Integrate With the Marines, and Who Else?

CIMSEC – In December 2019, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael M. Gilday, released his FRAGO A Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority. The FRAGO harped on integration with the Marine Corps – mentioning it seven times over the course of the short, eight-page document…But there is still a piece missing – where is the Coast Guard?

Cutter Funding Welcomed But More Investments Needed to Sustain Coast Guard

USNI News – While the Coast Guard Fiscal Year 2021 budget funded two important cutters programs, the service’s top official said more investment is needed to support the demanding daily operations at sea and at home. That includes closing the growing backlog of infrastructure repairs and updating failing information technology and communications systems.

Connectivity Maketh the Cutter

USNI Proceedings – The Coast Guard envisioned a networked fleet sharing information and coordinating efforts, but underway connectivity—even for the new national security cutters—remains its Achilles heel.

Reorienting the Coast Guard: A Case For Patrol Forces Indo-Pacific

War on the Rocks – If the U.S. Department of Defense is serious about emerging from a period of strategic atrophy, the U.S. Coast Guard’s international posture should also change to reflect America’s emphasis on great power competition.

Rethink Coast Guard Priorities

USNI Proceedings – A shift from drug interdiction to fisheries protection could be a better use of funds, protect U.S. natural resources, and contribute to mission success.

U.S. Coast Guard Mulling More Operations in Oceania

USNI News – The U.S. Coast Guard is looking at longer deployments to the Western Pacific region following the successful execution of the Operation Aiga deployment to Samoa and American Samoa.

McMurdo Station Expansion Relies on Coast Guard Heavy Icebreaker

USNI News – For the next several years, the Coast Guard’s only heavy icebreaker will lead the annual Antarctic resupply mission as the service develops its new class of icebreaker.

Submarine found in Pacific Ocean with $165 million in cocaine, Coast Guard says

ABC – A submarine in the Pacific Ocean was found with over 12,000 pounds of cocaine worth over $165 million dollars.

Remote Navy Submarine Test Base Has Been Key In Rescuing Hundreds In The Bahamas After Dorian

War Zone – The U.S. Coast Guard has rescued hundreds of people across the Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian using helicopters operating from a little known and secretive U.S. Navy submarine test base situated on one of the islands in the archipelago.

Coast Guard a Continuing ‘Force Multiplier’ with Navy in Global Missions

USNI News – The Coast Guard’s ability to fold into the U.S. joint armed forces to protect America’s interests globally has “never been more relevant,” a senior Coast Guard officer in the Pacific region told a Navy audience.

U.S. Coast Guard Eyes Expanded Operations in Western Pacific

USNI News – U.S Coast Guard is mulling its future in the Asia-Pacific region once the National Security Cutter USCGC Stratton (WMSL-752) completes its current deployment at the end of November.

The Coast Guard Should Helm SouthCom

USNI Proceedings – The Coast Guard has led the battle to dismantle the criminal organizations that destabilize the Latin and Central American region. Now it should command the battlespace.

Cutter Bertholf’s Indo-Pac Deployment Highlighted Coast Guard’s National Security Role

USNI News – On its recent Indo-Pacific patrols, the Coast Guard cutter USCGC Bertholf (WSML-750) thwarted illegal oil and coal shipments that violated of U.N. Security Council sanctions against North Korea, transited the Strait of Taiwan amid condemnation from China and worked with U.S. allies to bolster their own coast guard forces.

Coast Guard Expanding Western Pacific Operations

USNI News – The U.S. Coast Guard will increase its presence and deployments to Asia – particularly around Oceania and U.S. Pacific territories – and test out a new operational deployment concept in the region.

Coast Guard Pledges To Manage Russia, China in Arctic

Breaking Defense – The Coast Guard wants to operate more consistently in the Arctic, but has a fraction of the icebreakers that Moscow can deploy.

The U.S. Coast Guard’s Mission to Africa

USNI News – U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Thetis (WMEC-910) is halfway through a 90-day mission to Africa’s Atlantic coast and already the crew has helped enforce fishing rights, combat smuggling and piracy and rescue two fishermen who had been declared dead.

Guard the Coast from High-End Threats

USNI Proceedings – The risk of an unprepared Coast Guard overseeing the protection of the US maritime transportation system in the era of renewed interstate conflict can no longer be overlooked.

Ingenuity, Grit Keep Coast Guard’s Last Heavy Icebreaker Running

USNI News – The Coast Guard plans to award a contract this spring to build a new heavy icebreaker, but Commandant Adm. Karl Schultz says today’s problems running the one decades-old icebreaker illustrate the fragility of the current polar icebreaking capability.

Coast Guard’s last heavy icebreaker caught on fire during South Pole mission

Navy Times – The crew of the Coast Guard’s last heavy icebreaker battled a nighttime Feb. 10 blaze for almost two hours before it was extinguished.

In Budget Squeeze, Coast Guard Set to Extend Life of Dolphin Helicopter Fleet

USNI News – The U.S. Coast Guard hopes to keep its aging fleet of short-range search and rescue helicopters flying for another dozen years while evaluating the potential of vertical lift studies from the Pentagon to fulfill future missions.

With Funding In Peril, Coast Guard Pushes Icebreaker As Polar Security Cutter

Breaking Defense – With House and Senate appropriators still at odds over funding a new icebreaker in 2019, the Coast Guard is hoping a new name — ‘Polar Security Cutter’ — and a clearer emphasis on national security missions will help convince the House to fund the ship.

Train For Maritime Cyber Warfare

USNI News – Continual improvements in computer technology, specifically decryption (“hacking”) software, has invoked a new threat that requires the Coast Guard to add maritime cyber security to its mission set considering 90 percent of the goods used by Americans are transported by sea.