Check Out The Damage To This Japanese Submarine After It Collided With A Cargo Ship

War Zone – A collision between a Japanese submarine and a cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean has resulted in injuries to at least three submariners, according to initial reports. The incident occurred today at 10:58 AM local time, around 25 miles southeast of Cape Ashizuri, in the waters off the island of Shikoku, which lies southwest of Japan’s main island of Honshu.

East China Sea: Japan’s plan to counter Beijing in Diaoyus with jetfighter upgrades hits money snag

South China Morning Post – Rising costs have significantly delayed Tokyo’s plans to deploy F-15 fighter jets capable of launching cruise missiles against ships or land targets, with Beijing’s ongoing activities close to disputed islands in the East China Sea underlining the importance of the new deterrent to the Japanese military.

Japan Considers Building Two Super-Sized Destroyers As An Alternative To Aegis Ashore

War Zone – Reports from the Japanese media say that the government is looking into the feasibility of procuring two new “super-destroyers” as an alternative to the pair of land-based Aegis Ashore systems, work on which was suspended earlier this year amid technical issues, rising costs, and domestic criticism. 

Senkaku Islands: Could the U.S. Military and Japan Really Land Troops?

National Interest – James Holmes writes let’s speculate about what a deployment to the uninhabited islets—which adjoin Japan’s Ryukyu Islands but constitute an archipelago distinct from the Ryukyus—might look like. Start with the extreme case. If troops alighted on the Senkakus, would they build a permanent base? Doubtful—though less doubtful than in the past.

Japanese F-35As Train With USS America As Tokyo Looks Toward Its Aircraft Carrier Future

War Zone – Land-based Japanese F-35As trained alongside the U.S. Navy’s first-in-class amphibious assault ship USS America (LHA-6) in the western Pacific during “advanced combined operations” earlier this week. The integrated air defense training involving Japanese and American forces comes as Japan works toward its own future carrier capability using the Joint Strike Fighter.