Kearsarge ARG, 22nd MEU Depart Norfolk For Deployment

USNI News – More than 4,500 sailors and Marines with the Kearsarge Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) and embarked 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) departed Norfolk on Monday for a deployment that will likely include visits to Europe and the Middle East.

The US Navy’s Amphibious Assault Renaissance: It’s More Than Ships and Aircraft

War on the Rocks – In the post-Cold War era, amphibious assault forces have not been the most capable part of the U.S. Navy. In the years after 9/11 — while the Marine Corps was engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan and not embarked in amphibious ships — the amphibious-assault fleet was, at best, an afterthought. Today, the Marine Corps is largely disengaged from land-centric conflicts and, in a move spearheaded by two former commandants, is “returning to its amphibious roots,” signaling a new emphasis on amphibious warfare.

Winning the Joint Fight

USNI Blog – It is important that the Marine Corps quickly take the lead in the expeditionary fires realm. However, it needs to leverage Army air defense and artillery capabilities and contacts to bring the idea to fruition and ultimately link-up under a Navy command and control umbrella.

Marine Corps Warfighting Lab Experiments Heading Toward Massive Sea Control Event

USNI News – The Marine Corps’ ongoing Sea Dragon experimentation campaign is working on one of the most pressing issues the naval force faces: how to incorporate the Marine Corps into the Navy’s battle for sea control.

Marines Riding On Cargo Ship To Pacific Exercises A Sign Of A More Flexible Deployment Strategy

War Zone – Using the cargo ship helps reduce demand on warships and puts more Marines in more places at any given time.

Marines See Future for Special Purpose MAGTFs Even As Ship Count Rises

USNI News – The Marine Corps may have expanded its use of ground-based Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Forces (SP-MAGTFs) in response to a shortage of amphibious ships to carry Marines around the globe, but Marine Corps leadership says the service is committed to these units even as the number of available amphibious ships is rising.

High North Exercise Tests Cold-Weather Skills of Navy, Marine Corps

USNI News – Today’s sailors and Marines have grown proficient at operating in the heat and sands of the Middle East, but the bitter cold and jagged lava rocks of Iceland in October is a new challenge to most of them.

Not Yet Openly at War, But Still Mostly at Peace: The Marine Corps’ Roles and Missions in and Around Key Maritime Terrain

War on the Rocks – As other great powers rise and swaths of the world fall victim to civil war and instability, policymakers are reconsidering and debating the roles and missions of America’s military services. The U.S. Marine Corps, of course, is not immune. What should the Marine Corps of the future look like? How can it deter and wage war against advanced peer competitors? And how can it do so in a way that complements the needs and efforts of the other services, most especially the U.S. Navy?

Marine Warbot Companies Are a Right of Boom Solutions for a Left of Boom World

War on the Rocks – The Warbots concept is certainly creative, but it is a right of boom solution for a left of boom world, and consequently risks ceding strategic ground.

Expanded Marine rotational force deploys to Norway

UPI – About 700 Marines have deployed to Norway, the first deployment of a larger Marine Corps presence in the country following a request earlier this year.

Is this the Marine Corps’ next amphibious combat vehicle?

Marine Corps Times – The winner of a contract to develop the Marine Corps new amphibious combat vehicle, the first of its kind in four decades, showcased a potential variant that would give commanders eyes on all areas of the littoral battlefield, on-board drones and targeted hand offs to any ACV in their formations.

Marines to Focus Investments on New Concepts, New Systems for the Future Fight

USNI News – Striking the right balance between funding today’s force and funding new capabilities for the future has always been a challenge, but Marine Corps leaders have firmly come down on the side of favoring modernization to win in a future fight.

Marine F-35Bs Fly First-Ever Strike Missions Against ‘Fixed Targets’ in Afghanistan (Updated)

War Zone – The debut combat missions for American Joint Strike Fighters came after the same jets conducted armed reconnaissance patrols near Somalia.

How the Marines Will Help the U.S. Navy and America’s Allies Win the Great Indo-Pacific War of 2025

War on the Rocks – The purpose of this article: a dispatch from four marines to our naval service leadership and the American people sharing ideas on how the Marine Corps can help the Navy, the joint force, and our allies win by averting — or, if necessary, succeeding in — the speculative Great Indo-Pacific War in 2025. This can be accomplished by maximizing the use of lethal, coordinated, and swarming Warbot combat teams. These distributed marines will be able to strike adversaries from every direction, both within the littorals as well as at stand-off range. In so doing, they’ll enable friendly naval maneuver, reassure allies, create countless “no win” dilemmas for adversaries, and buy space and time for U.S. policymakers.

Marine Corps Cancels AAV Survivability Upgrade

USNI News – The Marine Corps has canceled its Amphibious Assault Vehicle Survivability Upgrade effort with SAIC and will instead focus its efforts on the Amphibious Combat Vehicle that will eventually replace the AAV.

Marines Prepared to Use F-35Bs in Middle East Combat If Needed; No Other Naval Aviation Nearby

USNI News – The Marine Corps’ F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters are the only ship-based fixed-wing aircraft in the Middle East right now, and service leaders say the new jets are ready to handle any fight in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan they may be tasked with.

Marines Deploy First F-35Bs to the Middle East; 13th MEU, Essex ARG Test Battle Readiness

USNI News – Marines training on the ground on the Horn of Africa will see a new set of wings pulling the classic close air support mission: The F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter.

Framing Marine Corps Culture

USNI Proceedings – Marine Corps culture is rooted in the service’s long and storied history. Arguably, its culture is what differentiates it from other services and contributes to its fighting prowess and success.

Prepare to Fight in Megacities

USNI Proceedings – There are at least 35 megacities — or “dense urban areas” (DUAs), in doctrinal terms—in the world, most of them adjacent to littorals. Lagos, Nigeria; Mumbai, India; and Seoul, South Korea, to name just three, are among the many that also sit in active or potential conflict zones. The U.S. military almost certainly will have to fight in one or more of these 35 in the near future.

Navy, Marine Corps Racing to Increase Amphibious Fleet as Demand Rises

USNI News – The Navy and Marine Corps are running up against a deadline to add more amphibious warships to the fleet before older hulls start retiring.

Marine Warbot Companies: Where Naval Warfare, the U.S. National Defense Strategy, and Close Combat Lethality Task Force Intersect

War on the Rocks – The Marine Corps has a tendency toward paranoia over its institutional purpose – America doesn’t need a Marine Corps, America wants a Marine Corps. We were recently reminded that there are reasons this insecurity endures.

Marine KC-130Js Are Getting A Much More Potent Bolt-On Weapons And Sensor Kit

War Zone – The new Harvest Hawk Plus package is a significant improvement over the existing setup and will be easier for crews to install and use.

BAE Beats Upstart SAIC To Build Marine Amphibious Combat Vehicle

Breaking Defense – The initial contract announced today was just $198 million for the first 30 vehicles, to be delivered by next fall, but Marines want to replace approximately 870 existing AAVs with better-protected, more mobile ACVs “as rapidly as we can,” which will take into “the mid to late ’20s.”

Crisis Response Marines in Middle East Focused on Operations in Syria, Afghanistan

USNI News – The Marine Corps’ Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Crisis Response force in U.S. Central Command is becoming increasingly distributed across the Middle East as its role evolves, but it is gaining additional aircraft and a ship it can call upon to help support its vastly spread out operations.

Carriers Aren’t The Only Big Targets: The Challenges of Mobile Basing

Breaking Defense – For years, we’ve heard about how vulnerable aircraft carriers are to enemy fire. They’re big. They’re not that fast — compared to a missile. But a big airbase isn’t exactly mobile. While it can be hardened, its location is well known.