TRANSCOM Stress Test Practiced Cargo Delivery Through Mine- and Sub-Filled Waters

USNI News – Running dark and nearly silent, last month a convoy of Military Sealift Command ships practiced delivering people and gear to the fight as part of a large U.S. Transportation Command surge sealift capability stress test.

Despite rising awareness of critical US sealift shortfalls, solutions are elusive

Defense News – America’s sealift fleet is responsible for providing the military with transportation across oceans, but despite seemingly universal acknowledgement that the fleet is in trouble, the current recapitalization plan significantly lags behind what the military needs to avoid a collapse in capacity, projected to start in 2024 if the current situation holds.

Sealift is America’s Achilles Heel in the Age of Great Power Competition

War on the Rocks – It is important to delve into the problems facing America’s maritime power projection — specifically the diminishing capacity of the U.S. merchant marine today and its impact upon future naval operations in an era of great power competition.

Facing a sealift capacity collapse, the Navy seeks strategy for new auxiliary ships

Defense News – The U.S. Navy is moving toward settling on an approach for recapitalizing the nation’s aged sealift fleet, moving away from a single common hull for five missions.

Challenges for Military Sealift Command: The Distributed Fleet

Breaking Defense – A fundamental question in today’s budget battle is, can the MSC actually support Navy plans to more widely distribute its fleet? Today’s answer can only be a provisional yes, given the shortage of ships, and the proliferation of new high-demand drivers such as the Littoral Combat Ship. In addition to a declining merchant fleet there is a growing shortage of trained and experienced civil mariners generated by the decline in the US merchant marine.

The U.S. Air Force Has a Spy Ship — Yes, Ship — in the Persian Gulf

War is Boring – USNS ‘Invincible’ is in the perfect position to track Iranian missiles.

Military Sealift Command – The Navy's support navy keeps growing

Virginian Pilot – As the Navy struggles to increase the size of its dwindling fleet, whatís known as the “other navy” is having little trouble. The success of the noncombat ships has kept it going since the 1970s.

Military Sealift Command – Military Sealift Command is renamed

Virginian Pilot – A Navy command that operates 133 ships manned mainly by civilians, but not usually counted in the fighting fleet, is getting a new name and headquarters. The Military Sealift Command has established in Norfolk the Military Sealift Fleet Support Command.

Military Sealift Command – Maritime Administration

SeaPower – The state of the merchant marine in January 2005.


Military Sealift Command – Sealift galley jobs aren't ''sexy,'' but the pay isn't bad

Virginian Pilot – The Military Sealift Command is looking for a few good cooks to feed the folks who feed and supply our sailors and troops.

Military Sealift Command – MSC Transformation Strategies Serve as Model for Sea Power 21

Sea Power – How the Military Sealift Command is transforming itself.


Military Sealift Command – Military Sealift Command Maintains an Accelerated Pace

Sea Power – The U.S. Navyís Military Sealift Command (MSC) undertook one of the largest and fastest military cargo movements since World War II during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and the work is not finished yet.