The ship of the Northern Fleet will go to Algeria

RG – The large anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet “Vice-Admiral Kulakov,” which is now in the Mediterranean, will call in the port city of Algeria.

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20 years after Kursk, Russia moves from tragedy to redefined underwater warfare capability

Barents Observer – Russia’s two newest special-purpose submarines, the Belgorod and the Khabarovsk, could redefine underwater warfare when they within some years sail out from the shipyard in Severodvinsk.

Russia To Create Several Be-200 Amphibious Aircraft Units

Naval News – The armed forces will receive Be-200 amphibious aircraft, as the Defense Ministry plans to create several air units. The first amphibian is operating in the 859th naval training center in Yeisk. Experts believe Be-200 can be engaged by the Navy in rescue operations and anti-submarine warfare in future.

Russia’s Project 23900 LHD To Operate As Command Ship

Naval News – The “Ivan Rogov” and the “Mitrofan Moskalenko”, the first Russian LHD / amphibious assault ships of project 23900 will be able to operate as floating headquarters or command ships.

Russian Navy To Begin Trials Of Modular Systems For Surface Vessels

Naval News – The Russian Navy will begin trials of new modular systems by the end of the summer. They include weapons and equipment carried in ordinary sea containers which can be loaded on various warships and plugged into onboard power supplies and controls.

The Only Missile-Toting Ekranoplan Russia Ever Built Just Took Its Last Trip On The Caspian

War Zone – Russia’s only Project 903 Lun class ekranoplan, a type of wing-in-ground-effect craft, recently floated out onto the Caspian Sea for the first time in decades and probably for the last time ever. Designed by the Soviet Union during the latter stages of the Cold War as a high-speed anti-ship missile craft, it only saw very limited service and is now going on display at Patriot Park in the city of Derbent in Russia’s semi-autonomous republic of Dagestan.

Eight Russian navy ships make ready for ice-free Northern Sea Route

Barents Observer – This is the ninth year in a row that Russian Navy ships sail the Northern Sea Route. Destinations and port-calls are not yet announced, but traditionally the annual flotilla sails all east to Kotelny Island, where Russia has one of its new Arctic bases.

Small rocket ship “Cyclone” of project 22800 was launched

BMPD – “Cyclone” is a head unit, of five serial small missile ships (MRK) of project 22800 for the Russian Navy. The ship is intended for the Black Sea Fleet.

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Unusual Satellite Image Shows Russian Missile Launch In Arctic

Forbes – U.S. Navy submarines have spent years shadowing Russian warships, hoping to snap photographs of missile tests through the periscope. It is the stuff of Cold War legends, taking intelligence, skill, courage and patience. Now by pure chance, a commercial satellite flying 488 miles above the Earth has captured exactly that.

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All-female crew embarks on Black Sea patrol in first for Russian Navy

Reuters – In a first for the Russian Navy, an all-female navy crew carried out patrols on the Black Sea on Friday in preparation for Russia’s Navy Day celebrations later this month.

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A week after major naval drills, a surprise inspection brings 20 Northern Fleet vessel back to sea

Barents Observer – The naval force that now sets out to the Barents Sea includes a powerful landing unit that is likely to engage in training near Norwegian shores.

Foggo: Russia Seeking More Control of Black Sea, Mediterranean, Arctic

USNI News – A retiring admiral who has spent a lifetime supporting NATO is warning that the U.S. Navy and the alliance need to do more to push back against Russia, or else waters in the Euro-Atlantic region may be lost to Russian anti-access tactics and weapons.

Russia’s Latest Karakurt-Class Corvette Getting New Surface-to-Air Missile System

National Interest – The Project 22800 Karakurt-class missile corvette was designed by the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau in St. Petersburg to engage with an enemy’s strategic facilities in “green waters”—including coastal defenses and offshore installations.

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A powerful Russian nuclear submarine spotted entering the Baltic Sea

Estonian World – A powerful Russian nuclear-powered submarine – an Oscar-II class, believed to be the Orel (K-266) – has been seen entering the Baltic Sea early on the morning of 9 July.

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Russia Is Using Treaty Clause To Change Submarine Balance In Mediterranean

Naval News – The Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet can now deploy its submarines to the Mediterranean. This is despite an international treaty which many thought would prevent it. The Montreux Convention, agreed in 1936, prohibits submarines from passing through the Bosporus Strait, which connects the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. There are exceptions in the treaty for special cases for Black Sea nations: delivery of new submarines to the Black Sea, and exits for repairs. Russia is now routinely using these clauses to reestablish a permanent submarine presence in the Mediterranean. This is changing the balance of power there.

Kanyon’s Reach: Rethinking the Nuclear Triad in the Autonomous Age

USNI Proceedings – The United States must decide on a response to Russia’s new port-killing nuclear-tipped unmanned underwater vehicle.

Russian Submarine Transits Bosporus In Move That Raises Questions Under International Treaty

Forbes – A Russian submarine passed through Turkey on Tuesday in a maneuver that appears to stretch the terms of the longstanding Montreux Convention, a treaty that limits the movement of naval vessels between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. The Russian Navy has made similar moves before, using a clause in the terms to conduct combat operations in the Mediterranean. It is becoming a pattern. If these moves go unchecked it could change the balance of power in the region, making Russia more powerful in the Mediterranean.

Nuclear submarine missile cruiser “Prince Vladimir” commissioned by the Russian Navy

BMPD – On June 12, 2020, in Severodvinsk, the Northern Machine-Building Enterprise Production Association JSC (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation JSC – USC) hosted the ceremony of hoisting the Russian Navy’s flag on the strategic nuclear-powered submarine missile cruiser K-549 “ Prince Vladimir ” project 09552 (955A; code” Borey-A “).(In Russian)

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Russian Navy Landing Ship ‘Petr Morgunov’ In Final Stage Of Sea Trials

Naval News – The ‘Petr Morginov’ big amphibious assault ship of project 11711 built by Yantar Shipyard began the final stage of running trials.

A contract was signed for two universal landing ships for the Russian Navy

BMPD – the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation signed a contract with the Zaliv shipyard in Kerch for the construction of the first two Russian universal landing ships.

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The Russian Navy Is Bringing Serious Firepower to the Baltic

National Interest – The head of the Russian Navy announced that the Baltic Fleet will be bolstered by the addition of six new warships, which will be armed with Kaliber cruise missiles.