Between the Giants: The Future of the Taiwanese Navy in an Era of Great Power Competition

CIMSEC – In this new era of great power competition the ROCN is designed to maximize utility with a small budget while facing a much wealthier and larger adversary. The small surface fleet patrols and guards the island’s territorial waters, while the anti-invasion force is designed to ensure that the PLA will not be able to land troops on the beach without paying a heavy toll. The future of the ROCN is likely one of further bifurcation, with the anti-invasion fleet continuing to dwarf the surface fleet. Pursuant to its hedgehog strategy, the ROCN will concentrate on raising the cost of conflict with China in the years to come in an attempt to prevent Chinese aggression, while the surface fleet will conduct goodwill tours and conduct joint operations with allies to build relationships and raise Taiwan’s image abroad.

Is South Korea Involved In Taiwan’s Indigenous Submarine Project ?

Naval News – While the involvement of American, European and Japanese submarine experts has been rumored several times in the past, South Korea seldom got mentioned…

F-16V Fighters For Taiwan: $8 Billion Well Spent? Yes and No

National Interest – James Holmes writes that it is incumbent on President Tsai and her advisers to mull the opportunity costs of the looming F-16V purchase. What Taipei spends on Vipers cannot be spent on something else, barring a major increase in the fraction of GDP allocated to defense. If $8 billion would buy platforms and weapons with greater operational and strategic heft, budgeteers should redirect funding to procure them.

Taiwan Retooling Defenses to Counter a ‘Belligerent’ China

USNI News – Taiwan is emphasizing asymmetric defenses from mines to anti-ship missiles, overhauling its reserve forces and professionalizing its military structure to better defend itself from “a more belligerent and aggressive” China, the island’s president said Wednesday.

Taiwanese F-16s Begin Flying Patrols With Live Harpoon Anti-Ship Missiles To Deter China

War Zone – Two Taiwanese F-16A Vipers have flown air patrol missions armed with live AGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missiles. Taiwan’s Liberty Times said the missions were launched amid fears of imminent Chinese military exercises that are expected to be designed to simulate capture of the Taiwan-administered Dongsha Islands, in the northern area of the South China Sea.

Taiwan sends marines to reinforce South China Sea outpost amid reports of major PLA landing drill

South China Morning Post – Taiwan’s military has sent a marine company to reinforce the garrison on a small outpost in the South China Sea amid reports that the People’s Liberation Army was planning a simulated attack on the islets.

Taiwan Launches 1st Mine Laying Ship For ROC Navy

Naval News – A launching ceremony was held on August 4th at Taiwanese shipbuilder Lungteh Shipbuilding for the 1st Min Jiang-class mine laying ships.

The Taiwan missile tech aimed at keeping a PLA attack at bay

South China Morning Post – Taiwan has a stockpile of missiles that by some estimates is the world’s biggest in terms of number per unit of area.

Taiwan Wants Land-Based Harpoon Anti-Ship Missiles To Counter Growing Chinese Naval Power

War Zone – Taiwanese authorities say that they are looking to buy ground-launched Harpoon anti-ship missiles and mobile launchers to augment the island’s coastal defenses.

Taiwan to fire up missile programme as Tsai puts focus on asymmetric warfare against mainland China

South China Morning Post – Taiwan is expected to step up the development of missiles able to strike mainland China in the face of growing military threats by Beijing.

Taiwan Launched A 600 Ton Coast Guard Cataraman That Can Fire 16 ASM

Naval News – Taiwanese shipyard Jong Shyn Shipbuilding launched a new 600 tons patrol vessel for the Coast Guard on 27 April 2020. Based on the ROC Navy catamaran corvette, the new patrol vessel can be fitted with up to 16x anti-ship missiles.

Taiwan Starts Construction On 3rd & 4th Mine Laying Ship

Naval News – A keel laying ceremony was held on April 17 at Taiwanese shipbuilder Lungteh Shipbuilding for the 3rd and 4th Min Jiang-class mine laying ships. The vessels are being built for the Republic of China (ROC) Navy.

Taiwan military stages exercise to fight off mock invasion

South China Morning Post – Taiwan has staged large-scale military drills throughout the island, including an exercise to repel an invading force, against a backdrop of rising tensions with Beijing.

Taiwan’s Next Batch Of Stealthy Catamarans Will Have Serious Mine-Laying Capabilities

War Zone – Taiwan says it has started construction of a trio of stealthy missile corvettes with what appear to be racks for naval mines on the stern, as well as four dedicated minelayers.

Why Taiwan Needs New Submarines to Deter China

National Interest – Even a single boat can throw an opponent’s strategy askew in modern naval warfare, as both the Argentine and British navies learned during the Falklands War of 1982. Time for Taiwan to get new submarines.

A Question of Time: Improving Taiwan’s Maritime Deterrence Posture

CIMSEC – A call for Taiwan’s navy to change its current acquisition priorities and embrace an unconventional-asymmetric doctrine of sea denial.

‘We won’t retreat an inch’: Taiwan enlists US-made submarine hunters to repel Beijing threats

South China Morning Post – Taiwan’s navy has commissioned two former US Perry-class guided missile frigates to boost the self-ruled island’s anti-submarine defences, with the island’s president vowing not to back down in the face of growing military threats from Beijing.

Hope on the Horizon: Taiwan’s Radical New Defense Concept

War on the Rocks – Last year, Taiwan’s Chief of the General Staff, Adm. Lee Hsi-ming quietly proposed a revolutionary new approach to Taiwan’s defense, called the Overall Defense Concept. This new concept, if effectively implemented, could turn the tables and give Taiwan a fighting chance of preventing China from being able to take it by force.

Taiwan Wants To Speed Up Construction Of Its New Missile-Toting Stealthy Catamarans

War Zone – The Taiwanese Navy is in desperate need of the additional ships to at all keep pace with China, but they’re still years away from entering service.

Taiwan President Announces Start of Domestic Submarine Program

USNI News – The president of Taiwan announced the start of a domestic submarine program. Taiwan estimates the process will take ten years for the first attack boat to be ready – four for design, four for construction and two additional years of testing.