Meet Singapore’s New Maritime Security Unmanned Surface Vessels

Naval News – The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) will soon deploy new Maritime Security Unmanned Surface Vessels (MARSEC USVs) to complement manned vessels in patrolling and securing Singapore’s waters.

RSN Neutralizes Underwater Threat Using Unmanned Surface Vessel & EMDS

Naval News – The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) announced that it has neutralized an underwater threat using a mine disposal system deployed from an unmanned surface vessel (USV). A first for the RSN, and even a world’s first according to them.

Republic Of Singapore Navy Stands Up New Maritime Security And Response Flotilla

Naval News – The Republic of Singapore Navy stood up a new Maritime Security and Response Flotilla on 26 January 2021. Four former Fearless-class patrol vessels are refurbished and re-inducted into service as Sentinel-class Maritime Security and Response Vessels alongside two Maritime Security Tugboats until future purpose-built ships come into play.

Singapore, Israeli firms team to develop new ship-killing missile

Defense News – Singapore’s ST Engineering believes that a new joint venture with Israel Aerospace Industries, to market and sell advanced naval missile systems, will leverage both companies’ strengths and track records to address a growing demand for guided munitions.

Singapore Navy Commissions Final Three Littoral Mission Vessels

Naval News – The commissioning of the final three LMVs marks a significant milestone for the RSN as all eight LMVs are operationalised, strengthening the Navy’s capabilities to safeguard Singapore’s waters, protect its Sea Lines of Communication and contribute to regional peace and security.

Singapore navy launches first of its four new submarines

Straits Times – Singapore’s acquisition of new submarines which offer more firepower and combat options is a timely move as maritime security challenges evolve and countries beef up their submarine fleets.

Singapore Navy takes ‘quantum jump’ in adding 2 more ships to service

Defense News – Singapore has commissioned the second and third locally built littoral mission vessels into its Navy, as the lead ship of the class deploys overseas for the first time.

Singapore To Buy Maritime Aircraft, UAVs

Aviation Week – Singapore is likely to field at least five new maritime patrollers in the early 2020s, markedly raising its ability to deal with submarines at a distance while also bolstering ocean surveillance capacity. The aircraft will replace five Fokker 50 Enforcers acquired in the early 1990s, say sources with insight into the requirement. A supplementary force of unmanned aircraft for maritime patrol is also under consideration.

Singapore’s Fleet Modernization: Slow and Steady?

CMISEC – Among the maritime forces of the small Southeast Asian states, the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) stands as one of the most robust.

Singaporean Navy – Singapore Buys New Class of German Attack Submarines

USNI News – Singapore has inked a deal with German submarine builder ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems for two new Type 218SGs— a previously unknown type of attack submarine.

Singaporean Navy – The Submarine Race in the Malaccan Strait

The Diplomat – Three nations—Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia— sit atop the Malaccan Strait, which is just 1.7 miles (2.7 km) wide at its narrowest point. While foreign navies like the United States have traditionally operated in the area, and China’s navy has increasingly taken a strong interest in doing so, the naval forces of these littoral states should not be overlooked. Indeed, taking stock of their strategic location, all three countries have acquired submarine forces, with Indonesia in particular possessing considerable subsurface ambitions for the future.

Singaporean Navy – Seeking Balance: Force Projection, Confidence Building, and the Republic of Singapore Navy

US Naval War College Review – Despite the widespread proliferation of studies on the major navies in Asia, first and foremost that of China, writings on the small navies of Asia-Southeast Asia in particular-have been few and far between. The slant toward those major navies is warranted by their influence on the regional naval balance of power. However, it scarcely does justice to the small navies of Southeast Asia, a region of huge maritime geostrategic importance with potential security ramifications for wider Asian and global maritime security. Southeast Asia is also the scene of an interesting and serious buildup of sophis- ticated naval capabilities.
This article therefore attempts to redress, at least partially, the dearth of interest in the small navies in Southeast Asia, using the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) as a case study.

Singaporean Navy – Singapore warns of threat to tankers in Malacca Strait

BBCSingapore warns of threat to tankers in Malacca Strait

Singapore has learned that an unnamed group may be planning to attack oil tankers in the Malacca Strait, one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.

Singaporean Navy – SAF joins anti-piracy patrol

Straits TimesSAF joins anti-piracy patrol

The Republic of Singapore Navy will join international efforts to tackle piracy and protect ships that sail through the Gulf of Aden.

Singaporean Navy – Singapore dispatches medics, helicopters to tsunami-hit areas

The Star – A Singapore naval vessel will sail Friday to assist rescue and relief efforts off the west coast of Aceh, Sumatra’s northernmost province.

Singaporean Navy – Singapore Deploys Landing Ship to Iraq

Associated Press – Singapore dispatched a troop landing ship with a crew of 180 to Iraq on Saturday in the city-state’s latest military contribution to coalition forces there.

Singaporean Navy – Stealthy, sleek and made in Singapore

Straits Times – The launch of the largest stealth and strike frigate to be built in Singapore – it is the second of six to be added to the navy fleet.