U.K., U.S Send Guided Missile Warships for Black Sea Sea Breeze 2017 Exercise

USNI News – Three NATO guided missile warships are set to exercise with Ukrainian forces in the Black Sea later this month.

U.S., Ukraine Exercise Sea Breeze Begins in Black Sea, Russia Promises to Observe

USNI News – The U.S. and Ukraine formally kicked off almost two weeks of naval exercises on Monday in and around the Black Sea as part of the latest iteration of Sea Breeze.

Ukranian Navy – Ukrainian Navy is Slowly Rebuilding

USNI News – Ukraine has recovered 28 ships from the Russian government following the Russian occupation of Crimea in March, according to information from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

Ukraine’s hobbled navy: “Times are not the best”

AP – Ukraine’s navy is in Odessa’s harbor, though it can be hard to spot. It’s tucked behind a collection of storage tanks and overshadowed by immense cargo vessels docked nearby. There are a couple dozen boats, few much larger than a decent-sized yacht and many in desperate need of repair. The government is begging the public to help pay their bills. This is what’s left of Ukraine’s fleet since Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula two months ago, taking with it the navy’s key base and most of its ships.

Ukranian Navy – Ukraine’s Last Ship

USNI News – The flagship of the Ukrainian sea service now sits parked in a commercial port in the picturesque seaside town of Odessa, more known for its nightclubs than its military infrastructure. Next to it floats a handful of tiny coastal boats sporting Ukraine’s colors, blue and yellow. This is all that’s left of Ukraine’s navy.

Ukranian Navy – Ukraine crisis: Tense stand-off aboard blockaded ship

BBC – The Slavutych is one of the two Ukrainian warships blockaded in the port of Sevastopol. As loaves of bread were being ferried aboard this morning, we managed to to get a launch to take us access – the first camera allowed on this ship since the standoff began a week ago.

Ukranian Navy – Ukrainian warship joins NATO anti-terror operation in Mediterranean

RIA Novosti – The corvette Ternopol of the Ukrainian Navy has sailed off from the Black Sea port of Sevastopol to join the NATO’s Active Endeavour mission in the Mediterranean