The US and UK navies prepare to sign agreement to merge their tech futures

Defense News – The U.S. Navy and British Royal Navy are preparing to more closely align their futures in a whole host of warfare areas, the U.S. chief of naval operationsannounced Tuesday.

Royal Navy officer in charge of 16 nuclear missiles turned up ‘staggering drunk’ and scoffing BBQ chicken

Sun – A Royal Navy officer in charge of 16 nuclear missiles turned up drunk and clutching a bag of grilled chicken. Lt Commander Len Louw was hauled off HMS Vigilant from its temporary base in the US and flown home in disgrace.

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Royal Navy tests world’s most advanced torpedo against Plymouth warship

Plymouth Herald – The Royal Navy has tested the world’s most advanced torpedo against one of its own warships – and it is now on the cusp of being added to Silent Service’s hunter-killer and nuclear-deterrent submarines’ arsenal.

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Storm Clouds Gather Over F-35B Lightning As United Kingdom Prepares Defense Review

War Zone – As the United Kingdom prepares its next defense review — the Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy — experts close to the program are increasingly talking about a significant cut in the country’s orders for F-35B Lightning jet fighters.

U.S. Marine Corps F-35Bs Are About To Go Aboard A British Carrier And They Might Be There To Stay

War Zone – An Anglo-American F-35B force will be the centerpiece of the United Kingdom’s biggest carrier air group for 40 years.

London calling to the faraway north, leads largest NATO task force into the Barents Sea since last Cold War

Barents Observer – More than 1,200 military personnel, four warships and numerous aircraft took part in the four-nation Barents Sea mission led by the British Navy.

U.K. Royal Navy Dispatching Survey Ship to Aid in Lebanon Crisis, CENTCOM Sending Supplies

USNI News – The U.K. Royal Navy plans to send one of its survey vessels to assist Lebanon following a deadly explosion in its capital city’s port.

River-Class Batch 2 OPV ‘HMS Trent’ Commissioned With Royal Navy

Naval News – The River-class Batch 2 offshore patrol vessel (OPV) HMS Trent has been commissioned with the Royal Navy today during a ceremony at Portsmouth Naval Base.

Stena Line ferry in Irish Sea involved in ‘near miss’ with nuclear submarine

Irish Mirror – A ferry carrying hundreds of passengers narrowly avoided smashing into a British nuclear-powered submarine killing many and sparking a maritime disaster. A ferry officer spotted the nuke sub’s periscope at the last minute and took action to avoid the collision in the Irish Sea two years ago, an investigation has discovered.

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Here’s why Britain is struggling to form a fully effective carrier strike group

Defense News – Britain’s Royal Navy took delivery of two new aircraft carriers, but a government report on the ships achieving operational capability has laid bare some obstacles toward making a fully effective carrier strike group.

Warning over plans for new Royal Navy aircraft carriers

BBC – Ambitious plans for the Royal Navy’s two new aircraft carriers – each of which cost more than £3bn – will not be met without proper funding, the government spending watchdog has said. The National Audit Office highlighted concerns over missing key elements such as aircraft and support ships.

COVID-19 and British Nuclear Deterrence

War on the Rocks – In early April, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson nearly died. Suffering from COVID-19, Johnson spent three nights in the intensive care unit before eventually recovering and being discharged. Without the expert and round-the-clock attention of his medical team, the prime minister later admitted, he may not have survived. Johnson’s stint in an intensive care unit raised a sensitive question related to British national security — with the prime minister incapacitated, who was authorized, if required, to launch the country’s nuclear weapons?

British Casualty Ship RFA Argus Dispatched To Support The Caribbean Region

Naval News – RFA Argus has set sail for the Caribbean in preparation to support the British Overseas Territories during the upcoming hurricane season and will be able to assist with the response to the Covid-19 pandemic if required.

Royal Navy shadows Russian ships after ‘high activity’ in Channel

Guardian – Nine Royal Navy ships were involved in a major operation shadowing seven Russian vessels who had lingered in the Channel for several days this month as the coronavirus crisis was beginning to worsen in the UK.

Pentagon reveals deal with Britain to replace Trident

Guardian – Britain has committed itself to buying a new generation of nuclear warheads to replace Trident, which will be based on US technology.

UK MoD Procuring 5 MANTAS T12 USVs For Royal Navy And Joint Forces Command

Naval News – The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) awarded a procurement contract to Maritime Tactical Systems (MARTAC) of Melbourne, Florida, for the procurement of 5 MANTAS T12 unmanned surface vehicles (USV).

Royal Navy vessels sent to protect shipping in Strait of Hormuz

Guardian – The Royal Navy will accompany ships through the Strait of Hormuz amid soaring tensions in the Middle East, following the US’s fatal drone strike on Iran’s top general.

No These Aren’t Starships In Space Dock, They Are Nuclear Submarines Under Construction

War Zone – Nuclear submarines have many parallels to fictional starships, but in this case, these super high-tech vessels are made to dive down, not fly up.

Royal Navy Intends HMS Queen Elizabeth to be Integrated into U.S. Carrier Operations

USNI News – The U.K. Royal Navy intends its largest, most advanced warship ever built to be considered interchangeable with U.S. Navy carriers.

UK, US Enter New Era: ‘Unprecedented’ Carrier-Sharing Plan

Breaking Defense – For the first time, a US Marine Corps F-35B squadron will deploy aboard the UKs new aircraft carrier on its maiden voyage in 2021, a milestone hailed as “unprecedented” — even among close allies.

Sea Training: An Oft Overlooked Strategic Asset

RUSI – Rumours abound that the Royal Navy is to gut its globally respected Operational Sea Training organisation in order to reallocate cash across defence. It is not simply the UK’s martial reputation that would be at stake; the evidence states that operational sea training is a crucial asset on which the Royal Navy should not skimp.