Marine Commandant: ‘The Farther You Back Away From China, They Will Move Toward You’

Breaking Defense – The Marine Corps is moving out on a new land-based missile designed to hold Chinese warships at bay.

The Marine Corps could soon take out enemy ships with Navy missiles

Defense News – The Marine Corps could soon get the Navy’s new Naval Strike Missile for use as a shore battery.

With US Marines seeking unmanned logistics to fight China, Textron sees opportunity

Defense News – The U.S. Marine Corps is looking for long-range unmanned surface vessels to resupply Marines on islands scattered around the Pacific, and Textron Systems thinks it has a solution.

Bataan ARG, 26 MEU Now Operating in the Middle East

USNI News – Amphib USS Bataan (LHD-5) is operating in the Red Sea as tensions between the U.S. and Iran continue to simmer.

Destination Unknown Volume 1

US Marine Corps University – The first graphic novel of short stories about future war released by the Krulak Center via Marine Corps University Press.

Don’t Go Too Crazy, Marine Corps

War on the Rocks – The Marine Corps is embarking on a 10-year restructuring to align itself with the National Defense Strategy, but in doing so, it risks ignoring the last 70 years of its history.

USS Bataan, Marines 26th MEU Heading to Middle East Amid Tensions with Iran

USNI News – Amid rising tensions with Iran, the Navy is scrapping an exercise with Morocco as it redirects amphibious assault ship USS Bataan (LHD-5) and embarked 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit to the Middle East

Expeditionary Advanced Maritime Operations: How the Marine Corps Can Avoid Becoming a Second Land Army in the Pacific

War on the Rocks – As the Marine Corps reorients towards great power competition in the Pacific, it faces the harsh reality that the uncontested maritime maneuver-space it once took for granted — upon which more than $3.4 trillion of annual international maritime trade and America’s most influential companies increasingly depend — is now blanketed with dense layers of Chinese long-range missile weapons engagement zones.

Mosaic Warfare: Small and Scalable Are Beautiful

War on the Rocks – The rapid and creative combination of small, cheap, flexible systems represents a new theory of victory: mosaic warfare.

Bataan Amphibious Ready Group, 26 Marine Expeditionary Unit Deploys

USNI News – The Bataan Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) is now deployed after picking up Marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) on Thursday.

CMC Berger Wants to Retool Kit for Leaner, Lethal Marine Corps

USNI News – Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. David Berger previewed a shift in focus for the Marine Corps soon after taking over the job this summer, with his Commandant’s Planning Guidance. Now, he’s previewing what that shift will mean for the gear the Marines use and how they spend their money, writing in an essay in War on the Rocks that the service is over-invested in gear to support traditional land wars and under-invested in naval expeditionary capabilities.

Here’s what the Marines’ information command centers will do

C4ISRNet – The Marine Corps is building new information command centers that will help commanders better understand the information environment.

The Navy and Marines want an integrated force for information warfare

C4ISRNet – To keep up with the changing nature of war and in response to nations such as China and Russia restructuring their militaries around a consolidated information warfare discipline, senior leaders at the Navy and Marine Corps recently said they are looking to boost their own prowess in that area.

Notes on Designing the Marine Corps of the Future

War on the Rocks – The Commandant says the Marine Corps is not optimized to meet the bold demands of the National Defense Strategy.

Boxer ARG, 11th MEU Wrap Up 5th, 7th Fleet Deployment

USNI News – After an eight-month deployment to the Middle East and Indo-Pacific, one thing the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit won’t offload this week is a platoon of M1A1 Abrams main battle tanks.

Give Marines and Soldiers Better Antiship Fires

USNI Proceedings – Land-based weapon systems hold tremendous promise in helping the Navy control the littorals.

Sacred Cows For What? Consider Force Structure Cuts to Marine Infantry

CIMSEC – Because of its size and relative lack of contribution to Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations, the Ground Combat Element and Marine infantry are the right places to start divesting to make room for the future.

Marines Tested Commandant’s New Vision In Largest Marine Exercise Since Cold War

Breaking Defense – The ambitious USMC Commandant says the exercises are shock testing “what we will expect to see in a realistic fight where large forces are spread out over great distances.”

The MAGTF is no longer sacred: The Marine Corps is looking at other ways to fight

Marine Corps Times – The concept that set the Marine Corps apart from the other services decades ago, the one that set up a particular way of warfare for generations of Marines, is no longer untouchable. The Marine Air-Ground Task Force may remain the way the Marines want to fight but increasingly it may not be what they will deliver when steel meets steel, especially in maritime spaces.

Aviation as the Key to Navy-Marine Integration

CIMSEC – The strength of the Navy and Marine Corps team is the use of seaborne mobility to achieve effects on land. New aviation platforms can reinvigorate this for the 21st century, making both the Navy and Marine Corps more survivable, deadly, and integrated.

Behold USS America Sailing With A Whopping 13 F-35Bs Embarked Aboard

War Zone – The Marines are inching closer and closer to executing their “Lightning Carrier” concept that would see amphibious assault ships bristle with F-35Bs.

The Counterrevolution in Naval Affairs

National Interest – Navy officials must formulate a concept that combines U.S. Marine and Navy forces, scatters them around the world, and yet preserves their unity as fighting forces despite physical distance and hostile efforts to fragment them.

Top Marine’s Force Changing Plans Prompt Talk Of Smaller Ships, F-35 Buy Changes

War Zone – The Commandant of the Marine Corps has a vision for a new way of fighting future wars and making regular deployments abroad.

Marine 2030 Force Design Is Nearly Complete; Concepts Now Being Modeled, Tested

USNI News – The Marine Corps is nearly done drawing out what its 2030 force will look like, and the service will spend the next month or so doing a significant amount of modeling and simulation to ensure they’ve got it right, the commandant said.