The First S-80-Plus Class Submarine Will Launch New Era For Spanish Navy

Naval News – S-81 Isaac Peral is one of the largest non-nuclear submarines in the world. The long-range 2,965 ton boat will bring new capabilities to the Spanish Navy and is being offered on the export market. Uniquely for a Western non-nuclear submarine it is equipped to launch Tomahawk missiles.

Inside the first ‘narco-submarine’ caught after crossing the Atlantic

Wall Street Journal – Law-enforcement authorities say a vessel seized in Spain that was carrying tons of cocaine represents a new tactic in trafficking to Europe.

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Spanish Navy’s LPD Galicia Tasked With Covid-19 Relief Mission

Naval News – The Spanish Ministry of Defence has asked the Spanish Navy (Armada Española) to activate the Galicia (L51) landing platform dock (LPD) to support the medical capability of the autonomous city of Mellila in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic.

Spanish Frigate Drops Out of Lincoln Strike Group Over U.S. Iran Stance

USNI News – A Spanish guided-missile frigate is temporarily dropping out to the Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group over the U.S. shift in operations toward Iran.

Spanish Shipbuilder Navantia Showcases F-100 Frigate Design

USNI News – Spanish shipbuilding firm Navantia is showcasing the utility of its F-100 frigate design to the U.S. Navy ahead of the Spanish Armada deploying one with the Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group this spring.

Spanish Frigate to Join Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group on Upcoming Deployment

USNI News – A Spanish frigate will deploy with USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) and attached to its carrier strike group on a deployment from Naval Station Norfolk, Va. later this year.

Aegis Weapon System Sales To Spanish, Australian Navies Approved By U.S. State Department

USNI News – Spain has received U.S. State Department approval for an estimated $860.4-million purchase of five Aegis Weapons Systems to install on five frigates, and Australia was approved for a $185-million Aegis purchase of its own.

Spanish Navy – Spain Asks U.S. for More Help to Fix Flawed Sub

USNI News – In a recent U.S. visit, the Spanish Secretary of State for Defense Pedro Argüelles asked American officials for more help to correct design problems with its S-80 diesel-electric submarine program.

Spanish Navy – Spain just spent $680 million on a submarine that can’t swim

Quartz – One of Spain’s largest defense splurges may also be one of its most embarrassing. After spending nearly one-third of a $3 billion budget to build four of the world’s most advanced submarines, the project’s engineers have run into a problem: the submarines are so heavy that they would sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Spanish Navy – Spain's Aircraft Carrier Begins Air-naval Certification Campaign

Defense Technology International – The Juan Carlos I, Spain’s amphibious aircraft carrier launched on September 30, 2010, is undergoing year-long sea trials and last week started the process of gaining its air-naval certification.

Spanish Navy – Spanish Navy receives its largest warship 'Juan Carlos I'

Brahmand – The Spanish Navy has received its largest multi-role warship ‘Juan Carlos I’ from the country’s leading ship-building company Navanita.

Spanish Navy – Spanish Sub Fleet Back to Two, up from One

Defense Technology InternationalSpanish Sub Fleet Back to Two, up from One

Spain’s submarine fleet is beginning to regain operational capacity a year after the serious accident aboard the Tramontana in which water began infiltrating the hull while it was 300m deep and 15 nautical miles off the coast of Cartagena. The crew were able to get the submarine back to port. The incident led to the temporary withdrawal of the four submarines of the Agosta-class in order to review them.

Spanish Navy – Spain 'secretly backed coup by sending warships'

The Times – There was growing speculation in Madrid last night that the centre-right Government of JosÈ MarÌa Aznar, defeated by the socialists in elections in March, supported secret plans to stage a coup in Equatorial Guinea, a former Spanish colony. The Spanish had sent a naval task force to aid the coup.