Israel Deploying to Eastern Europe, Pacific for First Time Alongside U.S. Forces

Breaking Defense – The Trump Pentagon is undergoing a major shift to focus on great power competition. And it’s looking for allies to step up in places that might come as a surprise.

Israel declares operational capability for sea-based Iron Dome

Defense News – The Israeli military has declared initial operational capability of a ship-based version of the Iron Dome intercepting system following a live-fire test earlier in the day that destroyed multiple incoming targets at sea.

Israel signs MoU for 3 German submarines amid shipyard investigation

Defense News – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Monday that his government has signed a long-awaited memorandum of understanding with Germany to acquire three new Dolphin-class submarines with air-independent propulsion systems.

Could Israel’s Navy Start a Nuclear War?

National Interest – Israel’s navy is the smallest branch of the Israel Defense Forces. However, the need to protect Israel’s recently-established gas rigs in the Mediterranean against missile and terrorist attacks presents the Israeli navy with a profound challenge. In addition, the Israeli submarine fleet is of tremendous strategic importance—particularly regarding a possible Iranian military nuclear program. Thus, Israel’s navy plays a vital role for Jerusalem’s security.

‘We Prevented Israel From Going to War’: Outgoing Air Force Chief on Iran, Gaza and the Conflicts Ahead

Haaretz – Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel tells Haaretz about preparing for an attack on Iran, carrying out scores of airstrikes on Hezbollah and averting clashes with Russian jets in Syria.

Israel Just Launched A Containerized Ballistic Missile From The Deck Of A Ship

War Zone – On June 20, 2017, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) said it had successfully test-fired its Long-Range Artillery (LORA) system from a containerized launcher on the back of a truck sitting on the deck of a cargo ship.

Navy’s Sub Fleet Holds Surprise Weeklong Drill

Jerusalem Post – The Israel Navy’s submarine fleet was put to the test in a surprise six-day drill simulating the outbreak of war, aimed at examining the level of operational readiness of submarines and fighters.

Silence, tight quarters and no women: On board Israel’s most advanced submarine

Haaretz – Haaretz’s military correspondent joined the crew of INS Rahav, the Israel Navy’s newest submarine, on a brief training cruise. He learned about the unique physical and mental demands of service on the IDF’s most expensive war machine, its technological capabilities and why Israeli subs are still off-limits to women.

The Israeli Navy in Context

CIMSEC – This piece aims to provide an overview of the Israeli Navy and the maritime dimension of Israel’s national security.

Israel Navy Readies for Third-Generation USV

Defense News – The Israel Navy is planning to deploy a new generation of unmanned surface vessels (USVs) based on a US-built combat craft and remote-control technologies and subsystems developed by state-owned Rafael. Once deployed by the middle of next year, they will complement manned surface ships in multiple missions, including defense of Israel’s economic waters, anti-mine and anti-submarine warfare.

Israel Claims Intercept Success with Sea-Based Iron Dome

Defense News – The combination of the ELM-2248 Adir radar and the sea-based Iron Dome was an immediate answer to Israel’s need to defend offshore energy assets in the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) waters.

Israel’s Newest And Most Advanced Submarine Is Their Last Line Of Nuclear Deterrence

Foxtrot Alpha – Arguably Israel’s most critical military capability is their small but very deadly submarine fleet. Beyond being able to stealthily spy on enemies, insert operatives onto foreign shores and wreak havoc on enemy ships on a whim, they represent Israel’s “second strike” nuclear deterrent. Now Israel has received its fifth such vessel, the Rahav.

German-made submarine heads to Israel for delivery

UPI – The latest German-built Dolphin-class submarine INS Rahav is en route to Haifa to be delivered to the Israeli Navy.

Israel to arm warships with Iron Dome system to protect gas reserves at sea

i24 News – The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) will install its successful Iron Dome missile defence system on warships protecting Israel’s off-shore gas drilling platforms, a temporary measure until new warships acquired in a deal with Germany arrive.

Hamas claims to nab Israeli spy dolphin

Times of Israel – Islamist group’s naval unit says it captured mammal equipped with espionage equipment, including cameras.

Israeli Navy – Nukes on the High Seas: Israel’s Underwater Atomic Arsenal

National Interest – Israeli submarines—if reports are accurate—will carry a portion of Israel’s nuclear deterrent under the sea. Can these subs provide a practical deterrent?

Israeli Navy – Israel’s Quiet Doomsday Submarines Almost Are Ready

War is Boring – ‘Dolphin II’ class nearing completion

Israeli Navy – Israel brings arms ship to dock, hopes to shame Iran

Reuters – A ship seized by the Israeli navy on suspicion of smuggling arms from Iran to the Gaza Strip docked on Saturday in Israel, which planned to put the cargo on display in hope of denting Tehran’s rapprochement with the West.

Israeli Navy – Israel's military looks to the sea

Los Angeles Times – Israel buys a sixth German-made submarine. A navy officer explains why Israel’s military is looking increasingly to the seas.

Israeli Navy – Israel beware: China arms Hezbollah

Washington Times – A look at the attack, during the Second Lebanon War, of a Chinese-produced, Hezbollah-fired C-802 anti-ship missile that struck Israel’s INS Hanit off the Lebanon coast.

Associated Press – Military says two boats trying to break blockade were boarded peacefully and will be towed to Israeli port of Ashdod

Israeli Navy – Israeli warships bolster border force

Associated Press – Israel sent two more warships to the Red Sea border with Egypt, part of a military reinforcement there after warnings that militants are planning another attack on southern Israel from Egyptian soil.

Israeli Navy – Israel moving forward with sixth German submarine

Jerusalem Post – Germany has pledged to build a new submarine for the navy, paving the way for a deal that will boost Israel’s strategic long-arm capabilities in the face of Iran’s continued race toward nuclear power.

Israeli Navy – Israeli Navy Intercepts Missile-Loaded Cargo Vessel Bound For Gaza

Defense Technology International – Israeli naval vessels intercepted the Liberian-flagged cargo ship ‘Victoria’ about 200 miles west of the Israeli coast, after intelligence reports indicated the vessel could be carrying arms shipments destined for Gaza. An initial investigation revealed the ship was loaded with C-704 anti-ship missiles – shore-to-sea missiles with a range of 35 km that could put at risk Israeli vessels at sea as well as strategic infrastructure targets near Ashkelon.

Israeli Navy – Norway Bans Israeli Subs from Its Waters

Defense Technology International – Norway decided earlier this month that as part of its ban on security exports to Israel, the submarine being built by Germany’s Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW) for the Israeli Navy will no longer be allowed to undergo deep-water tests in Norwegian waters.