In the Baltic, shadowed by Russia, NATO allies focus on great power competition

Defense News – For the last two weeks, more than 40 NATO ships and 60 NATO aircraft have been operating in the Baltic Sea, with Russian observers never too far behind.

Danes Tout $340M Stanflex Frigate For US Navy – But What’s Real Cost?

Breaking Defense – Denmark really wants you to know they have a solution for the US Navy’s frigate problem. Pentagon officials are on the record that they’ll consider foreign designs in their quest for a more powerful small warship than the $450–$550 million, 3,400-ton Littoral Combat Ship. The Danish answer: their $340 million, 6,600-ton Iver Huitfeldt “Stanflex” frigate.

Russia threatens to aim nuclear missiles at Denmark ships if it joins NATO shield

Reuters – Russia threatened to aim nuclear missiles at Danish warships if Denmark joins NATO’s missile defense system, in comments Copenhagen called unacceptable and NATO said would not contribute to peace.

What the U.S. Navy Could Learn from Danish Frigate Design

USNI News – As the U.S. Navy’s requirements and engineering communities look at upcoming ship classes and attempt to build in flexibility, they first need to decide what it means to be a “flexible ship” and how much to prioritize that flexibility.

LCS Versus the Danish Strawman

CIMSEC – Many critics have assailed the Littoral Combatant Ship (LCS) program for its high cost in comparison with foreign, supposedly better armed and equipped equivalents. The Danish Iver Huitfeldt and Absalon class frigates are often cited as examples of cheaper, more capable small combatants in comparison with LCS. These claims are not well researched and are based on isolated points of data rather than any systemic analysis.

Danish Navy – Aboard Danish Frigate, Clean Lines and Room To Grow

Defense News – It is striking how the now-familiar smooth, angled architecture of today’s warships, intended to reduce visual, heat and other signatures, is also somehow inherently Danish-modern. And the first thing one notices after boarding this ship is how clean and spotless everything is — almost relentlessly clean.

Danish Navy – Nordic warships ready mission to help collect Syria chemical arms

AFP – A Danish and a Norwegian frigate are anchored in the Cypriot port of Limassol awaiting orders to sail for Syria and help collect part of the regime’s deadly chemical arsenal.

Danish Navy – Northern Coasts 2011

Defense Technology International – Exercise Northern Coasts (NOCO) 2011 is being conducted in the western Baltic Sea during Sept. 12-23. This year, NOCO, the largest naval exercise in the Baltic, is being combined with the Danish naval exercise DANEX.

Danish Navy – Piracy Watch: Absalon, Absalon!

The Best DefensePiracy Watch: Absalon, Absalon!

People tend to neglect the contributions of smaller nations like Denmark in the war against piracy. Here is a nice reminder.

Danish Navy – Danish navy blows up 'pirate' ship

The TimesDanish navy blows up ‘pirate’ ship

Danish forces have scuppered a vessel belonging to Somali pirates after rescuing its crew in a storm.