Pakistan wraps up multinational naval drill as its approach to maritime security shifts

Defense News – Pakistan on Tuesday wrapped up its sixth AMAN biennial multinational naval exercise, aiming to promote cooperation among regional and extra-regional navies to ensure security in the Indian Ocean.

Pakistan launches naval exercise as it aims to counter India, protect economy

Defense News – Pakistan’s Navy kicked off a major exercise Saturday as it tries to modernize and expand to counter growing Indian naval power, as well as protect its maritime economy and trade links.

Pakistan test-fires indigenous anti-ship missile

Defense News – Pakistan has announced a successful test of its indigenous anti-ship missile, which appears to be a variant of the Babur land-attack cruise missile family.

The Pakistan Navy in 2016 and Beyond

Quwa – Responsible for securing Pakistan’s coastlines and sea lanes, the Pakistan Navy had seen significant growth in terms of attention, and possibly momentum, in 2016. The principal driver of this attention has been the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and, at its core, the Gwadar deep-sea port, which opened for operations this past November.

Pakistan’s Navy: A Quick Look

CIMSEC – Traditionally the junior service, operating in the Army’s shadow and receiving a ten percent share of the 2015 defence budget of $6.6 billion, Pakistan’s Navy personnel numbers more than 22,000 active, plus 5,000 in the reserve. This secondary role stands in contrast with the economy’s dependence on the sea, with the port city of Karachi contributing 25 percent of GDP and the proposed China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) raising the country’s maritime profile even further.

Pakistani Naval Modernization Appears Stalled

Defense News – Pakistan’s naval modernization program appears stalled, with no discernible progress being made on efforts to modernize and expand the surface and sub-surface fleet. This comes amid moves ensure the security of the deepwater port of Gwadar, and fears of mass obsolescence vis-a-vis arch rival India.

Jinnah Naval Base – Navy expands strategic outreach to West Coast, Persian Gulf

Pakistan Today – While China and Pakistan endeavour to develop Gwadar Port as a commercial hub for the entire region, Pakistan Navy is gearing up to new face challenges and threats which might come its way after the port become functional; the navy has fully operationalised its strategic Jinnah Naval Base near Gwadar Port at Ormara, Balochistan.-

Pakistani Navy – PNS Alamgir to participate in joint naval exercise in Turkey

Express Tribune – Pakistan Navy Ship Alamgir (FFG-260) will participate in the Mavi Balina-14 joint naval exercise in Turkey from November 6-15.

Pakistani Navy – Al Qaeda’s Worrying Ability to Infiltrate the Pakistani Military

The Diplomat – Al Qaeda’s recent attempt to steal a Pakistani frigate is a reminder of the Pakistani military’s infiltration.

Pakistani Navy – Al Qaeda Militants Tried to Seize Pakistan Navy Frigate

Wall Street Journal – Al Qaeda militants tried to hijack a Pakistan Navy frigate earlier this month and use it to target U.S. Navy vessels on antiterrorism patrol in the northwestern Indian Ocean.

Pakistani Navy – Pakistan navy repels militant attack at Karachi dockyard

BBC – The Pakistan navy says it fought off an attack on its Karachi dockyard in which two militants and a sailor were killed.

Pakistani Navy – Pakistan's Dream Navy?

Defense News – Beset with monetary woes and a tenuous relationship with the US, Pakistan’s naval modernization plans appear to be faltering with the hoped for acquisition of further surplus US equipment now unlikely.

Pakistani Navy – Pakistani Navy ship to participate in naval exercise in Turkey

Daily Times – Pakistan Navy (PN) ship ‘PNS Shamsheer’ will be visiting Aksaz Naval Base Marmaris and Antalya harbour from November 5 to 14 and will participate in joint exercise ‘Mavi Baline-12’ with the Turkish Navy. Pakistan Navy P3C-Orion aircraft will also participate in the exercise from Dalaman.

Pakistani Navy – Troops end attack on Karachi naval air base

BBC – Pakistani troops have ended a siege by militants who attacked a naval air force base in Karachi, killing at least 16 people – including 10 soldiers and destroying several P-3C Orion aircraft.

Pakistani Navy – Karachi Scandal Rocks French Political Establishment

Defense Technology International – Karachi. Capital of Pakistan. But also the name of a scandal in France which is keeping the country fascinated, if totally confused, involving as it does a contract for submarines, overhand and underhand commissions, senior politicians and military officials, financing of a presidential bid, frequent references to current President Nicolas Sarkozy and, tragically, the violent deaths of 15 people.

Pakistani Navy – 22 female sailors inducted in Pak navy

The News – The first ever batch of 22 female sailors along with 1000 new entry sailors passed out and formally inducted into Pakistan Navy upon successful completion of 38 weeks’ rigorous training.

Pakistani Navy – Two P-3C surveillance aircraft reactived for Pakistan to fight terrorism

Xinhua – Two old P-3C Orion surveillance aircraft, after being grounded for five years, have been reactivated for Pakistan’s terror war as a roll out ceremony was held Tuesday in southern Pakistan’s naval air base.

Pakistani Navy – Pakistan takes command patrolling Straits of Hormuz

Reuters – Pakistan took command on Monday of the multi-national Combined Task Force 150 patrolling waters around the Arabian Peninsula to stop terrorism and piracy, and search vessels suspected of smuggling arms or material used for making nuclear weapons.


Pakistani Navy – Pak-navy decommissioned 4 more French origin submarines

International News Network – The Pakistani Navy on Monday decommissioned four of its Daphne class French origin submarines.

Pakistani Navy – Pakistan to get Chinese frigates by 2013

Pakistan Times – China will provide four F-22P advanced quality frigates to Pakistan by 2013, meeting its defence requirement. Of these, three will be manufactured in China, while one frigate will be built in Pakistan.

Pakistani Navy – Pakistani, US navies to conduct joint exercise in Arabian sea

People’s Daily Online – Pakistani and US navies will conduct a 10-day joint exercise in the North Arabian sea starting from Monday, named “Inspired Union 2005.”

Pakistani Navy – Pentagon moves to sell Pakistan anti-ship missiles

Reuters – The US agrees to sell Pakistan anti-ship missiles.

Pakistani Navy – Two naval ships to assist relief work for Quake victims

Urban Pakistan – Pakistan is sending naval vessels to aid the tsunami victims of Sri Lanka.