Radical New Stealth Submarine, Type-212CD, Will Be Much Larger

Naval News – Submarines rely on stealth to maintain the element of surprise and escape threats. For decades this has focused on reducing the noise emitted by the submarine. A resurgence of using active sonar to locate submarines now means that new stealth measures may be required. German submarine builder TKMS appears to be the first to apply radical stealth shaping.

Frigate Bayern in the Pacific: The Return of German Gunboat Diplomacy?

CIMSEC – The German government recently announced the deployment of the frigate Bayern to the South China Sea. With this deployment, Berlin is aiming to send a strong signal to its European and American allies. However, it is one that comes with an exit strategy of a kind that is unique to the use of naval forces. On one hand, Germany wants to be seen as standing up against unilateral Chinese appropriation of international waters. On the other hand, China’s potential counterreactions need to be closely monitored and dangerous escalation avoided, especially in light of China’s current conventional and nuclear capabilities, and Germany’s economic dependence on the Middle Kingdom.

Type 212CD: Germany’s Stealth Submarine That Could Sink Anything?

National Interest – In a press release, the German Ministry of Defense announced the conclusion of a contract agreement between Norway, Germany, and Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems for six new Type 212 submarines to be delivered to the German and Norwegian navies. Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is a German shipbuilding company that also designs and builds some of the world’s most advanced non-nuclear submarines.

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Why Europe keeps sending warships to South China Sea?

China Mil – A German frigate would set sail for the Indo-Pacific region early August this year and sail through the South China Sea on its way back about six months later, reported the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a German newspaper, on March 2 citing several senior officials at the German foreign and defense ministries. Reuters said it that would be the first German warship crossing the South China Sea since 2002.

German Navy chief of staff: The naval force is preparing for challenges beyond 2020

Defense News – The German government’s 2016 defense whitepaper picked up on the fragility and volatility of the political and security landscape around Europe shown in recent years and provided a new strategic outline for the German armed forces and the German Navy. Strategically we have to equally balance collective and national defense with the tasks of international crisis management.