Israeli Vessel Fired On Near UAE

Reuters – A commercial vessel owned by an Israeli firm was targeted near Fujairah port in the United Arab Emirates. Minor damage was caused to the vessel but no casualties.

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Iranian ship thought to be used as military base attacked, says Tehran

Guardian – The Iranian foreign ministry has confirmed that an Iranian cargo ship believed to be covertly deployed for military use off the coast of Yemen has been attacked, in an incident that threatens to inflame the maritime proxy war between Iran and Israel.

For first time, France and Cyprus join Israel’s Noble Dina naval drill

Defense News – France and Cyprus for the first time have joined the Israeli Navy-led Noble Dina naval exercise, which takes place annually but was canceled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Israel ‘bombed a dozen ships carrying Iranian oil or weapons in past two years’

Guardian – Israel has bombed at least a dozen ships en route to Syria during the past two years, most of which have been carrying Iranian oil.

Russian Black Sea Fleet Activity in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea: Implications For the Israeli Navy

CIMSEC – The Russian Navy’s presence and maritime control in the Mediterranean region threaten Israel’s vessels and aircraft operations, essentially constituting access denial operations carried out by the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean arena towards the Israeli Navy. 

Examination of Israeli-owned ship indicates Gulf blast was caused by mines

Times of Israel – An examination of damage to an Israeli-owned cargo ship currently docked in Dubai indicates an explosion that hit it in the Gulf of Oman was caused by mines covertly attached to the ship.

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Ship-Launched Version Of The Israeli Harop Suicide Drone Will Be Sailing With An Asian Navy

War Zone – Israel Aerospace Industries, or IAI, has secured what appears to be the first sale ever of the maritime version of its Harop loitering munition, or “suicide drone.” The company did not name the customer, but said that they were “the navy of a country in Asia.” Loitering munitions, in general, became a topic of major international discussion after Azerbaijan used Harops to decisive effect in its conflict with Armenia over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region last year.

Israeli Corvette Emerges With A Double Load Of Iron Dome Missiles As Potential Threats Grow

War Zone – Israel has tested Iron Dome on these ships before, but we’ve never seen two launchers on one of their decks, and the timing is also peculiar.

Hey Iran: Israeli Sub Heads To Persian Gulf With Egypt OK

Breaking Defense – An Israeli Dolphin submarine possibly carrying nuclear weapons crossed the Suez Canal last week on its way to the Persian Gulf, sources here confirmed on Dec 22. The submarine crossed the Suez Canal with Egyptian approval and sailed on the surface, a source said, “sending a clear warning to Teheran.”

Israeli Navy welcomes new generation of German-made warships

Associated Press – Israel’s Navy on Wednesday welcomed the first of four German-made warships that will be at the vanguard of the country’s efforts to protect its coastline and growing natural gas industry.

First Sa’ar 6-Class Corvette Expected In Israel For December

Naval News – The Israeli Navy first Sa’ar 6-class corvette, INS Magen, will arrive in Israel in December, the country’s MoD said on . Within the coming year, three more Sa’ar 6 ships will be transferred to Israel from thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) Kiel shipyard, Germany.

Israel shifts naval doctrine with new Sa’ar 6 warships

Defense News – Israel will receive the first of four Sa’ar 6 ships in December as part of a broad shift in naval doctrine that will see the country defend more areas at sea at a longer distance for a longer period of time, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

Israeli navy prepares for arrival of new upgraded warships

Associated Press – After a coronavirus-related delay, Israel’s navy is preparing for the long-awaited arrival of its next generation of missile boats — giving it a powerful new tool to defend its strategic natural gas industry from the threat of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

Tests of Israeli tactical missile LORA completed

BMPD – Israel Aircraft Industries has officially published the successful completion of tests of the operational-tactical missile system with a single-stage solid-propellant ballistic missile LORA (Long-Range Artillery Weapon System). Tests were conducted on the high seas and, among other things, demonstrated the capabilities of the complex to customers.

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The Strategic Implications of Israel’s Turn to the Sea

War on the Rocks – Israel is in the midst of a “turn to the sea”: a systematic allocation of national, corporate, and civil society resources toward the nation’s maritime domain. As many regional actors, including Egypt, Turkey, and Iran, are naval powers, and as global actors such as Russia and the United States have a naval presence in the region, Israel’s evolution has broader implications for regional security.

Senior Navy: We need the submarines

Channel 7 – The significance of the State of Israel without a dolphin, a whale and a resurrection is disastrous, warns Brig. Gen. Yossi Ashkenazi, head of the Israeli navy’s naval equipment fleet.

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The Impact of Insignificance: Naval Developments From the Yom Kippur War

CIMSEC – Militarily, the naval battles of the Yom Kippur War played almost no part in its outcome. They did, however, initiate a technological and tactical maritime revolution. The battles proved the effectiveness of missile and anti-missile systems to control the seas, and ushered in the missile age of naval warfare.

Israel Boosts Protection Of Gas Fields, Shipping

Breaking Defense – With over 80 percent of Israeli’s commerce carried by sea and its offshore gas fields crucial to the economy, the country is boosting spending on protecting its shipping lanes, littorals and ports with an array of weapons including underwater capabilities, heavily armed patrol boats and new submarines.

Israel Deploying to Eastern Europe, Pacific for First Time Alongside U.S. Forces

Breaking Defense – The Trump Pentagon is undergoing a major shift to focus on great power competition. And it’s looking for allies to step up in places that might come as a surprise.

Israel declares operational capability for sea-based Iron Dome

Defense News – The Israeli military has declared initial operational capability of a ship-based version of the Iron Dome intercepting system following a live-fire test earlier in the day that destroyed multiple incoming targets at sea.

Israel signs MoU for 3 German submarines amid shipyard investigation

Defense News – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Monday that his government has signed a long-awaited memorandum of understanding with Germany to acquire three new Dolphin-class submarines with air-independent propulsion systems.

Could Israel’s Navy Start a Nuclear War?

National Interest – Israel’s navy is the smallest branch of the Israel Defense Forces. However, the need to protect Israel’s recently-established gas rigs in the Mediterranean against missile and terrorist attacks presents the Israeli navy with a profound challenge. In addition, the Israeli submarine fleet is of tremendous strategic importance—particularly regarding a possible Iranian military nuclear program. Thus, Israel’s navy plays a vital role for Jerusalem’s security.

‘We Prevented Israel From Going to War’: Outgoing Air Force Chief on Iran, Gaza and the Conflicts Ahead

Haaretz – Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel tells Haaretz about preparing for an attack on Iran, carrying out scores of airstrikes on Hezbollah and averting clashes with Russian jets in Syria.

Israel Just Launched A Containerized Ballistic Missile From The Deck Of A Ship

War Zone – On June 20, 2017, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) said it had successfully test-fired its Long-Range Artillery (LORA) system from a containerized launcher on the back of a truck sitting on the deck of a cargo ship.