Germany Anticipates Growing Role In Indo-Pacific Region

Naval News – The German Government recently formulated the interests, principles and central areas of German policy in the Indo-Pacific region. The new guidelines are also a contribution to a possible EU-European Union overall strategy for the region.

German Navy F124-Class Frigate ‘Hamburg’ Deploys To Join EUNAVFOR Operation Irini

Naval News – The German Navy (Deutsche Marine) F124 Sachsen-class frigate “Hamburg” set sails today to take part in the European Union’s EUNAVFOR MED IRINI operation in the Mediterranean Sea.

Clausewitz, Corbett, and Corvettes

CIMSEC – Russian appetite for serious mischief-making in the north is, thankfully, considered to be low. But it should prompt us to widen our peripheral vision – to the Mediterranean, the near east, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific, where we do in fact see a lot more maritime activity.

German Navy chief of staff: The naval force is preparing for challenges beyond 2020

Defense News – The German government’s 2016 defense whitepaper picked up on the fragility and volatility of the political and security landscape around Europe shown in recent years and provided a new strategic outline for the German armed forces and the German Navy. Strategically we have to equally balance collective and national defense with the tasks of international crisis management.

Navies, companies push for torpedo-killing torpedoes

Defense News – Naval forces worldwide are pushing the idea of anti-torpedo torpedoes, with varying success, aiming to translate the promises of missile defense technology into undersea warfare.

German Type 212 Sub Has This ‘Propeller Boss Vortex Diffuser’ To Reduce Its Acoustic Signature

War Zone – Not much is known about the system, but it’s based on similar principals as finned systems commercial ships use to increase efficiency.

German navy returns to treating the Baltic Sea as a potential theater of war

Defense News – The German navy inaugurated its first-ever class of officers leading the multinational Baltic Maritime Component Command today, providing fresh evidence that military planners here take seriously the possibility of a military confrontation with Russia in Germany’s once-pacified back yard.

German Navy’s Woes Continue With Its Pair of Ex-Liberian Tankers Stuck Broken In Port

War Zone – The service can’t meet near-term NATO obligations and has no ships in reserve to rapidly support any extended naval operations in a crisis.

The Curious Case Of Germany’s Massive New But Relatively Toothless Type 125 “Frigates”

War Zone – These odd destroyer sized ships are built for stabilization, crisis management, conflict prevention, and international intervention operations.

All of Germany’s submarines are currently down

Defense News – The German Navy’s six-strong fleet of submarines is completely out of commission after the only operational sub had an accident off the coast of Norway on Sunday.

German Navy to receive five additional K130 corvettes

Janes – Germany will buy an additional five K130 type corvettes in 2017 to offset delays to the MKS 180 Multi-Role Combat Ships (MRCSs) program.

The Baltic Sea and Current German Naval Strategy

CIMSEC – With the deteriorating relations between the West and Russia in the wake of Crimea’s annexation and the hybrid war in Eastern Ukraine since early 2014, the Baltic Sea is suddenly thrust back into the spotlight of naval planners, policy analysts, and students of strategic geography alike. This article lays out some principles of looking at the Baltic Sea through the lens of the German Navy, which – while busy conducting a host of maritime security operations (MSO) in such far-flung places as the Horn of Africa, the coast of Lebanon, and the Central Mediterranean for more than two decades – finds itself returning conceptually to one of its home waters.

Bundeswehr night patrol for refugees on Mediterranean

Deutsche Welle – The Bundeswehr’s Frankfurt am Main warship is patrolling the Mediterranean as part of the European Union’s Operation Sophia. It’s a round-the-clock job for the crew. DW’s Daniel Pelz followed the night watch.

German Navy – German Navy Completes K 130 Fleet

Aviation Week – The German navy’s 1st Corvette Squadron received its fourth K 130 Braunschweig class corvette, the Erfurt, yesterday during a ceremony at Rostock-Warnemünde naval base on the Baltic Sea.

German Navy – Early Retirement For German Navy Patrol Boats And Minehunters

Defense Technology International – The German navy has decided to retire early the Type 143A fast patrol boats (FPBs) Nerz and Dachs and the Type 333 minehunters Kulmbach and Laboe on 31 March 2012.

German Navy – Stranded Egyptians sail home on German warships

Associated Press – After being robbed by Libyan soldiers and huddling in a transit camp on the Tunisian border for several days, some 400 laborers fleeing Libya found themselves on perhaps the strangest stretch of their odyssey – a ride home in three German warships.

German Navy – Anti-piracy Debut For Hamburg

Defense Technology International – The Hamburg will be the first F124 Sachsen class frigate to participate in the EU Operation Atalanta anti-piracy mission.

German Navy – Schleswig-Holstein Joins Operation Atalanta

Defense Technology InternationalSchleswig-Holstein Joins Operation Atalanta

The German navy’s frigate Schleswig-Holstein left the North Sea port of Wilhelmshaven yesterday to join the EU’s Operation Atalanta anti-piracy mission off the coast of Somalia. The warship will relieve the frigate Emden, which has been on deployment since January.

German Navy – What's German For "Avast, Lubberly Scum"?

Defense Technology InternationalWhat’s German For “Avast, Lubberly Scum”?

The German Ministry of Defense will make up to 1,400 military personnel available for the EU’s anti-piracy naval operation…The frigate that Germany plans to contribute to the mission only requires 500 men for alternating crews but it is also planned to place commandos on German-owned cargo ships.

German Navy – Littoral Stealthy Corvette

Defense Technology International – Today the German navy corvette Magdeburg will enter service in Warnemuende, base of the First Corvette Squadron. It will be the second corvette of five of the Braunschweig K130 class, the most modern ships in service with the German navy.

German Navy – Submerged IDAS Missile Firing is Milestone for Undersea Warfare

Defense Technology International – A German navy submarine has achieved a major milestone in undersea warfare by successfully test firing a fiber-optically-guided IDAS (Interactive Defense and Attack system for Submarines) missile from a submerged position yesterday.

German Navy – Germany Fields Braunschweig-Class

Defense Technology International – The Germany navy this week has formally put into service the K-130 Braunschweig corvette, the first of five boats in a new class.

German Navy – Ready for Service: New German Corvette

Defense Technology International – The German navy next month plans to formally put into service the K 130 corvette Braunschweig. It is the first in a five-ship class.