest – Would Iran close the Strait of Hormuz, could it, and would the United States reply by force of arms if Tehran made the attempt?

U.S. Navy Not Changing Rules of Engagement with Iran’s IRGC Navy

USNI News – The Navy isn’t anticipating changes in how it deals with the naval branch of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) as it operates in the Persian Gulf. The rules of engagement haven’t changed following the White House’s designation this week of the IRGC as a terrorist organization.

Iran Claims It Tested A Submarine Launched Anti-Ship Missile Capable Of Standoff Strikes

War Zone – Combined with larger, domestically-produced subs, the weapons could present new challenges for the country’s opponents.

Iranian Drone Overflights of U.S. Warships in Persian Gulf Now Common

USNI News – U.S. warships operating in the Persian Gulf are now regularly overflown by Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles, adding a new wrinkle to operations in the region.

Iran To Practice Blockading Strait Of Hormuz As Saudis Say Mandeb Strait Is No Longer Safe

War Zone – Any serious Iranian attempt to shut down both passages simultaneously could be a nightmare scenario for international commerce, or worse.