Swedish Navy – New Submarines Improve Performance

Defense Technology International – The original stealth weapons, submarines may be second only to unmanned systems in the degree to which they have exploited new technology in the past two decades. Major advances have included air-independent propulsion (AIP) systems, increasing submerged endurance and mobility; automation, reducing crew size (and consequently, life-cycle costs) and improving habitability; electro-optical masts that can sweep the horizon with high-definition in seconds and drop out of sight; and new torpedoes and other weapons. On the near horizon is the the mating of SSKs with unmanned air and underwater vehicles (UUV).

Swedish Navy – Saunas, massages help Swedish sailors hunt pirates

Associated PressSaunas, massages help Swedish sailors hunt pirates

Pirate-hunting has come a long way since the Knights of Malta battled the Barbary Corsairs four centuries ago. Floggings, weevils and scurvy are out. Saunas, fresh bread and massages are in — at least aboard the Swedish warship Carlskrona, the flagship of the European Union’s force to hunt down Somali pirates, who have hijacked 23 ships this year.