China Arming Venezuelan Navy With Anti-Ship Missiles

USNI News – Venezuela’s propaganda videos are showing off warships armed with new Chinese-made anti-ship missiles. The C-802A missile, supplied by Beijing to the Venezuelan Navy, is designed to take out surface ships at ranges of over 100 nautical miles. The sea-skimming missile is generally analogous to the Harpoon. This arms deal should greatly increase the reach and potency of President Nicolás Maduro’s navy.

Venezuela Sends SAMs, Rocket Artillery To Caribbean Outpost As Iranian Tankers Get Closer

War Zone – The Venezuelan military has pledged to protect the tankers, which are carrying gasoline, from any American attempts to seize them.

(Thanks to Alain)

This Venezuelan Patrol Ship Sunk Itself After Ramming A Cruise Liner With A Reinforced Hull

War Zone – The Venezuelan ship appears to have been trying to seize the cruise ship, which is designed to safely sail through icy waters.