Israeli Maritime Power and Eurasian Competition

US Naval War College Review – While the U.S. military force structure pivots away from Middle Eastern security concerns toward East Asia, Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, and the Gulf monarchies are all potentially or actively hostile to Israel, or will seek more influence if the United States departs from the Middle East, or both. As Middle Eastern regional rivalries intersect increasingly with Eurasian great-power competition, the maritime element of Israeli grand strategy will grow in importance.

Israeli submarine enters Red Sea via Suez Canal

Israel Hayom – Iranian news portal Nournews, a mouthpiece of the ayatollah regime in Tehran, reported on Monday that an Israeli Dolphin-class submarine secretly entered the Red Sea last Wednesday, August 4, through the Suez Canal. Reports on the movements and whereabouts of Israeli submarines are typically uncommon. According to Nournews, two Israeli Navy destroyers also crossed the Suez Canal at the same time, most likely as escorts for the submarine.

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Cultural Challenges for Israeli Sea Power in the Eastern Mediterranean

US Naval War College Review – The strategic-military significance of the recent discovery of extensive natural gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean works against Israel’s traditional reluctance to become a sea power. But any “turn to the sea” will require adopting a broad national and strategic mind-set in the face of cultural constraints that keep Israel tied to the land.

Israeli Warships Fire Missiles At Gaza While Hamas Takes Aim At Offshore Oil Platforms

War Zone – Reports, as well as video and photos from the Eastern Mediterranean, demonstrate that the Gaza conflict is rapidly expanding into the maritime domain, with Israeli missile strikes now being launched from vessels off the coast against reported Hamas targets in the self-governing Palestinian territory. At the same time, reports from both sides in the conflict confirm that Hamas militants are meanwhile launching rockets against Israeli natural gas platforms in the Mediterranean, which, in turn, are being defended by shipborne Iron Dome air defense systems, and other assets.