Japan To Field New ASM-3A Long Range Supersonic Anti-Ship Missile

Naval News – Extended range version of ASM-3 is being mass produced in response to China’s maritime expansion.

Japan suspicious as Chinese, South Korean companies buy land near military sites

South China Morning Post – A suspicious increase in the number of foreign companies purchasing plots of land close to Japanese military installations has prompted Tokyo to consider restricting such sales.

Japan, USA And France Set For Combined Amphibious Exercise

Naval News – The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, the U.S. Navy, and the French Navy will take part in combined amphibious drills in Japan’s remote Islands in May 2021.

Japan’s MoD May Build Additional Aegis Destroyers As Aegis Ashore Alternative

Naval News – According to multiple Japanese media reports, the Japanese government is considering to build additional Aegis destroyers for the JMSDF as an alternative solution to Aegis Ashore.

U.S. Navy And Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Conduct Large Mine Warfare Exercise

Naval News – The U.S. Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, began the at sea portion of Mine Warfare Exercise (MINEX) 3JA 2020 off the coast of southwestern Japan, Nov. 20.

Japan Coast Guard And JMSDF Planning To Use UAVs For Ocean Surveillance

Naval News – The Japan Coast Guard has demonstrated the General Atomics’ MQ-9B SeaGuardian capabilities to local media.

East China Sea: Japan’s plan to counter Beijing in Diaoyus with jetfighter upgrades hits money snag

South China Morning Post – Rising costs have significantly delayed Tokyo’s plans to deploy F-15 fighter jets capable of launching cruise missiles against ships or land targets, with Beijing’s ongoing activities close to disputed islands in the East China Sea underlining the importance of the new deterrent to the Japanese military.

Japan Considers Building Two Super-Sized Destroyers As An Alternative To Aegis Ashore

War Zone – Reports from the Japanese media say that the government is looking into the feasibility of procuring two new “super-destroyers” as an alternative to the pair of land-based Aegis Ashore systems, work on which was suspended earlier this year amid technical issues, rising costs, and domestic criticism. 

Senkaku Islands: Could the U.S. Military and Japan Really Land Troops?

National Interest – James Holmes writes let’s speculate about what a deployment to the uninhabited islets—which adjoin Japan’s Ryukyu Islands but constitute an archipelago distinct from the Ryukyus—might look like. Start with the extreme case. If troops alighted on the Senkakus, would they build a permanent base? Doubtful—though less doubtful than in the past.

Japanese F-35As Train With USS America As Tokyo Looks Toward Its Aircraft Carrier Future

War Zone – Land-based Japanese F-35As trained alongside the U.S. Navy’s first-in-class amphibious assault ship USS America (LHA-6) in the western Pacific during “advanced combined operations” earlier this week. The integrated air defense training involving Japanese and American forces comes as Japan works toward its own future carrier capability using the Joint Strike Fighter. 

MHI Just Launched The First Of The New Taigei-Class Submarines For JMSDF

Naval News – Japan’s newest submarine “Taigei” (previously known as 29SS) was launched today at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) shipyard in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture.

Arming Without Aiming? Challenges For Japan’s Amphibious Capability

War on the Rocks – A centerpiece in Japan’s defense modernization efforts designed to deter a resurgent China is the development of an amphibious warfare capability. 

Southeast Asia: A New Strategic Nexus for Japan’s Maritime Strategy

CIMSEC – With all branches of Japan state power now investing in Southeast Asian maritime security, this region is cementing as a new nexus in Japan’s maritime strategy. The scope, strategic intent, and likely future development of Japan’s maritime security activities in Southeast Asia merits closer examination.

The Law of Military Operations and Self-Defense in the U.S.-Japan Alliance

US Navy War College Review – While the United States and Japan share many values, their legal systems take distinct approaches to authorizing military operations. But the two approaches converge within the alliance structure—especially important with regard to implementing the international law of self-defense.

Approval Of Mega F-35 Sale For Japan Is A Huge Step Towards Its Aircraft Carrier Ambitions

War Zone – Japan would become the second-largest Lightning II operator in the world if it bought all 105 jets in the proposed deal.

Japan Officially Ends Aegis Ashore Plans After National Security Council Deliberations

USNI News – Japan has formally ended its plans to procure two Aegis Ashore missile defense sites, citing concerns that the booster on the Standard Missile-3 Block IIA interceptor missile couldn’t be guaranteed to land on military property instead of nearby civilian communities.

Japan’s new missile defense destroyer starts sea trials amid Aegis Ashore saga

Defense News – The last of Japan’s eight planned destroyers capable of intercepting ballistic missiles has started sea trials ahead of its commissioning, even as the country ponders its next move following its decision to suspend plans to introduce ground-based systems for that role.

Foreign sub, likely Chinese, seen in Japan’s contiguous zone

Asahi Shimbun – A submarine of foreign origin, presumed to belong to the Chinese Navy, was spotted passing through the contiguous zone off the coast of Amami-Oshima island in southern Japan.

Japan’s Aegis Ashore: A Tale Of Two SPYs

Naval News – The Japanese Ministry of Defense (MOD) announced this week its intention to halt deployment of the Aegis Ashore missile defense system citing difficulties in ensuring that rocket boosters from the interceptors do not fall in populated areas. The real reason may actually have to do with the radar system, namely SPY-6 and SPY-7.

Japan Backing Away From Aegis Ashore

USNI News – Japan is backing away from installing two Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense (BMD) systems in the country over technical concerns.

Japan is working on a hypersonic anti-ship missile that may be a threat to Chinese navy activities

South China Morning Post – Japan is developing a hypersonic anti-ship missile, a weapon that can cruise at high altitudes and could pose a threat to Chinese aircraft carriers in the East China Sea.

Japan’s Type 12 SSM Deployed To Keep Watch On Miyako Strait

Naval News – Japan continues to reinforce its Southern Islands. A new Type 12 Surface-to-Ship Missile (12式地対艦誘導弾) unit has recently been deployed at the garrison on Miyakojima island.

JMSDF destroyer, fishing boat collide in East China Sea

Kyodo News – A Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer and a Chinese fishing boat collided on the high seas off the coast of Shanghai on Monday.

JMSDF Commissions First-Of-Class AEGIS Destroyer DDG-179 JS Maya まや

Naval News – The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) commissioned today its first Maya-class AEGIS Destroyer at Japan Marine United Corporation (JMU) Isogo shipyard in Yokohama. JS Maya まや (DDG-179) joins the JMSDF’s Escort Flotilla 1, based in Yokosuka.

Japan builds new surveillance warship targeting Chinese, North Korean submarines

South China Morning Post – The Aki is first ship in three decades built to hunt for submarines, as Japan sees a rise in unidentified subs, believed to be from China, within its waters. But Tokyo is also keeping a close eye on North Korea, which has been developing a platform for submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

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