Royal Marines Embrace Littoral Strike and Prepare to Forward Deploy

USNI News – The retirement last year of the Royal Navy’s biggest assault ship – the helicopter carrier HMS Ocean – was accompanied by dire warnings in the British press of the imminent demise of the country’s entire amphibious warfighting capability. On Wednesday, the head of the Royal Marines, flanked by two senior colleagues and a navy commodore, overturned the forecasts by outlining bold new plans to return the United Kingdom’s sea soldiers to their maritime roots.

Marine cuts would ‘undermine UK security’

BBC – Cutting the number of Royal Marines and the ships they use to carry out beach landings would significantly undermine UK security, MPs have warned.

The Royal Navy Has a Problem

War on the Rocks – In the last few days, the British press and social media have been rife with reports that the Royal Marines are to be reduced by 1000 from their present establishment of 6,500. In addition, the amphibious fleet may be similarly reduced with the decommissioning of the landing platform dock that is the core of the British ready capability and the possible disposal of both that ship and a sister unit held in reserve. This scheme is one option being considered as part of a “mini defense review” underway in the UK.

Royal Marines – British marines free hijacked Italian ship off coast of Somalia

Daily Telegraph – British commandos have stormed an Italian cargo ship which was hijacked by Somalia pirates in the Indian Ocean, rescuing the crew and capturing nearly a dozen pirates.

Royal Navy – Nuclear subs collide in Atlantic

BBCNuclear subs collide in Atlantic

The ballistic missile submarines HMS Vanguard and Le Triomphant were badly damaged in a crash in the mid-Atlantic in heavy seas earlier this month.

New York TimesFrench and British Submarines Collide

The TimesFrench sub unaware it rammed Royal Navy vessel in mid-Atlantic nuclear crash

Royal Marines – UK forces take key Taleban bases

BBCUK forces take key Taleban bases

BBCVoices from the Afghan front line

StrategyPage The Royal Marines Show How It’s Done

British troops in Afghanistan captured four key Taleban strongholds after an 18-day offensive in Helmand Province.

Royal Marines – Royal Marines Whiskey Company Arrives In Sangin, Afghanistan

Defense Technology International – Royal Marines of Whiskey Company (45 Commando) relieved 2 PARA Battle Group at Sangin on October 10, 2008. The Royal Marines will operate in Helmand Province, Afghanistan from Sangin for the next six months.

Royal Marines – Talking, waiting, joking, killing . . . ten days in the Taleban's sights

The Times – As Nato begins its biggest offensive in the country since 2001, two Times journalists report from a risky mission into the insurgentsí heartland in lawless Helmand province. The Royal Marines of J Company, 42 Commando, sometimes sat down with local Pashtuns and sometimes skirmished. Then they fought them in pitched battle.

Royal Marines – It's dawn, and the shelling starts. Time to go into the Taleban maze

The Times – The Marines need to set up a secure zone for civilian workers. First they must defeat an elusive enemy that wages a hit-and-run campaign from its labyrinthine mud compounds. Anthony Loyd and Richard Mills of The Times joined 200 Royal Marines in an operation to secure a dam site in Afghanistan

Royal Marines – Marines to 'seek and destroy' Taliban insurgents

Daily Telegraph – A look at the activities of 42 Commando in Afghanistan. Hundreds of British soldiers in southern Afghanistan are unable to venture outside their fortified bases because of a “critical” threat from suicide bombers.

Royal Marines – Marines to 'seek and destroy' Taliban insurgents

Daily Telegraph – British troops will be ordered to conduct “seek and destroy” operations in southern Afghanistan, despite an explicit government assurance that this would not happen.

Royal Marines – Marines pour scorn on Army commandos

Daily Telegraph – A battle has broken out over the role of the first Army commando unit to be formed since the Second World War, with the Royal Marines claiming that the infantry lack “the suitable calibre” to join their force.

Royal Marines – Commandos prepare for Afghanistan

Scotsman – A team of elite Royal Marines Commandos is preparing to leaving for Afghanistan. In total, 150 men from 42 Commando are to head for their mission in the Helmand province.

Royal Marines – The major from Swindon leading US marines in Iraq

Daily Telegraph – An officer from the Royal Marines has been put in charge of American troops to make use of the counter-insurgency expertise Britain gained in Northern Ireland.

Royal Marines – British special forces sent in to counter Olympics terror threat

Daily Telegraph – The SBS have been sent to Greece to help protect British athletes taking part in the Olympic Games.

Royal Marines – Shake-up in Special Boat Service over claims it 'panicked and fled' in Iraq

Daily Telegraph – The Special Boat Service faces substantial restructuring after criticism of its performance in Iraq.