DARPA OpFires Can Provide The USMC With Mobile Hypersonic Missiles

Naval News – The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in collaboration with Lockheed Martin are developing the OpFires mobile medium-range hypersonic missile assembly to fit on the back of an U.S. Army’s Palletized Load System (PLS) 5-axle 10×10 truck. OpFires will provide the U.S. Army with a highly mobile vehicle for firing hypersonic missiles that is independent of the tractor and trailer combination for the longer-range (strategic) hypersonic missiles. The U.S. Marines may also be interested in OpFires as they use the similar Logistic Vehicle Replacement System (LVSR) 10×10 truck.

Cyber Marines could be empowered to act boldly under commandant’s future force vision

Defense News – As the U.S. Marine Corps continues to reshape the force through the commandant’s Force Design 2030 effort and the recently released Talent Management 2030 plan, cyber and information warfare Marines in the future may be further empowered to use their digital skills to create operational advantages for kinetic forces.

What Is NMESIS, The Marine Corps’ New Ship Killer?

Breaking Defense – The Marine Corps has dubbed its new ground-based, anti-ship missile as a top modernization priority and integral to the commandant’s Force Design 2030 efforts. Having progressed from an idea inside the Pentagon to a functional weapon on the shores of Hawaii in roughly two years’ time, NMESIS has quickly made a name for itself even beyond the tortured acronym.

Moving Marines Across the Pacific Could Be Littoral Combat Ship’s Next Mission

USNI News – The LCS might be ready for a new mission – moving Marines across the Indo-Pacific. As the U.S. Navy navigates a new era of strategic competition with China in a constrained fiscal environment, the service could turn to one of its pained ship programs to help perform the Marines Corps’ Expeditionary Advanced Based Operations (EABO) island-hopping campaign in the Pacific.

2,000 Marines Now in Afghanistan Assisting Evacuation as More Head to Haiti

USNI News – More than 2,000 Marines were supporting evacuation operations and security in Afghanistan, a senior official said Thursday, as the U.S. military hopes to maintain a semblance of control to process more Americans, Afghans and other evacuees onto military transport planes at the Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Meanwhile, more than 200 infantry Marines along with detachments of heavy vehicle crews are embarked on USS Arlington (LPD-24) to support humanitarian aid and disaster relief operations in Haiti after the devastating Aug. 14 magnitude-7.2 earthquake, the service said.