Swedish Navy Chief: Russian Gray Zone Threats Makes Presence, Info-Sharing Critical

USNI News – The threat of Russian gray zone activity in Northern European waters makes at-sea presence and information-sharing all the more important, the chief of the Swedish Navy said today.

Swedish And US Navies Conduct Bilateral Drill In Baltic Sea

Naval News – Ships from the Swedish Navy’s 3rd and 4th Naval Warfare Flotillas have carried out a combined exercise with American units in the Baltic Sea. Sweden and the United States conduct recurring advanced exercises with the aim of strengthening joint defense capabilities and to contribute to enhanced stability in the region.

Saab’s A26 Submarine Program Transitioning From Design To Production

Naval News – Saab recently conducted an online Submarine Seminar, with a strong focus on the A26 program. The A26 design is the baseline on which Saab is building its next generation multi-role submarine offering. With the type already in production for the Swedish Navy, Saab is now seeking to make the A26 a world class reference in the conventional submarine market.

Sweden and the Blue Society: New Challenges For a Small Navy

CIMSEC – The Royal Swedish Academy of War Science is presently undertaking a study of strategic and operational requirements for the Swedish Armed Forces in the 2030 timeframe. Its naval section has recently published its findings in a book, Vår marin för ett tryggt Sverige och ett starkt Europa. Marin strategi 2030 (Our Navy for a Secure Sweden and a Strong Europe. Naval Strategy 2030). This article discusses some of its findings.

The Advanced Thinking Behind Sweden’s New A-26 Submarine

Forbes – Sweden’s next type of submarine, the A-26 Blekinge Class, promises to take stealth to another level. And not just by even quieter AIP. One of its secret ingredients will be uncrewed underwater vehicles (UUVs). 

A19 Submarine HSwMS Gotland Back In Swedish Navy Service Following Upgrade

Naval News – First-in-class submarine “Gotland” has been delivered to the Swedish Navy following a series of platform upgrades including a new AIP system and a combat system similar to the one set to be fitted aboard the next generation A26 submarine.

Swedish navy returns to vast underground HQ amid Russia fears

The Guardian – Sweden’s navy HQ is returning to a vast underground cold war fortress designed to withstand a nuclear attack, in what has been seen as a defensive move against a resurgent Russia.

Sweden’s Notorious Little Carrier Killing Sub Just Got Some Major Upgrades

War Zone – Gotland blazed a trail for modern air-independent propulsion equipped diesel-electric subs, wreaking havoc on U.S. carrier groups in drills.

Sweden’s Navy Asks: Please Don’t Live Stream Our Submarines

National Interest – Back in 2009, the Swedish town of Karlskrona had a brilliant idea to boost tourist traffic: install Web cameras overlooking the picturesque Swedish coast. But there was just one problem with this marketing gimmick: as a local writer pointed out this summer, the Karlskrona cameras were live streaming the nearby naval base—Sweden’s largest and home to the country’s fleet of five advanced non-nuclear submarines.

Swedish Navy – Sweden confirms foreign submarine entered its waters

Swedish Navy – Sweden confirms foreign submarine entered its waters – Sweden has confirmed that a small foreign submarine entered its waters in October, triggering the country’s biggest military operation in years.

Swedish Navy – Lessons from Sweden’s Sub Hunt

USNI News – The search for a mystery submersible says much about the state of the Swedish navy in particular, and European fleets in general. It should also prompt a new effort to address the need for high-end warfighting capabilities across European navies.

Swedish Navy – Mysteries of the deep – what’s been lurking in the Baltic Sea?

BBC – Sweden spent the past week trying, unsuccessfully, to find a foreign submarine thought to be lurking in its waters. But on Friday, having scoured the coast, the Swedish military called off the search. So what’s going on in the Baltic?

Swedish Navy – Swedes Could be Searching for Covert Russian Midget Sub

USNI News – The mystery submersible spotted in Swedish waters near Stockholm on Friday could be one of a handful of Soviet-era midget submarines operating from a mother ship in the Baltics and not likely a larger Russian Navy submarine.

Swedish Navy – Swedish search for ‘foreign sub’ focuses on Ingaro Bay

BBC – Naval vessels searching Swedish waters for a suspected foreign submarine are focusing on a bay near the capital Stockholm on the fifth day of the biggest such operation in years.

Swedish Navy – Sweden steps up ‘mystery sub’ hunt off Stockholm waters

BBC – The Swedish navy has stepped up its search in the waters off Stockholm amid suspicions that a Russian submarine might be in trouble there.

Swedish Navy – Sweden Claims 3 Credible Sightings In Submarine Hunt

AP – The Swedish military said Sunday it had made three credible sightings of foreign undersea activity in its waters during the past few days amid reports of a suspected Russian intrusion in the area.

Swedish Navy – Sweden steps up hunt for ‘foreign underwater activity’

ITV – Sweden has boosted its military presence in the Stockholm archipelago to search for “foreign underwater activity” in the county’s largest mobilisation of troops and ships since the end of the Cold War. Is a Russian submarine in trouble in Swedish waters?

Swedish Navy – Tomorrow’s Stealthy Subs Could Sink America’s Navy

Aviation Week – The U.S. military is relying on sub-hunting tech that’s decades old. Meanwhile, the targets they’re trying to find are getting quieter and more invisible by the day.

Swedish Navy – New Submarines Improve Performance

Defense Technology International – The original stealth weapons, submarines may be second only to unmanned systems in the degree to which they have exploited new technology in the past two decades. Major advances have included air-independent propulsion (AIP) systems, increasing submerged endurance and mobility; automation, reducing crew size (and consequently, life-cycle costs) and improving habitability; electro-optical masts that can sweep the horizon with high-definition in seconds and drop out of sight; and new torpedoes and other weapons. On the near horizon is the the mating of SSKs with unmanned air and underwater vehicles (UUV).