Turkish universal landing ship Anadolu on the water

BMPD – built for the Turkish Navy at the Turkish shipyard Sedef Tuzla Tersanesi in Tuzla (southern outskirts of the Asian part of Istanbul) by Sedef Gemi İnşaatı Sanayii A.Ş (part of the Turkon holding) the first Turkish universal landing ship (UDC) L 400 Anadolu first surfaced in the enterprise’s dry 310-meter-filled construction dock, and then was towed from the dock to the extension wall. The actual descent of the UDC on the water was carried out without special ceremonies.

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The Turkish Navy in an Era of Great Power Competition

War on the Rocks – The Turkish navy’s transformation resonates strongly with the political and social leanings of Turkey’s sitting president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

This remote controlled ‘naval mine’ attaches to ships, explodes on command

Defense News – A leading Turkish drone manufacturer says it developed a “mobile naval mine” that can blow up warships of all types.

Greek and Turkish warships in standoff in Aegean sea

The Guardian – Greek and Turkish warships were involved Sunday in a brief faceoff near a group of disputed Greek islets in the Aegean, coinciding with renewed tensions between Athens and Ankara.

Shoulder-Fired Surface-To-Air Missiles Spotted Aboard Russian Navy Ship In Turkish Strait

FoxtrotAlpha – Turkish-Russian relations are in the gutter since the downing of that attack jet, yet it is not exactly a relationship in which one party can just ignore the other. Both economies are intertwined and Russia has to pass through Turkey’s Bosphorus Strait in order to access the Mediterranean from the Black Sea. Turkey may have reminded Russia of this very recently, but it still does not explain why Russian sailors were donning shoulder-fired surface-air-missiles today during one of Russia’s amphibious ship’s transits.

Turkey May Be Hinting At Playing Its Trump Card, Blocking Russia’s Bosphorus Access

FoxtrotAlpha – Turkey, and especially Istanbul, has been called the crossroads of the world, geographically and commercially connecting Europe with Asia, and the Mediterranean with the Black Sea. The latter of which happens to be crucial to Russian shipping and especially its naval operations, acting as a corridor for the Black Sea Fleet to access the world. With tensions broiling over Turkey’s shooting-down of a Russian Su-24, and with Russian sanctions looming, Turkey may be brandishing its ultimate “soft power” weapon in hopes of controlling Moscow’s response; shutting down or slowing Russia’s access to the strategic nexus between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, the Bosphorus Strait.

Turkish Navy – Upgrading the Classic FFG for Modern Combat

Defense News – The Oliver Hazard Perry guided missile frigates are one of the most numerous warships classes built since World War II. The first ships entered service in the 1980s, but many still serve under the flags of other nations, all of whom are intensely interested in keeping these vintage ships as effective as possible.

Turkish Navy – Turkish military ship raises hackles in oil and gas hunt

Globe and Mail – The Turkish research vessel, Koka Piri Reis, continues to raise hackles among countries around the eastern Mediterranean.

Turkish Navy – Turkish PM says navy will escort aid ships to Gaza

Associated Press – Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stepped up his belligerent rhetoric against Israel, saying that the country’s warships will escort Turkish Gaza-bound aid ships in the future to prevent a repeat of last year’s Israeli raid on a flotilla that killed nine people.

Turkish Navy – Turkish navy to help enforce Libya embargo

Al Jazeera – Ankara offers ships and submarine to help enforce arms embargo on Libya as talks over NATO’s role in Libya continue.

Turkish Navy – Turkish Navy Orders Maritime Patrol Aircraft

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Turkish Navy – Turkey Launches its First Indigenous Coastal Minesweeper

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