RoK Navy Issues New Images Of LPX-II As It Tries To Gain Public Support For Aircraft Carrier Program

Naval News – On 4 February 2021, the Republic of Korea (RoK) Navy held a seminar at the Chungnam National University to actively promote the LPX-II Light Aircraft Carrier program to South Korea’s public.

South Korean forces arrive in waters near strait of Hormuz amid Iran tensions

Guardian – South Korean forces have arrived in waters near the strait of Hormuz as pressure builds on Iran to free a South Korean tanker it seized along with its crew on Monday.

South Korea Officially Starts LPX-II Aircraft Carrier Program

Naval News – On 30 December 2020, details for South Korea’s LPX-II light aircraft carrier were finalized and the necessary budget was officially allocated in the 2020~2024 Mid-Term Defense Plan.

South Korea To Double Down On F-35 And Procure STOVL Variant For LPX-II

Naval News – The South Korean Ministry of National Defense (MND) has decided in August to double its fleet of Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter jets. A total of forty additional “Joint Strike Fighters” will be procured, including 20 F-35B short take off and vertical landing (STOVL) variant for its light aircraft carrier project known as LPX-II.

Defense Ministry plans to build enhanced ballistic missile submarines

Korea Herald – The Defense Ministry said Monday it plans to roll out enhanced submarines in the next five years that will be capable of carrying more ballistic missiles, as part of a long-term initiative to beef up South Korea’s military capabilities.

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ROK Navy’s LPX-II Will Be An F-35B Light Aircraft Carrier – Not An LHD

Naval News – South Korea’s 2021-2025 defense blueprint which was revealed yesterday provides some fresh details on the plans to develop an aircraft carrier capability for the Republic of Korea (RoK) Navy: The LPX-II project will be a dedicated light aircraft carrier for F-35B, it will not be an amphibious assault ship.

Norwegian car carrier collided with Korean submarine

Maritime Bulletin – On Jul 17 Korean media reported minor collision between car carrier Hoegh London and Korean Navy submarine.

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Should the United States Support a Republic of Korea Nuclear Submarine Program?

US Naval War College Review – The United States must choose whether it will oppose or support South Korea’s emerging SSN program. While the strategic risks the program represents are readily apparent, the United States should support and assist its ally if South Korea pursues acquisition of SSNs.

South Korea’s Mid-Term Defense Procurement Plan Largely Unaffected By COVID-19 Crisis

Naval News – Despite the COVID-19 crisis, South Korea’s defense budget remains mostly unaffected. Budget reductions in the “2020-2024 mid-term defense acquisition plan” will be limited to programs deemed as “non essential” and to a limited number of foreign procurement programs.

South Korean Navy receives four new PKX-B type missile and artillery boats

BMPD – The South Korean Navy received four new-type PKX-B missile boats (Patrol Killer Experimental B) PKMR 216 Chamsuri-216, PKMR 217 Chamsuri-217, PKMR 218 Chamsuri-218, PKMR 219 Chamsuri-219. (In Russian)

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South Korea to build ship for short-takeoff-and-vertical-landing aircraft

Defense News – South Korea is to launch a new version of a large-deck landing ship from which short-takeoff-and-vertical-landing aircraft can operate by the late 2020s, amid naval buildups in China and Japan.

ROK Navy’s 1st 3000 Tons KSS-III Submarine ‘Dosan Ahn Chang-Ho’ Started Sea Trials

Naval News – The DSME-built submarine ‘Dosan Ahn Chang-ho’ started its seat trials from Opko shipyard on June 10, 2019. It is the first vessel of the KSS-III Batch I program for the Republic of Korea Navy (RoK Navy).

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South Korea to build 3 more Aegis destroyers able to thwart ballistic missiles

Defense News – In a critical step toward developing its naval capabilities, South Korea plans to construct three more 7,600-ton destroyers equipped with American-made Aegis combat systems and sophisticated ballistic missile interceptors.

South Korea to buy ship-based interceptors to counter ballistic missile threats

Defense News – The South Korean military has decided to buy ship-based SM-3 interceptors to thwart potential ballistic missile attacks from North Korea.

South Korea picks Boeing P-8 for $1.7 billion maritime patrol aircraft contract

Reuters – South Korea’s military has picked Boeing Co (BA.N) to supply the country’s maritime patrol aircraft in a contract worth around 1.9 trillion won ($1.71 billion).

The Evolution of Maritime Strategy and Naval Doctrines in North East Asia

CIMSEC – Great power competition and arms races are back, especially in Asia. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) Asia and Oceania countries in 2017 were responsible for 27 percent of global military expenditures. In absolute numbers it totalled U.S. $477 billion. Three out of the 15 top spenders are located in North East Asia: China ($228 billion), Japan ($45.4 billion), and South Korea ($39.2 billion).

South Korea changes mission for its newly launched assault ship

Defense News – The South Korean Navy launched its second 14,500-ton Dokdo-class amphibious assault ship on May 14 as the landing vessel’s mission shifts more toward blue-water operations than countering North Korea, whose relations with the South has been improving following the April 27 cross-border summit.

Why Would The South Korean Navy Be Eyeing A Nuclear Submarine Capability?

War Zone – South Korea’s Navy is looking into the practical and political feasibility of domestic design and production of a nuclear-powered submarine. The study comes amid heightened tensions with North Korea and concerns about that country’s own submarine-launched ballistic missile developments, but could further strain relationships on the Peninsula and beyond and could prove to be technically complex and expensive without a clear imperative to develop such a boat in the first place.

South Korea to build new amphibious landing ship

Yon Hap News – South Korea said Friday it has begun the construction of another large-scale amphibious landing ship to be used by the country’s Navy.

Expanding the ROKN’s Capabilities to Deal With the SLBM Threat From North Korea

US Naval War College Review – This article considers the options open to the Republic of Korea’s Navy, in the context of its maritime cooperation with the US Navy, to deal with the new intractable North Korean SLBM threat.

South Korea To Consider New Maritime Patrollers

Aviation Week – The North Korean submarine threat looked bad enough after the torpedoing of a South Korean corvette in 2010. It has looked a good deal more serious since, as North Korea has worked to deploy nuclear ballistic missiles in submarines. All of this is making a South Korean program to buy additional maritime patrollers a rising priority. The likely contenders are now the Boeing P-8 Poseiden and Saab’s proposed Swordfish, based on the Bombardier Global 6000. The navy has dropped a plan to buy and refurbish 16 Lockheed Martin S-3 Vikings, shifting its focus to the possible order for new aircraft.

New South Korean Destroyers to Have Ballistic Missile Defense Capability

USNI News – A trio of planned South Korean guided missile destroyers will be built with the capability to intercept ballistic missile threats. The addition of the capability will give the Republic of Korea (RoK) Navy a powerful organic BMD capability in addition to U.S. Army ground-based interceptors peppered throughout South Korea.

South Korea Wants BMD Capability for Guided Missile Destroyers

USNI News – Seoul is considering adding Raytheon SM-3 missiles to its fleet of Aegis guided missile destroyers to give the ships a ballistic missile defense capability.

US, South Korean navies flex full spectrum ASW capabilities in Exercise ‘Silent Shark’

Janes – The Republic of Korea Navy (RoKN) and US Navy (USN) have completed a five-day bilateral anti-submarine warfare (ASW) exercise that included surface, subsurface, and airborne assets in the Philippine Sea close to Guam.