Dutch Marines Prepare For Arctic Warfare With New Machine Gun-Armed Sleds

War Zone – Competition in the Arctic is heating up and the Netherlands, along with other NATO members, is preparing for potential conflict in the region.

Dutch JSS Karel Doorman Set Sails To The Caribbean For COVID-19 Relief Mission

Naval News – The Royal Netherlands Navy’s HNLMS Karel Doorman set sails for the Caribbean this morning. The Joint Logistic Support Ship (JSS) has been tasked by the Dutch Ministry of Defense to support civilian authorities in fighting the COVID-19 if the situation calls for it.

Netherlands is Heading Back to High Seas

International Policy Digest – The end of an era has come, as the Netherlands send their 4 attack submarines off to a well-deserved retirement. With the replacement fleet, the Netherlands will reinforce its leading position, both within Europe and NATO, as one of the few truly sovereign high-sea fleets. But before positioning once again as the submarine experts of the continent, the Netherlands need new submarines.

Dutch Navy – The Dutch Were Powerless When Russian Warships Entered Their Waters

War is Boring – Russia’s only aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov recently passed through the English Channel and into The Netherlands’ exclusive economic zone. But the Dutch navy had no ships available for escort duty.

Dutch Navy – Rotterdam vs. Dhow, 1:0

Aviation Week – Yesterday’s engagement between a suspect dhow and the Royal Netherlands Navy landing ship dock Hr.Ms. Rotterdam was an uneven fight, despite sustained fire by suspected pirates.

Dutch Navy – Yo Ho Rotterdam!

Aviation Week – The Royal Netherlands Navy (RNN) landing platform dock Hr. Ms. Rotterdam left its home port of Den Helder yesterday to participate in NATO’s Operation Ocean Shield counterpiracy mission off the coast of Somalia.

Dutch Navy – Dutch Reinforce Ocean Shield

Defense Technology International – The Dutch parliament yesterday approved reinforcements of NATO’s Operation Ocean Shield counterpiracy mission while delaying a decision to expand the EU’s parallel Operation Atalanta until after parliamentary elections in September.

Dutch Navy – Yo Ho Dolfijn!

Defense Technology International – The Royal Netherlands Navy submarine Hr. Ms. Dolfijn returned to the port of Den Helder on 1 June after a three-month deployment as part of NATO’s Operation Ocean Shield counter-piracy mission off the Somali coast.

Piracy – Netherlands Increases Number of Vessel Protection Detachments

Defense Technology International – The Netherlands plans to deploy 50 vessel protection detachments (VPDs) to protect vulnerable ships from Somali pirates in 2012, ten times the number deployed so far this year.

Dutch Navy – Dutch Sweep Libyan Mines

Defense Technology International – The Royal Netherlands Navy minehunter Hr. Ms. Haarlem is hunting mines with its hull-mounted sonar and exploding those found with its Seafox unmanned underwater vehicles.

Dutch Navy – Somali Pirates Get Amsterdamned

Defense Technology International – Somali pirates have been taught another lesson by the Royal Netherlands Navy’s Fast Combat Support Ship Amsterdam. Yesterday, the Amsterdam intercepted a group of pirates off the Somali coast, and not for the first time.

Dutch Navy – Support Ship Escorts Somali Food Supplies

Defense Technology International – The Royal Netherlands Navy support ship Hr. Ms. Amsterdam yesterday escorted a ship delivering supplies to Somalia for the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP).

Dutch Navy – Bleak Christmas for Dutch naval crew

Radio NetherlandsBleak Christmas for Dutch naval crew

The crew of a Dutch Royal Navy frigate off the Somali coast is facing the prospect of a bleak Christmas this year. Instead of going home to enjoy the festive season with their families, they are stuck with 13 Somali prisoners on board with no country willing to take them.

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Dutch Navy – Dutch Plan for Their Largest Naval Ship Ever

Defense Technology International – The backbone of a modern, 21st-century navy isn’t its surface combatants or submarines. It is the large amphibious and/or logistic support ships it can deploy to trouble spots around the world, carrying helicopters, hospital facilities, an embarked landing force, supplies, fuel and a suite of C4I facilities. The Netherlands is planning to build its largest ship ever to be able to do just that.

Dutch Navy – Radical Departure

Defense Technology International – The Royal Netherlands Navy is pursuing an Integrated Mast concept for a “radically new” naval sensor and communications suite for anti-air and surface warfare.

Dutch Navy – Bright Archer Takes Off

Defense Technology International – Both landing platform dock (LPD) ships of the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN), HrMs Johan de Witt (L 801) and Rotterdam (L 800) are en-route to an area southwest of England today for the first exercise of the NLMARFOR one-star battle staff using the command facilities on the new, yet-to-be-commissioned, Johan de Witt.

Dutch Navy – The Great Escape

Aviation Week – Escaping from a stricken submarine stranded on the bottom of the sea is a dangerous business. But escaping from a sub that’s still on the surface can be just as perilous — especially as many submarines have no life rafts and crew members are forced to rely on individual survival gear.

Dutch Navy – French trawler 'was sunk by sub'

BBC – Marine accident experts investigating the sinking of a French trawler off the English coast last year have said the accident was caused by a submarine.