US Navy Lab Investigates Innovative Non-Lethal Boat Stopping Technology

Naval News – Maritime Vessel Stopping Occlusion Technologies, or MVSOT, is a promising non-lethal tool for the warfighter to significantly slow or stop an on-coming target vessel. The MVSOT team specifically focuses on technologies that limit or remove the ability of a propulsion system to provide thrust to a boat, but in a reversible manner.

Nonlethal Weapons – Maersk Alabama: Should ships use armed guards to stop Somali pirates?

Christian Science MonitorMaersk Alabama: Should ships use armed guards to stop Somali pirates?

Lethal or nonlethal weapons? The attack on the US-flagged Maersk Alabama reignites the debate over how to stop Somali pirates.

Christian Science Monitor
Five new weapons the Maersk Alabama could use to foil pirates

Nonlethal Weapons – US Navy seeks to zap pirates

Daily TelegraphUS Navy seeks to zap pirates

Naval commanders in the Gulf have requested ray gun technology to disable pirates without triggering gunfights that could endanger hostages.

Non Lethal Weapons – Marines Want Pain Ray, ASAP

Wired – The Pentagon says its millimeter-wave pain ray won’t be ready until 2010, despite years and years of tests. Marines in Iraq can’t wait that long. They want the weapon — which uses invisible waves to heat up the top layer of the skin and cause a whole lot of hurt — ASAP

Nonlethal Weapons – The Quest for the Nonkiller App

New York Times Magazine – The Pentagon is developing a new class of sci-fi like ‘nonlethal’ weapons. But will they make war any safer or easier?