Operations Other Than War – HMS Daring arrives in Philippines to aid Typhoon Haiyan victims

BBC – British warship HMS Daring has docked in the Philippines to help the UK’s emergency response to Typhoon Haiyan.

Operations Other Than War – The Navy’s Strategy for Saving the World

War is Boring – On Nov. 13, 2013, the U.S. Pacific Fleet activated the San Diego-based USNS Mercy, one of America’s two giant hospital ships, to help out in The Philippines after the archipelago nation was devastated by one of history’s biggest recorded storms. Mercy’s deployment is part of wider humanitarian strategy.

Operations Other Than War – Here’s How the U.S. Military Will Help With Typhoon Relief

War is Boring – How will the U.S. help, though? Here’s a primer, based on announced deployments and previous disaster relief efforts.

Operations Other Than War – Navy Activates Hospital Ship Mercy for Philippines Disaster Relief

USNI News – The Navy is activating the hospital ship USNS Mercy (T-AH-19) to the Philippines as part of the ongoing U.S. disaster effort following Super Typhoon Haiyan. If ordered to deploy, Mercy would get underway in the next several days and could arrive in the Philippines sometime in December.

Operations Other Than War – British carrier HMS Illustrious to aid typhoon victims

BBC – The aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious will be sent to help people affected by the typhoon in the Philippines. HMS Illustrious is currently in the Gulf and is expected to arrive in the Philippines on 24 November. The carrier will relieve destroyer HMS Daring, which is already on its way and should arrive on Saturday.

Operations Other Than War – US carrier boosts Philippines relief effort

BBC – A US aircraft carrier and its escort of two cruisers have arrived off the Philippines coast to help communities devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.

Operations Other Than War – Navy to Send Two Amphibious Ships to the Philippines

USNI News – The U.S. Navy is preparing two amphibious warships to join the disaster relief effort in the Philippines. USS Germantown (LSD-42) and USS Ashland (LSD-48) will shortly depart from Naval Station Sasebo, Japan and will arrive sometime next week.

Operations Other Than War – U.S., Britain send warships to help Philippine relief efforts

Reuters – The USS George Washington and HMS Daring are on their way to the Philippines to assist.

US Navy – The New Normalcy: Sea Power and Contingency Operations in the Twenty-First Century

US Naval War College Review – In September 1994, the Caribbean nation of Haiti burst into political unrest that drove twenty-six thousand migrants out to sea on board overcrowded and unseaworthy craft in an unprecedented mass migration to the United States. Several months later, over thirty thousand Cubans followed suit, attempting to reach the mainland on literally anything that could float. On 31 August 2005, a “weapon of mass destruction” in the form of a category-five hurricane exploded in the Gulf coast city of New Orleans, killing over 1,300 citizens and forcing the evacuation of tens of thousands. Finally, on 20 April 2010, the Deepwater Horizon exploratory oil rig exploded, heralding an unprecedented environmental disaster whose final impact has yet to be determined. What these events shared, with their catastrophic nature and international impact, was a link to the sea. Although vastly different in cause, circumstances, and scope—ranging as they did from a man-made political event to recovery from the wrath of nature—these crises all saw a significant application of sea power in reaction and recovery operations.

Operations Other Than War – Foreign Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster-Relief Operations: Lessons Learned and Best Practices

US Naval War College Review – Foreign humanitarian assistance and disaster-relief (FHA/DR) operations are some of the most complicated operations conducted by the military. These missions constitute a core Navy mission; their planning and execution differ from those of a kinetic military campaign, but addressing the key principles early will enable the successful execution. The following lessons learned are based on the author’s experiences over the past two years conducting five FHA/DR operations in the western Pacific.

Operations Other Than War – The military interventions we don’t plan for — those to protect civilians

Washington Post – General Anthony Zinni says that “No one argues that planning for wars makes them more likely. Yet this seems to be the underlying reason for the military’s allergy to planning for civilian protection. U.S. armed forces should start treating civilian protection missions as seriously as they take wars. It’s only prudent to study mass-atrocity response operations, plan for them and, perhaps most important, conduct exercises with the civilian leaders who would make decisions about potential interventions.”

Operations Other Than War – Marines stand by off coast of storm-battered Haiti

Associated Press – U.S. Marines were aboard the USS Iwo Jima in the Carribean Friday preparing to help take relief supplies to Haiti, as Hurricane Tomas battered the small, impoverished country.

Operations Other Than War – Kearsarge group deploys early for Pakistan mission

Virginian PilotKearsarge group deploys early for Pakistan mission

The Navy dispatched a second wave of ships Friday to support relief efforts in Pakistan, although the vessels may not reach the flood-ravaged country until October.

Operations Other Than War – With ‘enemies’ like these, who needs friends?

Express TribuneWith ‘enemies’ like these, who needs friends?

Aboard the USS Peleliu, off of Pakistan.

Operations Other Than War – From Mine Sweeping to Swat Valley Rescues

Defense Technology InternationalFrom Mine Sweeping to Swat Valley Rescues

The MH-53E Sea Dragon helos of Navy Mine Countermeasures Squadron (HM-15) Detachment 2 – which arrived in Pakistan seven days ago – normally tow a mine-sweeping sled at sea level. For the fuel-eating flight from Pakistan’s Ghazi Air Force Base and the climb over the mountains, they can safely take on only about 10,000 pounds of cargo or 80 people.

Operations Other Than War – US sends Marine ship, helicopters for flood aid

Associated PressUS sends Marine ship, helicopters for flood aid

The United States is more than tripling the number of helicopters it is providing to help in flood-ravaged Pakistan. The USS Peleliu is now off the coast near Karachi, carrying 19 helicopters and a complement of about 1,000 Marines.

Operations Other Than War – Bataan on route home from Haiti

Virginian PilotBataan on route home from Haiti

After two and a half months in Haiti – longer than any other Navy ship deployed in support of the U.S. military’s relief mission there – the Norfolk-based Bataan has begun its journey home.

Operations Other Than War – Crew bonds with Haitians through karaoke, Cheez-Its, church

Virginian PilotCrew bonds with Haitians through karaoke, Cheez-Its, church

Aboard the USS Bataan.

Operations Other Than War – Still a long way to go

Chronicle HeraldStill a long way to go

Canadian sailors and soldiers have established a beachhead of hope in the port city of Jacmel, cleaning up, delivering aid, medical care and even toys, and laying the groundwork for a more ambitious effort in the weeks ahead. Sailors from HMCS Halifax and members of DART, the military’s Disaster Assistance Response Team, have taken over the concrete pier and waterfront lot in the shadow of the ruined town, where lovely French colonial buildings have fallen to rubble.

Operations Other Than War – US Navy keen to show its sensitive side in Haiti

BBCUS Navy keen to show its sensitive side in Haiti

We are in Cassagne, an impoverished rural hamlet which felt the full force of the earthquake. Flying in on a marine helicopter, I witnessed Mother Nature’s grim lottery: some houses untouched by the tremor, alongside homes completely flattened. A community in need at the best of times, and now completely shattered, is adapting to a humanitarian invasion.

Operations Other Than War – In a Haitian village of 10,000, five local sailors find a way ahead

Virginian PilotIn a Haitian village of 10,000, five local sailors find a way ahead

Navy Lt. Joel Castillo pulled a notebook from under his arm Friday afternoon and studied his list: The main water distillery broke down during the earthquake. The biggest church in town is half-collapsed and the rubble is blocking roads. The hospital survived but has only three patients; even the severely wounded are too afraid to step indoors for treatment…

Operations Other Than War – On the Bataan in Haiti, need arrives in waves

Virginian PilotOn the Bataan in Haiti, need arrives in waves

When the Bataan left Norfolk Naval Station for Haiti eight days ago, its doctors and corpsmen knew they’d be treating casualties of the magnitude-7 earthquake of Jan. 12. But they weren’t expecting so many so fast.

Operations Other Than War – US to increase troops in Haiti by a third as rescue teams pull back

The TimesUS to increase troops in Haiti by a third as rescue teams pull back

The 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit and the USS Nassau Amphibious Ready Group will join the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit and the USS Bataan Amphibious Ready Group who are already in Haiti.

Operations Other Than War – 10,000 sailors, Marines ready for 'long haul' in Haiti

Virginian Pilot10,000 sailors, Marines ready for ‘long haul’ in Haiti

At least 15 U.S. Navy ships and several special units are involved in the Haiti rescue effort and sailors and Marines are starting what is expected to be a “long haul.”

Virginian PilotBataan crew rolls ashore, huge work ahead in Haiti

Defense Technology InternationalHaiti Updates: Marines, More Troops and Ships Docking

Operations Other Than War – Bataan scouts out best sites to put boots on the ground in Haiti

Virginian PilotBataan scouts out best sites to put boots on the ground in Haiti

Marines and sailors traveling with the amphibious assault ship Bataan got their first glimpse of the devastation in Haiti on Monday and identified a handful of sites where they’ll deploy on-the-ground teams as soon as today.