British Littoral Response Group ships to be based in Oman

UK Defence Journal – The UK will operate two Littoral Response Groups, one deploying to the Euro-Atlantic region and the other deploying to the Indo-Pacific.

Most of the Royal Navy’s destroyers are unavailable for deployment

Defense News – Five of the Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyers are unavailable for deployment, leaving just one warship in the class capable of operations, defense procurement minister Jeremy Quin acknowledged this week.

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Can The Royal Navy Help America Deter China In Asia?

1945 – Two cheers for Great Britain! Why only two? London merits two cheers because it has accepted that “Global Britain” must play its part in a democratic armada meant to face down aggressors who menace their neighbors while degrading freedom of the sea. 

Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth Drills with Indian Navy Ahead of More Pacific Exercises

USNI News – The British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth (RO8) and its carrier strike group carried out a two-day exercise called Exercise Konkan with the Indian Navy from July 21 to 22 in the Bay of Bengal. The exercise was designed to hone the ability of the two navies to operate together in the maritime domain, according to an Indian Ministry of Defence release. The exercise included anti-submarine warfare, anti-air and anti-surface warfare drills.

Britain to permanently deploy two warships in Asian waters

Reuters – Britain said on Tuesday it would permanently deploy two warships in Asian waters after its Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier and escort ships sail to Japan in September through seas where China is vying for influence with the United States and Japan.

British Carrier Joins Forces With U.S. Flattop And Amphibious Assault Ship In Gulf Of Aden

War Zone – HMS Queen Elizabeth joined American and Dutch warships in the Gulf of Aden, an important maritime crossroads.

The Royal Navy Will Add 50 Percent More Surface-To-Air Missiles To Its Existing Destroyers

War Zone – New missiles, and more of them, are set to enhance the Daring class, especially in its vital role of protecting British aircraft carriers.

Positions of Two NATO Ships Were Falsified Near Russian Black Sea Naval Base

USNI News – The tracking data of two NATO warships was faked off the coast of a Russian controlled naval base in the Black Sea while the actual ships were moored 180 miles away.

U.K. Carrier Capability Returns to the Indo-Pacific

CIMSEC – This British naval deployment gives both political and operational support to the bigger U.S. efforts in the Indo-Pacific. The unstated rationale is sharing the burden against China. 

The Navy sub commanded by artificial intelligence

BBC – On 20 April, the Royal Navy’s latest nuclear-powered hunter-killer submarine, HMS Anson, emerged from a vast construction hall at Barrow-in-Furness, travelled down a slipway and entered the water. All 7,400 tonnes of it. Around 260 miles away in Plymouth, another submarine made its debut that same day. A minnow compared to HMS Anson, this secretive nine-tonne craft may have greater implications for the future of the navy than the £1.3bn nuclear boat. 

British Carrier Joins U.S. Amphibious Forces In North Atlantic In A Vision Of What’s To Come

War Zone – For the first time, the flagship of the Royal Navy is working with a full-size Amphibious Ready Group.

U.K. Committed to Operate More in Indo-Pacific with U.S., Allies

USNI News – The U.K. plans to have a greater British presence in the Indo-Pacific region, as it adheres to a recent security assessment that calls for a pivot to Asia, the top admiral in the Royal Navy said on Wednesday.

UK Royal Navy ships patrolling Jersey amid fishing row with France

BBC – Two Royal Navy ships are patrolling waters around Jersey and a French patrol vessel is nearby, as fishermen protest over their post-Brexit rights.

Blended U.S. Marine, U.K. Royal Air Force Air Wing Aboard HMS Queen Elizabeth Will be Largest F-35 Deployment to Date

USNI News – When the “Wake Island Avengers” of U.S. Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 211 land on the United Kingdom’s aircraft carrier, it will mark the largest-ever deployment of F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters in the history of the program.

British name enormous carrier strike group heading for the Indo-Pacific

Defense News – The largest fleet of Royal Navy warships to deploy internationally since the 1982 Falklands War is heading to the Indo-Pacific region next month as the British government seeks to raise its presence in the Far East.

This Is The Early Warning Radar Helicopter The Royal Navy Could Have Had

War Zone – Her Majesty’s Navy turned down a Merlin equipped with an active electronically scanned radar for a far less cutting-edge solution.

Now The UK Wants To Add Combat Drones To Its Aircraft Carriers, But Is It Really Feasible?

War Zone – Project Vixen is studying how a large high-performance combat drone could undertake missions from the Royal Navy’s flattops. 

Royal Navy’s New Merlin Crowsnest AEW Helicopter Enters Service Ahead Of CGS21 Deployment

Naval News – The Royal Navy announced that the first Merlin ‘Crowsnest’ airborne early warning (AEW) helicopter has entered service with 820 Naval Air Squadron.

The Defence Command Paper and the future of the Royal Navy

Navy Lookout – Following the publication of the Integrated Review last week which set out strategic context and direction for UK defence, the Command Paper “Defence in a Competitive Age” was published today which provides further details on future force structure. Here we summarise the key implications for the RN.

New UK naval shipbuilding strategy prizes keeping foreign yards out

Defense News – Naval shipbuilding has turned out to be among the winners in a reshaping of the British defense industrial strategy rolled out by the government here on March 23.

U.K. ‘Would be Mad to Ignore’ Working with Allied F-35B Capable Carriers

USNI News – The U.K. Ministry of Defense is thinking beyond its own pair of carriers in how it might use its future 48 F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters around the world.