Turkish warship warns Greek ship not to enter its waters

AP – A Turkish warship issued a warning to a Greek research vessel to prevent it entering what Turkey considers its territorial waters, Turkey’s Defense Ministry said Wednesday. The showdown came a year after tensions in the eastern Mediterranean threatened to escalate into open conflict between the neighbors and NATO allies.

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The Mavi Vatan Doctrine and Blue Homeland Anthem: A Look at Turkey’s Maritime Worldview

CIMSEC – Turkey’s concept of mavi vatan represents an idea, a symbol, and a doctrine. As an idea, mavi vatan encompasses Turkey’s maritime interests; as a symbol, Turkey’s eponymous military exercise in 2019 demonstrated its maritime jurisdiction claims and the potential of the Turkish Navy and Turkey’s maritime capabilities; and, as a doctrine, mavi vatan guides the defense of Turkish sovereignty at sea, including the control of Turkey’s continental shelf and exclusive economic zone (EEZ). 

Turkish shipyard sails into unveiling 1st unmanned anti-submarine warfare boat

Daily Sabah – The Turkish Ares Shipyard, which has developed the country’s first armored unmanned surface vessel (AUSV), in cooperation with Ankara-based Meteksan Defense Industry Inc., has now rolled up its sleeves to produce an unmanned anti-submarine warfare (ASW) vehicle, again marking a breakthrough for the local defense industry.

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Turkish independence in naval systems: two new torpedoes from Roketsan

European Defense Review – Attack systems are definitely among those that might be most easily submitted to embargo, hence the decision to develop national torpedo solutions to arm submarines and surface ships. The first development started long time ago at Roketsan, the initial decision to develop the Akya 533 mm heavyweight torpedo dating back to 2009. The Akya will enter the Turkish Navy inventory during the current year, qualification is ongoing, while the company has already started the series production phase in order to have the system operational by 2022.

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Turkey To Deploy MIUS Unmanned Combat Aircraft From LHD Anadolu

Naval News – On July 20, Turkey’s Baykar Defense company introduced the MIUS Project, an autonomous combat aircraft, by releasing concept design images via Twitter. The most notable feature of the images is that the MIUS takes off from Turkey’s future Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) “Anadolu.” This was unexpected because MIUS had never previously been declared to be deployed aboard a naval asset.

Turkey Releases New Image Showing LHD Anadolu Carrying Drone

Naval News – After Turkey was removed from the F-35 project by the U.S. because of Turkey’s S-400 air defence system purchase from Russia, the Turkish Defence Industries Presidency announced that they have been working on deploying “TB-3 Bayraktar” Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAV) on Turkey’s future Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) Anadolu instead of F-35B aircraft which has vertical take-off and landing capability.

Analysis: The Future Of The Turkish Navy

Naval News – The presence and visibility of the Turkish Naval Forces have increased considerably within the Blue Homeland doctrine framework for several years. Regional disputes require Turkish naval forces to deploy more at sea. Thus, the Turkish defense industry’s national policy has supported the continuously active Turkish Navy, and a force composition is formed with indigenous weapons and systems.

‘Blue Homeland’ and the Irredentist Future of Turkish Foreign Policy

War on the Rocks – Turkey and Greece, two NATO allies, nearly experienced a full-fledged military conflict in August. Two of their warships collided during a naval standoff over hydrocarbon exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean. This follows a similar naval incident in June between three Turkish vessels and the frigate of another NATO ally, France, prompting an inquiry that the alliance has been trying to keep under wraps to prevent further discord among its ranks. Behind these incidents lies Turkey’s embrace of an assertive naval concept, namely the “blue homeland,” that is poised to disrupt the transatlantic alliance in the years to come.

Blue Homeland: The Heated Politics Behind Turkey’s New Maritime Strategy

War on the Rocks – “Mavi vatan,” or “blue homeland,” has become a common phrase in Turkish political life. It is most often used as a shorthand expression for Ankara’s maritime claims in the eastern Mediterranean. Central to these interests is the presence of large deposits of natural gas off the coast of the island of Cyprus. For Turkey, the lion’s share of these deposits lies within what Turkey interprets is its exclusive economic zone. Such a stance, however, is at odds with claims made by Greece and the Republic of Cyprus.