Brazil’s Aircraft Carrier To Be Auctioned Off After Years Of Disappointment

War Zone – An effort is underway to try to turn the ship into a museum, while the fate of the Brazilian Navy’s carrier-based Skyhawk jets is now in question.

Atlantico, Brazil’s New Carrier

CIMSEC – Brazil’s new helicopter carrier, PHM Atlantico (A 140), docked in Rio de Janeiro on 25 August 2018 after sailing across the Atlantic Ocean from Plymouth, United Kingdom, its former home. The vessel is the new pride and joy of the Brazilian Navy. However, apart from possessing an imposing appearance, how is this vessel useful to Brazil?

The Demobilization of Latin America’s Only Carrier: Brazil’s NAE Sao Paulo

CIMSEC – On 14 February, the Brazilian Navy announced that it will suspend the modernization of carrier NAe Sao Paulo (A12) and commence its demobilization and subsequent decommissioning. Oddly, the news is simultaneously surprising and unsurprising at the same time. The Brazilian Navy regarded the extension of the carrier’s operational life as one of its priorities, however, ongoing technical difficulties and rising costs have made it more feasible to get rid of it than to extend its service life. As Brazil is the only Latin American country that possesses an aircraft carrier, its decommissioning must be properly discussed in terms of regional geopolitics.

Status of Brazil’s Ambitious PROSUB Program

CIMSEC – In spite of Brazil’s political crisis, the Brazilian Navy has continued with its ambitious project of domestically constructing a new fleet of submarines, including a nuclear-powered platform. The first Scorpène-class submarine is expected to be launched in 2018, an important development though a couple of years behind schedule. However, the question remains: does Brazil require today, or will it require in the foreseeable future, an advanced submarine fleet?

Brazilian Navy – Saab Gets A Toe In The Water

Aviation Week – Two Swedish delegations have recently visited the Brazilian aircraft carrier Sao Paulo in support of plans to develop a naval version of the JAS 39E/F Gripen fighter.

Brazilian Navy – Why Does Brazil Need Nuclear Submarines?

US Naval Institute ProceedingsWhy Does Brazil Need Nuclear Submarines?

Brazil’s developing nuclear program shows its increasing global prominence.

Brazilian Navy – Brazil to Develop Nuclear-Powered Submarine, with French Help

Defense Technology International – Brazil will spend $160 million by the end of 2009 to develop a nuclear-powered submarine aimed at protecting oil reserves found recently off the Brazilian coast, the defense ministry announced on August 29. It hopes the sub wil be completed by 2020.