Qatar signs deal with Leonardo for first ever Navy Operations Center

Breaking Defense – The Qatari Navy has signed a new contract with Italy’s Leonardo to develop a Naval Operation Center (NOC) for the military service, the first of its kind in the country. The center will ensure navy forces monitor and control Qatar’s territorial water, Exclusive Economic Zone and adjacent waters. The center, which will control radars and sea-based tracking in real time, will include electronic warfare systems.

(Thanks to Alain)

Italy’s Secretive Submarine Deal With Qatar: New Intelligence

Naval News – The world of Italian midget submarine construction is famously secretive. Deals are not talked about in the same way that larger submarine purchases inevitably are. Currently an Italian boatyard is building two small submarines for the Qatari Emiri Navy. That much can be treated as fact, yet few other details are available through traditional reporting. In the absence of details, speculation has been rife. Which company is building them? What will their capabilities be?