Submarine “Riachuelo” reinforces Brazil’s sovereignty in the Blue Amazon

ElSnorkel – The “Riachuelo” is the first of a class of four conventional submarines with diesel-electric propulsion, which will allow greater deterrent power in the 5.7 million km2 of the Blue Amazon, whose rich waters, seabed and subsoil are important for economic, scientific and environmental development. It is in this maritime area where Brazilians carry out fishing activities, where 95% of Brazilian foreign trade passes and where biological and mineral resources are exploited.

(Thanks to Alain)

The Demobilization of Latin America’s Only Carrier: Brazil’s NAE Sao Paulo

CIMSEC – On 14 February, the Brazilian Navy announced that it will suspend the modernization of carrier NAe Sao Paulo (A12) and commence its demobilization and subsequent decommissioning. Oddly, the news is simultaneously surprising and unsurprising at the same time. The Brazilian Navy regarded the extension of the carrier’s operational life as one of its priorities, however, ongoing technical difficulties and rising costs have made it more feasible to get rid of it than to extend its service life. As Brazil is the only Latin American country that possesses an aircraft carrier, its decommissioning must be properly discussed in terms of regional geopolitics.

Status of Brazil’s Ambitious PROSUB Program

CIMSEC – In spite of Brazil’s political crisis, the Brazilian Navy has continued with its ambitious project of domestically constructing a new fleet of submarines, including a nuclear-powered platform. The first Scorpène-class submarine is expected to be launched in 2018, an important development though a couple of years behind schedule. However, the question remains: does Brazil require today, or will it require in the foreseeable future, an advanced submarine fleet?