Netherlands is Heading Back to High Seas

International Policy Digest – The end of an era has come, as the Netherlands send their 4 attack submarines off to a well-deserved retirement. With the replacement fleet, the Netherlands will reinforce its leading position, both within Europe and NATO, as one of the few truly sovereign high-sea fleets. But before positioning once again as the submarine experts of the continent, the Netherlands need new submarines.

Dutch Navy – Bleak Christmas for Dutch naval crew

Radio NetherlandsBleak Christmas for Dutch naval crew

The crew of a Dutch Royal Navy frigate off the Somali coast is facing the prospect of a bleak Christmas this year. Instead of going home to enjoy the festive season with their families, they are stuck with 13 Somali prisoners on board with no country willing to take them.

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Dutch Navy – Dutch Plan for Their Largest Naval Ship Ever

Defense Technology International – The backbone of a modern, 21st-century navy isn’t its surface combatants or submarines. It is the large amphibious and/or logistic support ships it can deploy to trouble spots around the world, carrying helicopters, hospital facilities, an embarked landing force, supplies, fuel and a suite of C4I facilities. The Netherlands is planning to build its largest ship ever to be able to do just that.