Wargaming – The Long Zoom

New York Times Magazine – In an age of microscopic technologies and sweeping Google Earth panoramas, Will Wright, the worldís most successful video-game inventor, has set out to create a game (or is it the art form?) that will teach us how to really see. A preview of Spore, the ultimate game (or wargame?). What will be Spore’s applications in – and implications for – military education?

Wargaming – The Epistemology of War Gaming

US Naval War College Review – War games can produce valid knowledge, useful for planning and decisions, but they can also produce “valid-looking garbage.” There are principles that can help users and analysts tell the difference and avoid the pitfalls, but if game results are to merit reliably the confidence they are now given, the craft of gaming must become a profession.

Wargaming – Troops Learn to Not Offend

Wired – A seemingly harmless gesture could get a soldier in hot water, especially in a war-torn country. Body language that’s meaningless in the United States — such as showing the soles of one’s feet — is offensive in Iraq. So the American military is adopting a new video game created to help soldiers navigate the mysterious world of international nonverbal language.

Wargaming – Streamlined databases drive military simulation

Military & Aerospace Electronics – Improved displays and screens are helping engineers build sharper pictures, but the greatest improvement in military simulation and mission rehearsal has been in software. Military users strive to feed the simulators with real-world, nearly real-time data freshly collected from satellite-based sensors.

Wargaming – When War Games Meet Video Games

Wired – You’d hardly expect to find dozens of defense strategists setting aside two weeks at a time to play a video game. But then, Urban Resolve is no ordinary video game. Developed by the U.S. Joint Forces Command, or JFCom, a division of the Department of Defense, the $195,000 program is a combat simulation on a massive scale. It pits two opposing teams of soldiers against one another in a fight for control over a city under siege, and it’s capable of modeling the behavior of the nearly 1 million entities — the soldiers, civilians, cars, tanks and so on — that might exist in such a conflict.

Wargaming – The Global War Game

US Naval War College – The Newport Papers are extended research projects that the editor, the Dean of Naval Warfare Studies, and the President of the Naval War College consider of particular interest to policy makers, scholars, and analysts, and judge worthy of extensive, selective distribution.

Here are two Newport papers that trace the evolution of the US Navy’s Global War Game and its effect on US policy and strategy during the Cold War. Fascinating reading. Both papers are in PDF format.

Global War Game: The First Five Years (1979-1983)

Global War Game: Second Series (1984ñ1988)