Britain goes with Danish design for new Type 31 frigates

Defense News – Britain has chosen a Danish design to equip the Royal Navy with a new fleet of general-purpose frigates in a deal with Babcock International.

New Carriers Sparking Royal Navy Renaissance

USNI News – The Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers and F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters are spearheading a revival of British sea power unparalleled since the end of the Second World War.

Iran tanker seizure: UK warship HMS Duncan arrives in Gulf

BBC – A second Royal Navy warship has arrived in the Gulf to protect British ships amid heightened tensions in the region.

In a naval confrontation with Iran, Great Britain can find neither ships nor friends

Defense News – The U.K. has the responsibility to protect its own ships, but doesn’t have the Navy it needs to do it.

The U.K.’s Pint-Sized Martlet Missile Will Guard Royal Navy Ships And Much More

War Zone – The Royal Navy is planning on using these missiles as air-launched weapons against small boats, too, and has tested them in the surface-to-air role.

Iran tanker row: UK to send second warship to the Gulf

BBC – The UK has brought forward plans to send a second warship to the Gulf amid rising tensions with Iran.

Iranian boats ‘tried to intercept British tanker’

BBC – Iranian boats tried to impede a British oil tanker near the Gulf – before being driven off by a Royal Navy ship.

Royal Navy Frigate Escorts U.K. Tanker Out Of The Persian Gulf After Iranian Threats

War Zone – Last week, Iran said it could seize a British ship in retaliation for U.K. authorities seizing an Iranian tanker in the Mediterranean Sea.

New U.K.-Led Maritime First Responder Force Takes to Sea at BALTOPS

USNI News – The U.K. and its partners are testing out a first-responder force that could beat NATO to the punch if a crisis were to occur in Northern European waters.

Royal Navy Sub Appears In Gibraltar Equipped With A Wake Detection System

War Zone – This non-acoustic sensor could supplement the boat’s sonar when hunting for especially quiet enemy submarines.

A US Marine F-35 Squadron Will Deploy on a British Aircraft Carrier in 2021 – A Marine Corps F-35B Joint Strike Fighter squadron will make history by deploying aboard the British Royal Navy’s newest aircraft carrier — the first deployment of its kind and one that could serve as a model for the new normal.

Where’s the money for Britain’s future littoral strike groups?

Defense News – When British Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson announced in February that his ministry would create two “littoral strike groups,” some naval experts turned their heads in confusion.

Why Does The Royal Navy Want Huge Unmanned Submarines?

Forces Network – This could mark a radical new stage in the evolution of underwater warfare.

Maritime Air Power: The Neutral Battleground

RAF CASPS – The importance of maritime air operations and the characteristics desired in a maritime patrol aircraft.

Britain’s Caribbean Naval Mission

USNI News – One of three British Bay-class landing ships has spent nearly two years in the Western Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea, both looking after British interests as well as finding ways to partner with the U.S. Navy.

U.K. Developing its Own Extra Large UUV for Royal Navy

USNI News – Britain’s Ministry of Defence is exploring options for the development of an Extra Large Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (XLUUV) to conduct covert missions at distances of up to ranges 3,000 nautical miles for three months at a time for the Royal Navy.

Why a British ship will hunt mines off the Virginia coast

Navy Times – A British amphibious warship embarked with U.S. Navy sailors is slated to operate out of this Virginia port for what officials term a two-week “experiment” to test new mine warfare techniques.

US Navy Destroyers And Royal Navy Ships Use These Big Blow-Up Anti-Ship Missile Decoys

War Zone – They are a low-cost addition to ships’ layered defenses used to counter anti-ship missiles and the Royal Navy want to invest in improved models.

Chagos Islands dispute: UK obliged to end control – UN

BBC – The UK should end its control of the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean (and Diego Garcia) “as rapidly as possible”, the UN’s highest court has said.

Frontline Tech: How Will Littoral Strike Ships Transform The Navy?

Forces Network – Littoral strike ships are able to command an assault force, rather than simply transporting it.

Royal Navy Wants Amphibious Ships That Looks Just Like Secretive U.S. Spec Ops Mothership

War Zone – The United Kingdom says new forward-deployed task forces will use to ships to ‘make Global Britain a reality.’

Charting Britain’s Moves in the South China Sea

RUSI – A British naval presence in the South China Sea strengthens global security and Britain’s global role. But it must be matched with a more systematic approach to the region, and to China’s defiance of legal norms.

Use it or lose it: Seagoing nations must defend embattled waterways

The Hill – Great Britain is returning to seaways “east of Suez,” decades after freeing its colonies and withdrawing, more or less, to the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. A warship from Britain’s Royal Navy demonstrated on behalf of nautical freedom in the South China Sea last September, drawing a stern rebuke from China. This month the frigate HMS Argyll joined the destroyer USS McCampbell for six days’ worth of exercises in the South China Sea.

US and British conduct training in South China Sea

Navy Times – U.S. and British navy ships conducted joint maneuvers in the South China this month in what they called a sign of their shared emphasis on regional peace and stability.

UK ship in Ukraine ‘sends message to Russia’

BBC – A Royal Navy warship which has been sent to Ukraine will send a strong message to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the UK’s defence secretary says.