Danes Prepare For New Role in A US Strike Group

Defense News – A large Danish frigate was again tucked into a berth at Fells Point in mid-November, an almost common sight. Four of Denmark’s five large frigates and command and support ships have visited this Maryland port in recent years. But this visit of the Peter Willemoes was different. This time, the Danes were in the US to train up with a US Navy carrier strike group and deploy as an integral part of a battle formation.

Danes Tout $340M Stanflex Frigate For US Navy – But What’s Real Cost?

Breaking Defense – Denmark really wants you to know they have a solution for the US Navy’s frigate problem. Pentagon officials are on the record that they’ll consider foreign designs in their quest for a more powerful small warship than the $450–$550 million, 3,400-ton Littoral Combat Ship. The Danish answer: their $340 million, 6,600-ton Iver Huitfeldt “Stanflex” frigate.

LCS Versus the Danish Strawman

CIMSEC – Many critics have assailed the Littoral Combatant Ship (LCS) program for its high cost in comparison with foreign, supposedly better armed and equipped equivalents. The Danish Iver Huitfeldt and Absalon class frigates are often cited as examples of cheaper, more capable small combatants in comparison with LCS. These claims are not well researched and are based on isolated points of data rather than any systemic analysis.