Israeli Navy – Israeli Navy Intercepts Missile-Loaded Cargo Vessel Bound For Gaza

Defense Technology International – Israeli naval vessels intercepted the Liberian-flagged cargo ship ‘Victoria’ about 200 miles west of the Israeli coast, after intelligence reports indicated the vessel could be carrying arms shipments destined for Gaza. An initial investigation revealed the ship was loaded with C-704 anti-ship missiles – shore-to-sea missiles with a range of 35 km that could put at risk Israeli vessels at sea as well as strategic infrastructure targets near Ashkelon.

Israeli Navy – How the flotilla bound for Gaza Strip sailed into death at sea

The TimesHow the flotilla bound for Gaza Strip sailed into death at sea

The shockwaves from the Israeli commando raid on the Mavi Marmara passenger ferry were still reverberating around the world last night, as Israel scrambled to defend its battered reputation. Already damaged after the Gaza war and a fumbled Mossad assassination of a Hamas militant in Dubai, it faced even tougher scrutiny as it began to examine what happened, and why.